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A coffee get together for friends
This little bit of fiction was written on the spur of the moment for a writing prompt. My first attempt at fiction.

Coffee Cats by Apondia (word count 1662) (Fiction)

It was an early summer day that started with weather challenges. Grey stratus covered the sky. On the horizon you could see the dark clouds threatening to lower and consume the humid air, bringing rain. but the threat, was only a threat, as the day stayed dry.

Jill is standing on the back patio searching the field and woods with binoculars. The green spring fresh grass in the fields has six inches of new growth. The first, second, third, and forth growth forests are leafed out in green.

The metal table on the patio is set with coffee mugs, brownies, cookies, and lemon squares. A gleaming stainless steel coffee urn with hot coffee is also present.

Linden carrying a backpack strides onto the patio through the glass living room entry. Linden is 17, Jill's eldest, his red-brown hair is long and hangs down around the sides of his face. He carries some hefty weight. As his flung backpack bounces onto a chair he scoops up two brownies. Slowly munching the brownies he says, "I'm going to the pizza shop with my friends right after school." Without taking her eyes from the woods Jill tells him, "OK, be home by five and don't be late."

As Linden backs his Subaru sedan around to point down the 500 foot driveway he sees a fully loaded Ford king cab 150 coming up the driveway from the road. Sharon and Linden exchange waves as their automobiles pass. Watching Linden leave Jill thinks," I wonder if he ever hears what I say?"

Sharon swings a purse up onto her shoulder as she leaves the large truck and walks toward the house. She is wearing up to date exercise suit and gym shoes. " How did I happen to be the first one here today? And I even went to the gym for a workout first." Sharon is muscled and glowing with her regular workouts and outdoor activities.

"Jean went into Okly to see about some plumbing supplies. I guess they are finally going to fix up that old museum of a house. And Gayle is probably sleeping in as usual," comments Jill.

As Jill starts to lay down the binocs Sharon reaches out to take them from her. "These are nice."
"I bought them from a wholesale place on the internet. They are Navigators, 18x22 with a zoom ability of 6 to 18. They are small and light easy to use."

"Wow, look I can see right into Anna's back porch."

"Give me those, Let's not start anything."

Jill takes possession of the binocs and sets them on the back of the table. How are things at the Gym?
Not many people there this morning. Since the weather warmed up people are planting gardens, biking, and running in the fresh air during the day.

Another car rolls into the parking area near the house. It is a small 90's escort. The woman who emerges is wearing a tan linen skirt and matching jacket with a jazzy print blouse. Her canvas shoes match the color of her skirt. Her hair is brown, short and curly. "What a nice day she exclaims as she reaches the patio.

"How do you always manage to be so neat and organized, Jean?" grump's Jill.

Well, I was looking at paneling for the basement playroom . I thought I might use womanly wiles to get good answers to my questions at the hardware store.
Jill exclaims, "I thought you were looking at plumbing supplies?" "That too," replies Jean.

Its a rural setting. Most of the homes are on 50 to 100 acres of land with 200 and 300 acre farms inter spaced. Any one who is not a shop keeper or farmer faces a daily commute to one of the larger cities 35 or 45 miles away.

The ladies busy themselves at the table pouring hot mugs of coffee and putting goodies on paper plates. They choose chairs and settle their refreshments on small tv trays beside the chairs.

Jill reaches over to the table and grabs a shaker she pours sugar from it into her mug.
I thought you were stirring that with a honey stick, exclaims Sharon. "
I was but I don't think it is going to be sweet enough.

A new 2008 jeep liberty rolls up and parks. Gayle has a lanky string bean build. Her skin is stretched tight across her face bones giving her a dehydrated look. She swings toward them with long strides singing a popular song and clapping her hands. As she nears the patio she calls to them, "Hey what's new?

"I saw Anna in the Gun shop in Okly, comments Jean.
What was she doing there? spoke Sharon her eyes glittering with a need to know.
Well you'll never believe it she was buying a gun. A little pearl handled 22 caliber revolver. It looks like a kids toy. Guess she doesn't feel safe at home alone anymore." Laughs Jean.

Jean is well known for her anonymous hang up phone calls and snide comments.

Jill stops stirring and gives Jean a steady look, "What were you doing in the gun shop Jean?"

"I saw Anna through the store window while I was passing by and I thought I would just check out what she was doing, comments Jean. It really isn't such a bad idea to have a gun around. So many odd happenings and we all have so much property between houses. I might invest in one myself. Mr. Suds, who runs the gun shop says Anna's revolver isn't big enough to do much damage but I guess I wouldn't want to be in front of any gun or put it to the test. Mr. suds says he will give me a good deal if I want to buy a gun and throw in a weeks worth of shooting at his new gun range."

"Are you really thinking of buying a gun?" Gayle asks.

"Well no, but enquiring was a good way to get Mr. Suds to give up information about Anna."

Scuttlebutt says someone has been stealing tools and feed from the garage and the horse barn at Anna's home. I guess food has come up missing from her kitchen too.

Everyone is jittery since the house on manning Road burned, comments Gayle.

The house they are talking about is several rural roads away in a neighboring township. It used to rest on a narrow dirt road which held a few smallish cabin dwellings and very little room or reason for traffic. The house burned hotly to the ground one night. When the police and fire marshals got around to sifting through the rubble they found the remains of a dog and the missing home owner. Naturally no one believes it was an accident.

Wait, Wait! Scuttlebutt from where? Jean is all ears.

I was talking to Anna's husband yesterday. He stopped by to return a tool to Jack. "He likes to talk to the ladies, doesn't he?"comments Jean.

"Oh well you get information your way I'll get it my way," says Jill.

Jill's 20 year old daughter, Sal, opens the sliding door from the kitchen and quietly takes a chair. Her 5 foot 2 inches and slim build are ordinary. The blue jeans, brown hair, and brown eyes are not going to set her out in a crowd. She pours a cup of coffee. Jill fills her in about the conversation "We were just talking about the fire."

Sal asks, "Was there anything new on the news? I've been thinking, do you think Anna had anything to do with the whole thing?"

"Oh no," Laughs Sharon. "Not this again."

Gayle volunteers, "Well, the morning news said the coroner has identified the body as being Mr. Smith but the investigation is on going. I'm surprised they told the public that much. And, I expect we won't hear anything else for awhile.

"Well," says Sal pulling the conversation back to Anna, "You know everyone thinks she witches some of the stupid stuff that is going on around the township."

:What did I tell you about that,: speaks Jill angrily, "She isn't doing all the things people are blaming on her. It is just convenient to suspect her because she is a loner and kind of reclusive. Be sensible, figure it out, if you spent all the time you are suppose to on your studies and your job you would be far less social than you are now. She just isn't very social."

Jean picks up the conversation, "You can say that again. Every time I drive by her house or call on the phone she is busy with something. It takes a lot of time to take care of all the strays she has and that big house too."

"Jean, I didn't know you talked on the phone with Anna, " comments Jill.

Jean stops,she sucks in her breath, quickly quiet. "Well I wasn't exactly calling to talk to her."

Everyone looks down at their coffee cups with guilt. then Sal laughs a snorting burst of laughter. And the chuckles spread around the room from one woman to another.

"We can guess how some of the bad rumors about Anna are spreading, says Sal,her name is short for Sallyrose. And, maybe how some of the stray animals are getting on to her property."

Jean smirks and turns her head away for a second to hide the facial emotions.

The talk meanders over the weather, school functions and daily nonsense. Then the girls shuffle around putting on sweaters, cleaning cups, and getting ready to leave.

Have you ever noticed how some of our conversation always turns to Anna? Asks Sharon as she retreats down the walk toward the vehicles. "Maybe there is really something to the rumors about her spooking people?"

"We ought to know, we started the rumors," states Jill as she waves goodbye, puts on her gloves and heads for the garden.
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