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a girl named Dragon with depression, tries to take back her life with the power of Music.

A teenage girl named Dragon struggles to survive in this cruel worldword. Her grades suck, she fails at everything, and everyone at her school hates her. She receives death threats and dirty looks. People tell her she should just commit suicide. She even gets assaulted on her way back from school. Just when she was about to give up on her life, she hears a song on the radio that challenged everything she thought she knew about this harsh reality. Awoken by the inspiring lyrics, she is introduced to religion and faith, makes strong friendships, and discovers talents she never even knew she had. She vows to take back her life with the power of music, but will it be enough?

Chapter 1: The world is a cruel place.

         Dragon groaned as she slammed the sleep button on the blaring alarm. She reluctantly got out of bed and rubbed her eyes.
"Another disgusting, painful day." she said to herself.
Dragon stripped off her pajamas and walked towards the closet. She grabbed a black Tee and some sweatpants. As she put on the clean clothes, she found herself hoping that today would be better. Yeah right. She scoffed. Wishful thinking like that is only going to make the pain worse. She thought bitterly. She put on her dark grey hoodie. If she put the hood up, no one knew who she was. If they didn't know her, they left her alone. She went downstairs to say good morning to her abusive, alcoholic, mother.
Dragon wasn't surprised to see her drinking a bottle of whisky at six in the morning. She looked at her drunk mother and hung her head.
"Good morning, Mother" she said quietly and kissed her mother's forehead.
"I'm going to get myself some breakfast." Dragon said and went to the kitchen to make herself a bowl of cereal.
"GET ME ANOTHER DAMN BOTTLE WHILE YOUR AT IT!" Her mother shouted from the other room. It wasn't a good idea to give her another bottle of whisky, but it also wasn't a good idea to refuse. Dragon walked back to the table with her bowl of cereal.
"You've already hadad a whole bottle and it's not even six thirty" She told her. Her mother was pissed. She stood up and smacked her across the face. It stung.
"I DON'T CARE! GET ME THE WHISKY!" her mother shouted.
"No." Dragon said simply. Keep your cool she reminded herself.
"I SAID GET ME THE FUCKING WHISKY!" She yelled as she beat her. Dragon looked for something to get her mom to stop. She wasn't expecting the only escape to be the clock. She didn't know whether to be relieved that it was time to go to school, or if she should be pissed. She stopped her mother and told her she had to leave for school. Dragon gave her a kiss on the forehead and walked out the door.
Dragon pulled up her hood as she left the house to walk to school. She kept her head down as she walked in silence. She breathed in the crisp December air. It felt nice. This was the only good thing in her Horrible life. The cold wind nipped at her nose as she looked up at the grey sky. The silver clouds matching the color of her cold eyes. She kept walking towards that godforsaken place they call 'School'. As she approached the building, Dragon could hear people whispering gossip about her. She kept her head down and kept walking. A soda can hit her in the head, but she just kept walking. She was used to the pain. she just kept walking.
Dragon sat down in her seat as class started. She took out her history journal and opened it to a new page.
"Good morning Everyone!" her history teacher, Mrs. Arnold said cheerfully. "Please open your journals to a new page and write a complete heading." Dragon was already on it.

Dragon Syther
History - 1
December 1, 2016

"Good, now open your textbooks to page 137" Mrs. Arnold said as everyone finished writing their heading. "Who wants to read first?"
Dragon quietly took notes as people read to the class. No one ever picked her to read. She was glad. The one thing she hated was drawing attention to herself. Before she knew it, it was time for 2nd period. Dragon sighed as she grabbed her backpack and headed for 2nd period. It was the same through 2nd, and 3rd period. Lunch wasn't much better. As she got into the long lunch line, she saw people giggling at her. She gave them a cold glare and bought her lunch. She ate her chicken burger in silence at her own table. No one ever sat with her. When the bell for 4th period rang, she continued her repetitive day.
         Once 6th period ended, she went to her locker to collect her stuff to go home. 2-22-18. she put in the combination. When she opened her locker, about 50 notes fell out. She already knew what they said, but Dragon opened then anyways. You should just kill yourself. One said. Another said, why are you still here? Why don't you just go home and shoot yourself. That would make everyone happy. Dragon clenched her fist at these remarks. She left the notes on the floor and grabbed her stuff. She was done. She slammed her locker shut and walked away. Heh, maybe they're right, who knows? She thought bitterly. Wherever I end up after death is sure to be better than this life.
Dragon suddenly feels a shiver run down her spine. She herd footsteps. Someone was following her. Dragon whirled around to see a teenage boy, slightly older than her pull a pocketknife out. I don't have time for this. Dragon thought. Suddenly the boy ran at her with his knife raised. Dragon tried to doge the attack, but the knife managed to cut her shoulder.
"Damn it." Dragon said as she started running. Her attacker ran after her. Dragon grabbed her phone and called the police, she didn't stop running.
"hello?" the lady who answered the phone said.
"A FUCKING TEENAGE BOY ASULTED ME WITH A KNIFE AND IS CHASING ME!" Dragon yelled into the phone. She didn't have time for this.
"Calm down miss," the lady said. "where are you?" Dragon gave the lady her location.
"All right the police are on their way." The lady said before she asked, "What's your name, Miss?"
"Dragon Syther" Dragon said into the phone as she ran into a dead end. "damn it." Her pursuer turned the corner to find her trapped. He smiled. Dragon dropped her phone. she had to defend herself until the police got there.
"hello?" the woman on the phone asked after dragon had dropped her phone.
         Dragon's Attacker fixed his grip on his pocketknife, and ran towards Dragon. She dodged it so that the knife only grazed her cheek. The cut wasn't deep, but it would more than likely scar. The boy kicked her in the chest, knocking the air out of her lungs.
Damn, he's strong. Dragon thought as he swiped at her face. A bloody gash across her other cheek made her crimson blood drip down her face. Dragon kicked him in the shin. This momentary distraction gave her an opening.
Dragon punched him in the face, breaking his nose. The boy howled in pain and violently slashed his knife at dragon. Her arms were filled with cuts. Dragon kept fighting.
The boy kicked her to the ground and pinned her down. He stabbed her in the shoulder twice. The third time however, Dragon grabbed both his forearms so he couldn't move his arms. He struggled to free his arms but Dragon kept a firm grip. Before she knew it, the police sirens came and took care of the boy.
A medic took care of Dragon's cuts. They were amazed how well She held Her own. Dragons knuckles were bruised. She had apparently given the boy a concussion, and a few broken bones. Once Dragon was bandaged up. The cops offered to drive her home. She refused. Her house was only a few streets down. The medics thought she should go to the hospital, But Dragon told them it really wasn't necessary. She limped home questioning whether or not she should have let him kill her.

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