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This is the English version, in rhyme and meter, of Gandhi's favourite hymn.
GANDHI’S FAVOURITE HYMN—Vaishnav jan to tene……

NOTE--Mahatma Gandhi, who challenged the British and got independence of India from Britain, respected all religions. He used to recite a poem written by the poet saint Narsee Mehta as part of his daily prayers. An attempt has been made here to translate this hymn in the form of an English poem in rhyme and meter. For the original poem in Gujarati, its Hindi version, its English transliteration and its English version, please view:

He alone is a saintly man
Who feels in his heart others’ pain
And who helps those who’re in distress
But having helped, does not feel vain.

Such a man respects all others,
Does not talk ill of anyone.
His words and deeds and thoughts are pure;
Blessed is she who bears such son.

Such man has equanimity;
Shuns desire; wife of another,
He treats like his mother; never
He lies or wants wealth of others.

Attachment and illusion don’t
Perturb such man, detached within.
He chants the name of God; reside
Places of pilgrimage in him.

He who is free from greed, deceit,
And has conquered desire and rage
Is a saint whose glimpse, says Narsee
Liberates the entire lineage.

--Written in tetrameter, abcb rhyme.

--M C Gupta
30 Jan 2017 [Gandhi was killed by a fanatic on 30 Jan 1948]
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