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by Natty
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Just a short vampire fiction
I felt her pulse as I was gliding under starlight followed by the scent of dying flowers "Such a pity as a women deserves fresh roses." I shook my head at the sight of them and entered through the open window. The moonlight followed me in the room making me seem like a foreboding shadow. I was closer now and the smell of her supple skin made me shiver as the little light in the room glistened on her sweat. Her red hair like a midnight fire as I leaned over her my breathe stroked down her neck as I closed my eyes tilting my head back and let my fangs reveal them self's from their hidden sheath. I leaned in close to her and whispered sweet nothings before biting down and enjoyed her sweet nectar. She gasped trying to fight me but it was to late for her. Soon she would be bound to me forever entwined in my passion. her green eyes slowly closed as I released my self from her neck. I stood over by the window looking at her "Tomorrow my love you will be reborn." I whispered before I took a rose from my suit and replaced it with the dead flowers she once had. I bowed my head to sleeping goddess and left into the night air.
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