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by Ben
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Time management starts with managing yourself.

What would you do? If you found at 5:00 P.M that your to-do list was still undone and other coworkers are packing to leave the office, would you just also leave the office? May be not! Would you do something about it? It's important to focus on the most critical tasks that are part of your main plan. Instead of going from office to office cheat charting, you need to stay focused.

It's been over a couple of decades working in the corporate world and I have come across people who just enjoy whiling away time. They have nothing to show as accomplishment at work. Are you one of them? Do you want to manage yourself and achieve maximum results? They say, "Time is money"! It's indeed time is money. Life doesn't have a second chance; you live once. Keep reading. You're about to get some tips on how to manage yourself. You'll accomplish great results too.

Positive Rewards Motivate
Ever wondered how others manage to achieve those great results in the same day that you achieved nothing at all? There is no secret to that. Is this about lack of time management? How do you motivate yourself to stay focused on what you want to achieve?
All you have to do is plan your work and focus on doing the things or activities that matter most. Have short intervals. Review what you have accomplished and reward yourself with something, probably a cup of coffee or ice cream.

Plan your Tasks
How do you plan your work? Always have your annual work plan with SMART goals. SMART means specific, measurable, realistic, and time bound. If you don't plan, you're planning to fail. This is a sad reality. Are you the kind of person who comes to work and don't know what to do first, what to next?

Maybe you're one of those people who spend their time talking to their friends on Twitter or Facebook or even charting face to face. If you think this is you. Then I have some great answers for your challenges.

What would you do? If at the end of the year you find that there is nothing that you have accomplished, you should have a critical review of how to spend your time. We all have the same kind time, 24 hours per day. Everybody has 8 hours at work to accomplish their tasks.

Planning your daily activities the day before is what would help you accomplish some great results that are rewarding and worthwhile. Brian Tracy talks about swallowing "that frog". Starting with the activities that matter most when you still have that energy could take you to another level.

Get rid of clutter
Clutter is one stumbling block to making great accomplishment. Clear your closet of that clutter and then also clear your desk of clutter to. Where you work should be free from distractions made by clutter or unwanted stuff.

Be Your Own Boss
Believe it's only you who could get the job done. Manage yourself and take yourself to task for those failures. Don't blame anybody but yourself. Make some introspection and make the necessary changes in the way you view things.

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