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Rated: 18+ · Bulletin · Writing · #2110745
Monthly award for writing excellence.
         The cover photo gracing this page is of the helm controls of the historic ferry Berkley, taken by my good friend Richard Schulte, and published on his photo blog, https://coolsandiegosights.com/ ~ Richard has over 15,000 photographs on his blog at this writing, and has graciously announced that anyone who wishes may use them for covers, illustrations, and so forth for no more cost than giving him credit as I have done here. If you've ever priced cover art, you'll have a good idea of what he's offering!
         The Talk of the Flight Deck ribbon is a minor token of recognition made monthly to the item reviewed during the previous month that made the greatest impact due to the overall quality of the item's concept, writing skill, and execution. After a year's hiatus, I have returned to writing and the world's greatest writing site, and Talk of the Flight Deck has returned with me, effective March 2019. Though I don't write much (any) steampunk anymore, the award was themed to that genre, and I have decided to keep it so for both nostalgia and continuity. My thanks go to everyone who was considered for writing these wonderful stories; they gave me many hours of enjoyment. All were worthy efforts deserving of recognition. These were the ones that pegged my fun meter:

March 2021
Memories Held in Skin  (18+)
Ruby's past catches up with her when she meets her blind date.
#2241941 by Rakkit

February 2021
Ch 1. My Mate Monica.  (18+)
Things were going well for Monica, until a middle aged stalker took an interest in her.
#1606528 by Bruce.

January 2021
Soap Opera  (13+)
Beryl is a Soapie Addict. Does her addiction to other stuff have an effect on her reality?
#2241060 by Sumojo

December 2020
Mittens and paws 969 words  (E)
Writer's Cramp submission 12/23/2020
#2240303 by John Little

November 2020
Light and Dust - Part Four  (18+)
Chapters Eight and Nine of a police procedural novel set in Cardiff, UK
#2237361 by Simon Dickerson

October 2020
Twenty-nine  (13+)
There's some things in this world you can't explain. (2142 w) Nominee. 2020 Quill Awards.
#2235558 by T.J.Gunn

September 2020
The Lucky Ones  (18+)
Survival can be a matter of luck . . . Feeling lucky? (650 w) Nominee. 2020 Quill Awards.
#2232437 by T.J.Gunn

August 2020:
The night the circus came to town  (E)
It was going to be a break from boredom, and yet no one saw what was coming.
#2228666 by Sumojo

July 2020:
Long Weekend  (E)
A poem about you, leaving, and how we never have enough time.
#2227117 by Lyf

June 2020:
An Unhealthy Obsession  (13+)
A story about obsession with a Fitbit. Written for Charity's 10 Year Anniversary Contest.
#2184462 by Choconut

May 2020:
The night it rained  (E)
Short fiction
#2219484 by mxnasi

April 2020:
Act As If  (E)
Put on the mask, check the mirror before you leave, keep acting. One day it will be true.
#2217744 by Silver Phoenix

March 2020:
Tactile Memory  (ASR)
The body remembers.
#2215888 by Ivaylo Stefkov

February 2020:
Magic Word  (18+)
A man discovers the Magic Word works... to his detriment. (9600 words)
#2209674 by Steven, Rejected By All

January 2020:
Sleeping Harvest  (18+)
Ilya is tired. A body wasn't made to hold so many memories. (2nd, WDC What a Character)
#2204397 by Roseille ♥

December 2019:
Closure  (18+)
Trigger warning: emotional abuse and coercive rape. Grief, closure, and moving on.
#2204247 by C.N. Greer

November 2019:
seven, actually  (13+)
stream of consciousness about turning off your emotions
#2204238 by Charlie Carrol

October 2019:
Emily  (E)
She was, is and, hopefully, always will be close. Prompt/Sample for April 24
#2082248 by Fyn -

September 2019:
Officially Yours  (13+)
How to get government benefits.
#2154505 by Bob'n Around

August 2019:
Ice  (E)
A 299 word story written for the Daily Flash Fiction Challenge 8/14/19.
#2198182 by hullabaloo22

July 2019:
The Taste of Dad's Honey  (E)
Memories provoked by a jar of honey accidentally found in the cupboard
#2194748 by Daniela Kuzmanova

May 2019:
They Always Return  (13+)
An experiment with modular story form with metaphor weaved in.
#2187975 by LostGhost: Seeking & Learning

April 2019:
Bingo Disaster  (E)
I never talk about the Bingo Disaster, yet it pops into my head often.
#2184699 by Ari Lox

March 2019:
Freezer  (13+)
Estranged from her father, she receives a phone call and uncovers a mystery
#2185662 by Louise

February 2018:
'Til Death Do Us Part  (ASR)
She hadn’t spoken a word in days. Not an utterance had passed her lips...
#2148103 by SolSoleil

January 2018:
Green and Red  (E)
A poem comparing two ecosystems
#2147210 by Willow Bali

November 2017:
Ghost Steps Ch 1 draft  (GC)
When your master shoos you away, a mythical monster has to keep themselves busy somehow.
#2135327 by Poeros

October 2017:
Coffee Grounds  (E)
A man comes to terms with his marriage ending.
#2135517 by thistennesseeguy

July 2017:
Notes  (E)
All anyone ever heard was telling music. Only Stan heard the rest.
#2128877 by Camran Bastien

April 2017:
My Tiny Princess  (E)
To my little sister who I truly miss. She's growing up and we hardly speak anymore.
#2119470 by Black Widow

March 2017:
Ink on the Page  (13+)
My jumble of thoughts...sometimes coherent...perhaps, every now and then...Not so much!
#2110280 by TaH2o

February 2017:
Magnetic Minds: Chapter 1  (13+)
Olivia, her brother, and father are caught in an accident. Or is it an accident?
#2112086 by Grayson Moon

January 2017:
Dear Me Contest Entry  (E)
A creatively inspirational letter to myself, touching on my goals for 2017
#2109511 by VictoriaKelly

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