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How do you begin to explain something so reality shattering?
Blood curdles at night
for we are farthest from home
As we stand against the darkness all alone
And every night
we do battle against the night
For the right to awake with the light
Henceforth free from the chains of the night
For we are farthest from home
Our souls cry out
Take me back
take me back

to the morning dream where souls dwell
and we are home
Every morning we awake promising to return to battle
To the moon as its gatekeeper
we slay with these words
for your yolk is hollow
and your bowels constructed

And the moon reveals itself
as the frequency of deception
with an underbelly of lies
And finally man sees this
and once more again
as prophesied
we return to glory
All deceptions revealed
all serpents lies laid bare
we return to where we come from
the only place of free purity
and onward we go
to the place we love
together and now and once again
spewing truth
to the place of dreams!
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