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Just a short Story about walking in the rain
Rainy Day Walk (A Short short story by Apondia, JD)

They arrived home, both soaking, as the rain kept falling down on them. What ever convinced us that a walk in the rain was a good idea? I remember! Three days of rain, without a break, had forced us out of our cosy dry house into the weather. We were fleeing from claustrophobic shut-in disorder.

After the endless down pour of water the fields, that were already devoid of mown hay, had grass stubble six inches high. But, rain water had saturated the soil beyond its capacity to hold liquid. Now water was beginning to appear above the ground, turning the soil into soft gushy mud.

The day before the rain started, I saw five Turkey Vultures (Cathartes aura), on the ground in the field. They are very prevalent in this area. But, I have never seen them on the ground close up and this group of birds was being threatened by a very large crow. Even through crow was very large the Vultures were much, much larger. Still, as the crow advanced flapping and cawing at them they gave way by backing away from the crow. It was a comical sight to see the Vultures retreating from the black bandit crow. Four other Vultures visible high in the air road the air currents, twisting and turning without a visible flap of wings.

Vultures eat only dead meat and have an amazing sense of smell which they use to sense food on the ground. Although, they roost in groups, we usually only see one or two in the sky at a time or on the ground, because they usually hunt alone.

When the unusual standoff with the crow had played out, I searched the area but I was unable to find any reason for for the birdie argument.

I was still wondering about the birds as we walked the trail around the field in the relentless downpour. We tried the keep to the beaten down, packed earth of the path.

The trails are formed around the edges of the field by the back and forth motion of the machinery as it plows, fits, mows, plants, or harvests a field.

All kinds of wildlife liked the trail berms that were short and regularly mowed. The grassy edges were an excellent grazing place for white tail deer, rabbits, ground hogs, and wild turkey.

Today all the wildlife had vacated the wetland. As we walked we had not viewed one smidgen of wild life. No sound but pounding wind blown water and our traipsing feet was heard on the slippery earth. It was a grey, soggy, eerie hike. Long before we reached home we were soaked and shivery.

We forgot Char's raincoat so now pouring rain ran off his head down the backs of his ears and down his legs,
soaking every part of him. I should have brought an umbrella or a slicker instead of this barn jacket. I was also soaked to the skin.

The local weather forecaster was assuring us the rain was going to stop tonight. I read some where that weather forecasters who are often wrong can be in danger from the public. Guess it really is better to get a through job description before applying for that kind of work.

Now, a long walk in the steadily falling rain with the wind blowing and whipping us was making both of us hunch ourselves up as we pushed quickly toward the house. I was just thinking how nice a warm dry house would feel as we were passing the barn.

The marmalade, cat sat in the doorway watching the storm from the safety of the barn door. The sight of the cat caused Doc to hit the end of his leash, in a sudden storm of doggy power, in spite of his sodden condition.

The cat and dog were friends that engaged in a regular chase when there was an opportunity. But, the surprise tug brought me down into the slushy mud of the barnyard. When The cat disappeared into the hay mow the dog came back into the rain to find out what I was doing on the ground in the mud.

Now, both soaking, the rain still pouring, we trudged toward the house to clean off the mud and find a warm cup of cocoa. Doc spun and danced on the porch while I toweled him dry. If the weatherman is wrong and tomorrow brings more rain we will be out there walking looking for exercise and a small adventure to remember in our journal.
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