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Create a Stereotypes Resource Chart
Stereotype:                             Personality Trait:                                Springboard to:

Church lady          prim, prissy, pulls bible verses easily
         runs swingers club

Runway model                    airhead, conceited, narcissistic
         studying to be a rocket scientist

Clingy child          Shy, pensive, spoiled          Lives on the street, homeless

Broken teeth          drug addict, angry, always in fights          Struggling with rare disease that leaches calcium from his system leaving the person with brittle bones and teeth

Dirty hands          poor, unclean
         Farmer who works so hard his hands are permanently stained

Slouchy walk          lazy, uncaring          A guy who feeds the homeless on the streets of his town every Tuesday night.

Pants on the ground          gangster, ex con
         The youngest of five brothers who wears hand me down clothes, and studies hard to make a better life for his family.

Belly laugher          happy, fun          A college student who has to work three jobs just to pay the bills.

Military type          Crew cut, ramrod straight, proud, disciplined
         A guy who is scared all the time. 

Football fanatic          boisterous, life of the party, selfish
         A man who supports a disabled wife and three kids on a meat packer’s salary.

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