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a girl named Dragon with depression, tries to take back her life with the power of music.
The Lyrics Behind a Dragon's Song1Song

A teenage girl named Dragon struggles to survive in this cruel worldword. Her grades suck, she fails at everything, and everyone at her school hates her. She receives death threats and dirty looks. People tell her she should just commit suicide. She even gets assaulted on her way back from school. Just when she was about to give up on her life, she hears a song on the radio that challenged everything she thought she knew about this harsh reality. Awoken by the inspiring lyrics, she is introduced to religion and faith, makes strong friendships, and discovers talents she never even knew she had. She vows to take back her life with the power of music, but will it be enough?

Chapter 2: When the Bitches Bring You Down

Dragon didn't want to go to school. She had been stabbed the day before, but reluctantly went anyways. She didn't have a hoodie today. She hated it. Dragon felt exposed and insecure. She wore a black long-sleeved shirt and jeans. Her face had bandages where she was cut. Her shoulder had layers of Cloth wrapped around, and her arms were bandaged too. It hurt. She walked into the school, aware that everyone was staring at her. She just kept walking. When she entered the stupid classroom, she saw the ugly face of her least favorite person in the world, Anna Carlson. Great. Just perfect. Dragon thought sarcastically.
"I heard that Jared like, got arrested yesterday because he attacked Dragon on the street." Anna sneered. "Honestly, I think she deserved it."
"Yeah, I think That will teach her a few things." One of Anna's friends said. Her friends were almost as nasty as Anna.
"I bet it like, didn't even hurt, because she is dead inside." Anna Replied with an evil look in her eyes.
Dragon took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Calm down. Don't you dare start a fight. She reminded herself as she sat down. "open your textbooks to page..." she heard Mrs. Arnold say before she zoned out. Before she knew it, it was second period. As she left her class, she heard that bitch Anna and her friends talking trash about her. Dragon glared at them. She still couldn't believe she had that bitch in all of her classes. Dragon took a breath and kept walking.
"They said she fought back. She should've let him kill her." Anna scoffed all through second period. Why can't they just leave me alone? Dragon wondered as she tried to focus on her science, even though she didn't even care about her work. She already had an F in every subject, she knew she wasn't going to live long enough for grades to matter. Then the bell rang.
ELA wasn't much better either. Mr. Deskins assigned an essay about one thing that made life worth living.
"HA! Dragon can't even do this assignment because her life is meaningless" Anna laughed.
Dragon sighed. As much as she hated it, the bitch was right. Her life was pointless. The only things awaiting her everyday were sorrow and pain. It really wasn't worth it. As she zoned out, Dragon missed the part about a new student coming in a few weeks. But it didn't matter because the bell rang for lunch.
Dragon wasn't hungry, she just sat in silence at her own little table. She was practically a master at zoning out. Before she knew it, lunch was over. She grabbed her backpack and began to walk to fourth period. Anna tripped her and Dragon fell on ground, hitting her chest and opening the scabs from the day before. Dragon winced. She then picked up her back pack and limped to her fourth period.
Health began and things didn't get any better. We were studying suicide prevention, Just perfect. Dragon Didn't pay attention to any of it. At least Anna shut up. Dragon could tell she felt a slight bit guilty, but only a tiny bit. Dragon didn't look at Mr. Laughlin as he continued the suicide prevention unit. "On average, 12 people commit suicide every day..." Mr. Laughlin continued. Dragon tried to zone out, but for some reason, she couldn't. Was it the topic? She wondered. The last five minutes trudged on unbearably slow. But finally, the bell rang and Dragon Walked to fifth period science.
In Algebra, we had to listen to a lecture for most of class. It was so boring that Dragon barely had to try to zone out. By the time the lecture was over, it was already time to go to sixth period.
Gym. It was the only thing that didn't completely suck. She hated the social interaction though. Mr. Peterson often commented on how strong she was. She was also one of the fastest in her class. When your forced to run, you learn to be fast. She thought bitterly as Her gym teacher complimented her.
At the end of class, Mr. Peterson said something about a new student. Dragon couldn't care less. Any new student would just end up hating her like everyone else. When the bell rang she walked to her locker full of death threats and letters telling her to kill herself.
Dragon somehow made it home without a scratch. She even managed to stop by a store on the way home and bought a new hoodie. When she got home she kissed her mother and went upstairs to her room, leaving her backpack and her homework downstairs untouched.
When dragon closed the door of her room, she fell to her knees and screamed in anguish. "Why does living have to be so damn painful?!" she shouted as tears ran down her face. "Why does that Bitch HATE me SO Much?!"
Dragon stood up and walked over to the dresser where the remedy was hidden. Just a little pain to numb the pain of living. She thought as she pulled a knife out of her dresser drawer, leaving it open. She held out her left wrist. She Pressed the knife against the pale, scared skin, and slit it. The throbbing pain made her forget about all the other pain in her life. The pain made her feel better. She slit her wrist again and watched her blood drip onto the wood floor. The crimson orbs splattering on the mahogany floorboards. She sat with her back against the wall. "I don't know how much longer I can do this" Dragon whispered with tears running down her face as she let the pain take over. "They are right..."

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