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write a short scene using setting to reveal at least two aspects about your character
Sky ignored the computer announcement that she had a guest requesting entrance into her quarters. She had been on this ship for three years and rarely had visitors. Now that she was a transporter accident freak, she had a steady stream of visitors offering condolences, pity, everything else she despised. It happened. She would cope. She always had. She did not want visitors. She deliberately had all creature comforts removed. The imbedded items like the padded seats along the wall remained, but nothing else that would indicate to a visitor that they were welcome. She placed her perch center stage in front of the door so that it would be the first thing visitors would see and have to walk around if they wanted to enter.

The locked door slid open to admit the doctor. “You missed your appointment. We will conduct the exam here or in sick bay. What’s your pleasure?”

“Here. Those bio beds are not comfortable for my wings. I think they are broken. “

“Where do I set up?”

Sky gestured to the perch she constructed. It was not pretty, but it sufficed. She straddled the seat, adjusted her knees into the padded stirrups, and then waited politely as the doctor surveilled her quarters. “It’s called minimalist, Doctor.”

“It’s called boring. Why are all your mirrors and portholes covered? Where are your family pictures?”

“The mirrors are permanently attached to the wall. I can’t stand to look at myself yet. The blackness of space leaves a ghost reflection that I can’t stand. Are you happy now?”

“My feelings are irrelevant. Where are your family pictures?”

“In drawers.”


“I don’t want the reminders. Besides, why should you care?”

“My inquiry was to determine your state of mind. The next part will determine the state of your physical health. Is that perch comfortable?”

“It is better than chairs with backs and without knee rests. I have to stand all the time because there are no accommodations.”

“Have you made those requests to the procurement officer.”

“Gee, wow, wish I had thought of that. Ever work with Lieutenant Carey? Narcissistic cretin that he is? It’s been three weeks and he still has it on back order. The idiot. Claims the parts are rationed. That’s why I had to scavenge for parts for my perch.”

The doctor returned his bio scanner to its pouch. Although rarely at a loss for words, the doctor had to choose carefully this time. “I should have guessed.”

“He’s like that with you, too?”

“Especially with me. I dare say you are treated better than your crewmates.”

“He treats me like I don’t have a brain and a freak.”

“He treats everyone like brain addled students and he their superior instructor. And you are not a freak, just reconstructed. I will put in a medical request for a more stable perch.” The doctor had taken out his bio scanner and ran it over her physique with a rare grace of efficient movement. “Your wings are fine. The body sores are healing nicely with the daily sonic showers. You have some choices to make. Your feathers and plumage will continue to fill in unless I use the derma regenerator to stop the growth. We can start the facial reconstruction whenever you are ready. Have you decided on a look?”

“Yes. I want my human body back.”

“That’s not possible. The cell fusion with the avian species is permanent. You will always be half human and half avian.”

“Can I get rid of these feathers?”

“I could do that, but I am not going to. Removing your plumage is not reversible and you will need them at some point if you want to learn to fly. You would be better served to cope with your circumstances. You can start by taking those covers off the mirror.”

“There are enough reflective surfaces in the corridors and at my work station to remind me of the consequences of not following orders.”

“Yes, well … what do you think of that picture?” Sky’s face as she gazed at the image on the doctor’s image pad. “ I can make your face human, give it a heart shape so that your hair looks like a feathered headdress.”

Sky’s plumage turned brilliant blue as her mood shifted from apathy to curiosity. “I like it.” The feathers framing her face burst forth into brilliant gold. The doctor made a mental note to permanently set the gold of the feathers framing her face and let her body chemistry dictate the colorings for her plumage. He was sure she would appreciate his aesthetic choices later. “You should not be ashamed of your appearance. You are unique. Most of the crew are now accustomed to your new look. You will be fine.”

“Flipped out, insecure, neurotic, emotional. FINE. Yes, that is what I am.”

“That’s not what I meant, and you know it.“

Sky dropped her head onto the headrest and raised a hand to wave off the doctor as she hugged the trunk of her perch. She would not witness one more look of pity from a departing visitor.

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