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Collecting the results of Game 2 in Mix and Match! 40 super short weight gain stories!


What do you think ever happened to those teachers at Buttercombe Academy...?

- - -

Jennifer Walker...was forced to find work elsewhere, at the cost of her waistline!


Why had Jen ever thought she could be a teacher?

Life as a Yeng employee had been so much easier. There were no spoiled whiny students to cater to, no bitchy washed up gym coaches to deal with, and no headmistresses breathing down her back. These people really understood her, and what she wanted to do with her life.

"So how's life in Buttercombe?" Jen asked the room, an especially heavy snort conveying her displeasure as she rolled her eyes to the absent audience.

Jen Walker had been given a headset a few weeks into her job so that she might be able to better balance her professional life and her personal one—as well as test out a new product. So far it had been a life saver. With her hands free, Jen was still able to push buttons and sample products without the strain of cradling it between her shoulder and her chins. As she talked, Jen's sausage fingers clacked through a glass bowl of M&M's. She raised a pinch of them over her head and dropped them into her awaiting maw.

"Actually, that's what I wanted to talk to you about..." Her sister Sarah said quietly over the phone, "Do you... have any job openings at that Yang Corp place? This place is getting kinda ridiculous..."

Jen fidgeted with whatever weight she could reach of her great girthy gut. She rolled an exposed belly fold in her meaty hands contemplatively as the calorie-clogged cogs in her brain struggled to spin. Working with her sister again? That didn't work out so well last time...

"I don't know Sare Bear..." Jen trailed, her jowls rippling with the exertion it took for her to speak, "They're pretty serious about their candidates. I can't just go recommending people... even if they are my sister..."

Jennifer didn't want to hear Sarah's response before she dug back into the bowl of candy. A few stray chocolates slipped from her thick unweildy fingers and rolled into the vast canyon created by her cleavage. They rolled down the slope of her gut, and fell out of reach, which had been reduced to little further than an arm's length. While she chewed, Jennifer made slow, breathy moans of satisfaction. She smacked her lips, Her idle fiddling with her fat became more sensual as her fingers spread and she put her palm into it, right over the flank.

"Pleeeease Jenny Benny?" Sarah's voice got high and desperate, "The way you talk about your job... I'd love to do what you do! Polluck's sister is unbearable, Jenny... she won't even let me use the snack machine between classes!"

"I'll talk to Ms. Fukuda about it." Jennifer Walker said with a smarmy smile, her fat cheeks dimpling in her own amusement, "In the mean time, keep your head up. I'm sure something as fulfilling as my job will come along..."


Maria Espanosa...got married, and has become a spoiled, overfed housewife!


Was it weird for her to have Mexican maids?

Like, all things said and done, Maria was sure her husband hadn’t hired them because they were Mexican. She would have been more comfortable knowing that Gregory had hired them because he liked his women spicy than if he had hired them because they were cheap. At the end of the day it was only a slight discomfort--the only one that came to mind recently--but it was still a talk that she was going to have to have with her husband.

“Would you like more lemonade, Miss Maria?”

“Yes, please..” Maria said as gracefully as she could manage, turning her head to watch the salty liquid fill the cup around the cubes of ice that hadn’t quite melted yet, “Thank you, Gloria.”

Maria lifted one billowing brown arm and took the glass between her thick fingers. She tilted it over her head. Madre de dios it was hot. She had almost forgotten why she had moved away from Arizona in the first place. Sure it was nice to see her family again, and it was great that she and Gregory had reconnected, but even sitting in the air conditioned living room of her three-story house, Maria couldn’t help but feel like she was burning up!

“Aye...” she panted, slumping further down into the couch and slipping her thumbs into the hem of her pajama bottoms, “Muy incómodo...”

Maria wriggled the hem of her lounge pants down, down, down until the lower of her many tummy tiers was fully exposed. It was no easy feat, undressing herself like that. As the big brown blob of cinnamon-colored corpulence had grown awkward and unwieldy, it had gotten just as difficult to traverse its great circumference. Her arms weren’t getting any longer just because the rest of her was getting so much bigger

“Gloria?” Maria called out from her seat on the couch, “Gloria could you turn down the heat?”

“Right away Miss Maria!” Gloria said in her thick accent.

Immediately, the vent directly above the L-shaped sofa that Maria had claimed for herself that morning when her husband left for work began to purr. Cool air flitted downwards with such a force that her long black hair rustled in the breeze. It felt good, especially since everything out west was so much hotter than it used to be...

Or rather, she was just a lot fatter than she used to be when she lived out here.

“Gloriaaaa?” Maria called out again over the blare of the television, her swaddling chins bunching against her neck, “You wouldn’t happen to have lunch ready... would you?”

“Miss Carmen is cooking it right now.” the older hispanic woman said with a smile as she fluffed Maria’s pillow, “It should be ready in just a few minutes.”

“Good...” Maria huffed...

Okay, maybe it wasn’t so bad having Mexican maids. At least they knew what kinds of food she liked. And they didn’t judge her for getting so fat after marriage...


Megan Porter...still works at Buttercombe Academy, and has grown quite comfortable in her position!


Culinary Arts--right there, Art is right there in the title!

Which was why no one was surprised, least of all Megan herself, that she had taken so swimmingly to her new position as the Intro to Culinary Arts instructor. After Jenny Walker left there just wasn’t anyone else with enough free time to take it over! But there were only three classes a day, and Megan told herself that she could take on an extra period for the sake of helping out Ms. Polluck. She talked Viola Faust into taking over her music courses and... well, she’d never looked back!

See, the problem with Jen was that she never gave anything her full attention. She was always coasting through life, stumbling from one thing to the next. Nuh-uh, that wasn’t how Megan rolled. Five years of teaching had taught her that, no matter what, she always had to be one-hundred and fifty percent focused on whatever she was teaching. After all, if she wasn’t, how could she ever expect her students to improve?

“Mmm... good cake this time, Helga.” Ms. Porter licked the fork clean, pink frosting dotting the corners of her lips, “Next time make it more fluffy. Like... soft. It’s a lot sweeter but I think the consistency could be better.”

The chubby sophomore said her thanks and left the cake with her instructor. It had been a silly rule--one that Jenny had grandfathered in during the upspike of exactly the kind of behavior that got her fired--but Megan wasn’t too adverse to it. All those sweet treats were just gonna sit there anyway? Why shouldn’t she get to eat them?

The chair groaned underneath Megan’s massiveness, her curly blonde hair pulled back into a big yellow ponytail of steel wool so her grazing could go unimpeded. Her cheeks bulged with dough and sugar, colorful frosting painting her lips. She sweated, choking down cake at an alarming rate.

“Mmm~ these brownies are just divine...” Megan cooed in an especially breathy voice as she scarfed down brick after brick of dark rich chocolate, “I... I think maybe they’d go great with... mm...”

While her students watched, increasingly unnerved, Megan eagerly scooped the brownies into the leftover frosting from Helga’s cake. She took a bite, and then sharply inhaled--her hooters swelling to the size of basketballs as she relished in her sinful savoring of the decadent treat she’d concocted for herself. Her great girth gurgled appreciatively.

Ms. Porter’s turtleneck sweater cut deeply into the folds of her face. She was completely without a neck, and her round face being exposed only served to make her look that much rounder. It wasn’t like they fit her anymore anyway--there wasn’t a time when someone hadn’t seen her belly from the side. At least her apron covered it up...

“Who’s next?” Megan cried out greedily, her mouth wet with anticipation...

Suffice it to say, Megan Porter had been a good fit for the precedent that Jennifer Walker had set before she left...

- - -

- - -


After all these years and seven interactives, we've all created a lot of characters!
So what happens when we have some unexpected interactions?
What about a story starring...

- - -

Mel Carlyle & Devlin


“So you’re telling me you’ll help me climb this... weight plateau I’ve been at for a while...” Mel cut her eyes suspiciously, “And all I have to do is give you my immortal soul?”

“What’s in a soul, honestly?” Devlin clicked her pen with one perfectly manicured thumb as she slid the red-written legal document across the table, “It’s not like you’ll ever use it. Chances are with all your rampant gluttony and... oh, let’s say generous tendency for lewd personal thoughts and actions... you were probably going to wind up in my care anyway. Why shouldn’t you get something out of it?”

“All very good points.” Mel conceded as she looked over the contract, rolling her meaty shoulders in concession as her big blue eyes scanned the document.

It seemed pretty straightforward. She, the underwriter, would forfeit all legal rights to one soul to Stan, the Prince of Eternal Darkness, with Devlin as her co-signer. While on her earthly plane, yadda yadda, Mel could gain as much weight as her little heart could desire without any of the unfortunate side effects that being so large would entail. No health issues, no acne, et cetera et cetera.

“Now this isn’t one of those things where I’m just going to get heavier without getting fatter, right?” Mel raised her eyebrows, “I know you guys tend to be sticklers when it comes to word choice.”

“Please Melanie, you’re not dealing with a genie here.” Devlin smiled, her red lipstick coming to a point at the corners of her mouth, “I understand what you want as a client, and I’m here to give it to you. We haven’t been in business this long by cheating people out of what they want.”

Mel drummed the taut pale skin of her belly, sending ripples throughout her enormity. Tipping the scales at just over five hundred pounds, Mel had been having some difficulty keeping her figure. Five hundred was a big number, and she just wasn’t woman enough to keep herself at her peak weight. She couldn’t do it by herself, which was why she sought out Devlin’s help. But that did raise an excellent point...

“I tell you what, Dev, you drive a hard bargain.” Mel chuckled, her chest bouncing ever so slightly, “If you throw in a personal assistant or two to help me get where I want to be weight-wise, I’ll sign whatever you want.”

“I think that can be arranged.” Devlin nodded, taking her pen and tracing over the lines of the proposal, “I send you two thralls--the number can of course be renegotiated if you find your experience somewhat lacking--and they help you get as big and fat as you could ever imagine? Is that what you want?”

“Honey, now you’re speaking my language...” Mel purred, holding out one meaty hand as Devlin placed her pen in it.

I, Mel Carlyle, hereby surrender one Eternal Soul in exchange for goods and services rendered; those that will serve to make me the fattest woman alive.


Ashley Knight & Meitnerium Perioda


It was rather hard to find couples who had a lot in common with you when you were literally from two different worlds. One from the vast reaches of the cosmos, and the other from a backwater blue marble. Considering their own... individual requirements as well, that meant that coupling was almost impossible. But while Keltzar was introducing Tom to the intergalactic iteration of football, the women had found themselves with plenty to discuss themselves...

“So you got this fat.” Meitnerium held out her thick green arms for an underestimation on just how wide her hostess was, “Out here. In space.”

“Well, Keltzar helped.” Ashley waved one hand dismissively, the rest of her arm reeling with the effect of such a simple movement, “And the low gravity environment.”

During her time on Earth, Meitnerium had learned to love food--and the figure that typically followed a love of food that ran as deep as hers did. She had come across some incredibly large folks during her stay on the tiny blue planet, but even the biggest Earthlings she’d ever laid eyes on were but a fraction of the size of Ashley Knight. Even once she’d come back to the greater galaxy, she had never seen someone so large!

Ashley H'aalshfetch took up a sizeable portion of the living room in their home. Even taking into consideration Keltzar’s seven other siblings as well as his parents, this house was pretty big. And Ashley still took up a majority of the living room; pinned to the ground by her acres upon acres of soft supple fat. Her belly pooled onto the ground below her, coming in like a low tide of tonnage, covered by spray-on clothing technology.

“I mean, family’s pretty big here too. Something about Octavian culture or whatever.” Ashley’s ring of chins quivered slightly as she spoke of the two Octavian women at either side of her, “Once we got married they wouldn’t let me do a goddamn thing for myself. So--URP--I guess it’s their fault too...”

Next to Ashley, Keltzar’s sisters looked absolutely tiny. They were mostly thin (the one on the right looked to have a budding pot-belly; living with Ashley, Meitnerium wasn’t surprised), purple women with six arms--each one devoted to stroking Ashley from her immense sides to the crest of her upper stomach folds, or hand-feeding her Octavian cuisine. Her sentences were spent alternating between the sisters, her plump pink mouth always open and waiting.

Meiterium had weighed more than three hundred pounds for almost a year now--it had been so long since she felt so... small! She her hands fell self-consciously to her great green gut; it had once felt so large, but now...

“I mean, fucking pregnancy hormones too... Missus K wants me to pop her out a couple grand-children already.” Ashley belched as the fatter Octavian wiped her mouth for her, her own arms too limp and useless to make such a trip, “Fuck, as if I’m not big enough already, right?”

Ashley and Meitnerium laughed, but the smaller greener girl couldn't help but wonder if this is how her parents felt when she returned from her extended stay on Earth...


Britney Huan & Piper Black


“You’re coming along nicely, Piper.”

Piper Black had been the optimum choice for implementing Suspensor technology in undergarments. Given her disproportionately large breasts, Dr. Huan had correctly assumed that her back was in constant pain, even if given the proper support. As someone who knew a thing or two about proportion and size, Britney could relate. Thus the innovation of Suspensor technology; which used anti-grav fields to help relieve the pressures of overly heavy objects. It had gotten its start in factories, but once Dr. Huan had patented it and begun working for Yeng, how safe it would be for people to actually wear was the only concern.

And once they toppled that concern, it was only natural that the next concern was to find out the upper limits of their new technology.

And how does one test the upper limits of supporting the human figure? Why, you make it heavier!

“I’d like to think so.” Piper said pleasantly as she held one of her teeming titties in one hand, weighing and rolling the heavy sack of milk and fat, “I mean, getting paid to do nothing all day but lay around, eat, and not have back pain? Seriously doc, you’re a life saver.”

In the coming months since her enlistment, Dr. Huan had kept Piper Black on a strict high-calorie diet. Just as she predicted, most of Piper’s weight went to putting sand in an already naturally hourglass figure. Her kiester had plumped right up into an armchair filling cushion, with wide hips and dimpled knees. Her breasts had blown up into these massive udders, with miles of olive colored cleavage to show for it. Each one may as well have been the size of a particularly overfed housecat, curled up on top of her doughy chest. And somewhere in between, Piper’s more or less flat middle had grown into this cute little tummy that folded into two distinct rolls and had begun to sit between her thighs. Piper had been following her diet exactly as Dr. Huan had laid out for her, and was suffering little to no ill effects as far as her posture or level of daily pain.

“And look! No back pain!” Piper said emphatically as she started bouncing her breasts, everything from her belly to her shoulders shaking with the shifting weight, “I could do this all day, and I don’t think I’d have to think about my back!”

“Well, that’s the idea.” Britney said with a smile, ”I’m happy you’re so pleased with the results, Piper.”

Truth be told, Dr. Huan was more or less pleased that she could move onto using the Suspensors herself. Tipping the scales at more than five hundred pounds, it was an awful lot of work to keep herself moving. That was the primary reason for enlisting the help of someone so prone to gaining weight as her saliva swab suggested.

The secondary reasons, made apparent as Piper continued to heft her hooters up and down, up and down, were much more trivial and definitely not worth jotting down in the file...

- - -

- - -


It's the Mix and Match MILF edition! A celebration of some of the adult characters that don't get a lot of love!
These ladies are popular enough to attract a pretty sizable fanbase, but what if...?

- - -

Eri Flatterly...could have any wish granted by O Mighty Aziza--what could it be?


“Oh my~!”

One plump ivory hand cupped a full red cheek as Shannon Polluck ooh’d and awe’d at yet another culinary masterpiece. She squeezed her eyes shut and bit her plump pink bottom lip as her toes curled beneath the taut yellow venir of her high heels, her chubby legs kicking in appreciation of the intense flavors she was tasting as if it had for the first time. As the moment passed, her eyes fell open. She was left breathless by the experience, panting slightly as the phantom flavors still overwhelmed her.

“Eri this is amazing!” Shannon gushed as she allowed herself to cut off another slice of chicken cordon bleu, “I don’t know why you haven’t made me this before!”

“I have, ma’am...” the Texas sized chef said in an aside way, “About five times by now...”

Ever since Eri had found that stupid ol’ lamp with that dumb genie broad in it, this whole thing with Ms. Polluck had gone completely catty-cornered. All she wanted was to be appreciated more by her boss--how could Eri have known that that ever lovin’ Aziza would turn her headmistress into a bonafide foodie? All Shannon could talk about was Eri, Eri, Eri lately! How good Eri cooked or how pretty her dishes were. How well she ran the cafeteria and how she admired her ability to keep everyone on her staff in line. But probably most prominently, Shannon had become a woman obsessed with making sure that she ate nothing but the “finest” cuisine. And thanks to her dumb ol’ wish, that meant that Eri’s cooking was as fine as fine could be!

“Oh but it’s never tasted so marvelous before!” Shannon squealed girlishly, “Honestly, I’ll never understand how you do it!”


“You cook so well, Eri!” Shannon continued, unabated, “I don’t think I’ll ever regret promoting you to my personal chef. Honestly, I don’t think I could go back to my usual fare of takeout and microwave meals! You food is just to die for!”

“Kinda my job.”

“More, more, I must have more!” Ms. Polluck said lightly, her body bouncing with a girlish giggle at her command, “Eri, be an absolute treasure and create something wonderful for me in the kitchen, will you? I want your most scrumptious, your most delectable specialty among specialties!”

“Are you sure, Ms. Polluck?” Eri raised a thick black brow as she shifted her stance, “All you’ve eaten the past few days have been my ‘best of the best’ an’... well forgive me for bein’ blunt, but those ain’t exactly low calorie dishes you’ve been scarfin’ down...”

This didn’t seem to phase the plump, eager headmistress as she flipped idly through the menu that Eri had drawn up for her.

“All I’m sayin’ is, you might wanna tone it--”

“Nonsense, Eri!” Ms. Polluck said with a wide grin, “I appreciate all that you do for me, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t use you to your full capabilities. It’d be a waste of your vast, incredible talents as a chef! Now... how fast do you think you could whip up this Chocolate Lava cake?”


Dina Donahue...found a magic amulet that let her stay thin at the cost of others' waistlines?


Obesity rates in Daven’s Port were rising.

Nobody could quite explain it, either. It just seemed to happen overnight. Sure there were the same old D’s Donuts and Nitoli’s Pizza. The Big Burger wasn’t seeing any less business and even the overpriced SoCo weren’t frequented any more or any less than they usually were. But for some reason or another, everyone in Daven’s Port seemed to be gaining weight! The men, the women, the children... heck, some of the more astute watchers were beginning to report the animals looked a little bigger than they ought to have been. But with no particular increase in indulgence, why would everyone in Daven’s Port seemingly be gaining weight for absolutely no reason?

Cass Morgan, co-host of KISS 102.5 and once a slender former fitness enthusiast turned big-bellied blimpette, suspected that something was amiss when she noticed that not everyone in town was getting fat.

Dina Donahue, the mayor, had been spotted engaging in increasingly indulgent activities. From her public stint “supporting local business” by promoting La Bonne Boulangerie, to her prevalent and lucrative trips through the Big Burger drive thru, to the time she reserved the entire buffet for herself and only herself, and literally spent an entire day eating. For months the already less-than-ethical mayor had been becoming more and more indulgent, taking her loose morals all the way to hedonism and delicious debauchery that even those three times her size would blush at. But she never gained a pound!

“I have a wonderful exercise regime.” the mayor had said proudly, puffing out her modest chest as Cass got a good look at her necklace. She recognized it as that old museum piece that went up for auction. What was it called again? The Eye of Chu’ubroth? “And I’ll thank you to stay out of my personal life. I have a luncheon with the senator in just a few moments and I won’t have you blocking my way.”

Here the mayor paused to look Cass up and down. Though the brunette had always been taller than the mayor, she had never been so much wider. With a large, tire-sized ring of adipose that held either of her thick doughy arms at an angle, Cass may have been wider now than Dina Donahue was tall! She poked one perfectly manicured finger into Cass’ deep bastion of blubber, losing it knuckle-deep as the big brunette beluga winced in pain.

“Of course, I wouldn’t expect you to understand skipping a meal.” the mayor said with a smarmy smile and a haughty laugh, making the Eye bounce uneasily on her chest, “Ta-ta!”

Cass couldn’t explain it, no matter how hard she tried to; not to Marni, not the studio exec. Not even to her friends down at the gym--which was slowly losing clientele and morale. No one believed her when she said that Mayor Donahue was behind this mass fattening.

Which served to make her all the more paranoid when, out of all the possible people, she quickly began to outpace everyone else in her rate of gain...


Harper Black...had her diet sabotaged by a family member/co-worker?


Parker wasn’t the kind of girl to wake up early.

In fact, most days, she’d be doing well if she managed to wake up before noon. Even without a hangover, the eldest of the Black daughters was not an early riser. Or at least, she hadn’t been. It had been quite a while since she had been able to savor the joys of sleeping late; ever since her Mom had made her get a job after Hunter was born, Parker had been toiling away to help “support the family” or whatever. Piper may have been fooled, all gung-ho about working her stupid job at that stupid bakery, but Parker couldn’t have been more pissed that they had to do all the hard work while their stupid mom got to lay around all day and take care of the baby. What a sweet gig!

And so every morning, even when she didn’t have to go into work at Big Burger, Parker Black woke up at eight ‘o’ clock on the dot so that she could enjoy one very simple moment in her mother’s life...

“UGH!” she heard from all the way down the hall, “How am I still gaining weight?!”

Every day since she’d started working this crap job at Big Burger (very against her own wishes, mind you!) Parker had been getting a little revenge on her Mom for making her pull her own weight around here. It had started small; leaving out her lunch on the kitchen table, purposely grabbing a couple slightly old burgers and taking them home. She’d even started running by La Bonne Boulangerie and getting the day olds from Piper and leaving them out for her mom to find. With two daughters working in the food service industry and as much energy as a new mother, there was no way Harper Black was going to get her pre-baby body back!

And that was before Parker had splurged on all that protein powder.

The results were just beautiful. Her mom had been blimping out ever since day one, but it was only now that Parker had truly begun to appreciate what she started here. Her mother, more than twice the woman she had been before Hunter was born, waddled unsteadily out of the bathroom. The scale had been kicked under the tub, maybe never to be seen again. Her big olive-toned tummy shook vigorously with every step, bouncing over what used to be the elastic waistband of her sleep pants. Her hefty hooters were contained only by a creaking bra that was practically begging to be put out of its misery--her fat face flush with embarassment and, perhaps, exertion. Bending over to see how fat she was getting probably took a lot out of her~

“Can’t fugging believe this...” Parker watched her mother’s big round ass bump from side to side as she thundered into the kitchen, “How can I be getting even fucking fatter?”

Parker couldn’t stop the Grinch smile that spread across her face--she rubbed her hands together deviously, and silently wondered if it would be worth splurging on those hypnosis tapes she’d been contemplating on getting and playing while her mother slept...


- - -

- - -


These girls are some of the heaviest the BCU has to offer!
But what if they were just side characters in another story, where things could get so much bigger?
What would life be like for...

- - -

Hillary Heart...in the world of Devlin's Diet Agency  , where Hannah made a deal with Devlin and made the whole world fat?


When Hillary had first started getting fat, it had been her worst nightmare.

Alone, across the pond, under an assumed name, and stress-eating herself into a beached whale. There was literally no lower that she could have sunk. By the time she graduated from Buttercombe Academy, she weighed over four hundred pounds of pure British blubber; completely unrecognizable from the teen idol that had sauntered out of the UK in hopes of a higher education. She had stepped off of the plane in her hometown expecting taunts and confusion. The disappointed faces of her parents as their daughter struggled to walk into the lobby of the airport.

But instead there had been journalists.

And not the kinds who were there to make her feel bad about herself or her weight. Hillary couldn’t have been more surprised when a charming young reporter--blonde curly hair, and a red blazer... she remembered her so clearly!--called out and told her that she looked ravishing. And meant it! All the other reporters followed suit, whooping and hollering, telling her just how beautiful she looked...

And they were right!

Over time, as her fanbase built up naturally out of respect for her bodacious figure, Hillary began to really appreciate her figure. Record deals flowed like rivers, guest spots on television series, retired musicians coming out of the woodwork to tell her what an amazing, incredible artist she was! And naturally all the sweets she could have possible wanted; sometimes more! It seemed that being the first “fat and proud” pop star came with a peculiar set of perks. Hillary couldn’t think of a time for the ensuing months or the ones prior where she hadn’t been eating!

Even as the rest of the world seemed to blimp up around her, Hillary always maintained the center stage--she liked it that way.

“Well I’ve been getting fat since high school.” Hillary said snottily as the bright lights shadowed her thick double chins, “Put on my first three hundred pounds before I even graduated, I did!”

Hillary had eaten herself, and her fans had helped her grow into, this massive mountain of a woman. A vastness of pale, freckled flesh that no one could have dreamt of as early as a few years ago. But now she was sitting there, on prime-time television, living and breathing and huffing and puffing. Hillary Heart had gotten so big around that she required the aid of several thickset crew members to lift up her dias and carry her onto the stage! Her swaddling chins rippled with the effort it took to speak, her sausage fingers and pillowy arms gesticulating softly to the great behemoth that was her belly as it spilled onto the stage, out of her glittering red dress.

“And I understand that, I really do.” the late night host says, his own jowls quivering, “I’m just saying... we’ve got Emma Stone here, and she says she could eat you under the table.”

The crowd roared, their fat faces bunching with delight as they whooped and hollered, pinned to their seats by their bellies.

“Well you tell her it’s on!” Hillary proudly puffed out her chest, arching her backfat as the crowd ate it up.

“You heard ‘er, boys!” the host gestured off screen, “Wheel her in!

And thus, among many other accomplishments in her “post-dietary” career, Hillary Heart also became an advocate for the professional sport of competitive eating.


Arisa Spencer...in the world of Parker Black to the Future  , where it's possible to run into your future self?


“You’re going to want to invest in Yeng Corp.” said the massive brown blob in her living room.

“B-But my Mommy... our mommy?” Arisa fiddled with the logistics of such an improbably meeting before deciding that, ultimately, semantics didn’t quite matter, “She says we’re already backing them by a lot. So does that mean I’m on the right track? Or... maybe wrong track in this case?”

It had happened so suddenly. One minute, Arisa Spencer was enjoying a nice relaxing day in her living room, and the next minute there was this... this thing. This giant, brown stomach laying in the floor. She had on no clothes, and she seemed to be big enough to fill the room by herself. Arisa hardley recognized the signature features behind all that face fat. The shape of her nose, the well-groomed eyebrows... her eyes were still energetic and fiery, despite the apparent years between them. It was her! Or, a future version of her. Arisa was still trying to wrap her head around all this. Moving back into Buttercombe Academy for her Sophomore year had been hectic enough knowing that she wouldn’t be rooming with Marissa, but now this? Future, incredibly unwieldy and overweight versions of herself coming out of nowhere with a flash of light? Naked? Somehow this all seemed too unreal...

“Yeah, but you’re like gonna wanna get in on the ground floor.” Future Arisa said, her voice thick with exertion as her words rippled in her ring of chins, “I should have told our (the correct word here is our!) Mom to invest a lot more heavily.”

“Really?” Arisa tilted her head, “Like... for real? Why?”

“Well who do you think makes all this SSS stuff?” Future Arisa waved an arm around what used to be her dorm room, an action that fell somewhat flat as her arm was incapable of cresting beyond her vast belly, “They make the best furniture. And the best snack cakes, incidentally. And, you know, time machines. But I think that one speaks for itself, really...”

Arisa could only stare wide eyed at the behemoth that lay, creaking the floorboards of her dorm room as it threatened to bow right from underneath her. Aside from her long black hair and her cinnamon-brown skin, Arisa could hardly believe that this was supposed to be her! Okay sure, Arisa enjoyed a snack every once in awhile, but the fact that she could let herself get so big was just... downright unbelievable! Was it even possible to be this big?

“Umm... I don’t mean to pry...”

“You wanna talk to me about my weight?” Future Arisa said rather calmly, “It’s okay. Yeng has a subsidiary with this... wonder pill thingy. Makes all health conditions go away. I can eat... you can eat as much as you want and not have to worry about a thing when you’re my age!”

“I, um... I was actually going to ask if you wanted anything to eat...” Arisa squeaked, “Maybe a soda or something...”

“Oh!” Future Arisa blinked twice, “Well I think it’s obvious that yes I would very much appreciate something to eat. I’m so polite!”


Grace Sawyer...in the world of Dessert Island Survivalist  , where edible islands are totally a thing?


As soon as Grace Sawyer had seen the news stories, she knew that her life had changed.


After aforementioned scientists had ensured that the island, and the surrounding islands, were in fact completely safe for human consumption, it hadn’t taken much convincing for Grace to persuade her father into pitching in for the soon-to-be-built resort. Thousands of entrepreneurs poured money into the project; hoping to ensure a healthy growth of the edible foliage after the original discoverer, one Piper Black, had managed to destroy a large number of it during her one-woman rampage against hunger and sensibility. Within two short years, a resort was built and fully staffed, and Grace Sawyer had made her home away from home.

“MORE!” the enormous heiress hollered with a ring-a-ding of her little brass bell, her arm fat wobbling with the simple motion, “I SAID BRING ME MORE!”

Laying on her back, Grace Sawyer was taller than she was standing up. Her big blindingly white belly billowed out from underneath her bikini top, custom ordered to fit the massive pendulous mammaries that hung from her flabby chest. Her fat face was flushed from the sun, the redness of her cheeks hidden by white cat-eye sunglasses. Within arm’s reach was a bowl of store-bought treats, and on the other side was the results of sampling from the environment around the resort.

Poolside, the beached whale that was the owner’s daughter couldn’t have been more at home. She had an entire staff to serve her hand and foot (as if there were much of an option anymore, given her insurmountable size) and hadn’t had to lift a finger in months. In that time she had grown tremendously, raping and pillaging the land via her hunter-gatherers to go towards feeding her ever-awaiting maw.

All the other girls must be so jealous of me. the insufferable sow thought haughtily to herself as she sucked down crabcakes and popped wild honeybuns, fresh from the bushel, into her mouth, I’m the daughter of one of the richest men in the whole world! I get to lay around all day, and this whole island lives to serve me!”

“Ma’am, if I may intrude...” came the unwelcome rebuttal of an elderly butler, “...with the discovery of some particularly vexed locals off the southern peninsula, perhaps it isn’t wise to demand even more food from what was, apparently, their hunting ground. I’m no expert in languages, but--”

“How ‘bout you blow it out yer butt?” Grace rolled her eyes from behind the lenses, throwing some M&M’s sifted from the sands into her mouth and chewing them loudly, “Who cares if some dumb fucking islanders are pissed? I’m hungry, Jeeves, and if you wanna keep your job I’d suggest you remember who’s the top head on the totem pole on this island! ME!”

Suffice it to say that, even once the natives began to take matters into their own hands, Grace Sawyer would be hard-pressed to change her ways...

- - -

- - -


Part of what makes these characters so fun to write for is
how well they bounce off of each other. What would happen if we put these
dynamic duos in a situation they weren't used to?
What if...

- - -

Ronnie Wilson & Megan Mahoney......where the latter has put on a lot of weight somehow, and blames the former!


Ronnie Wilson stood in the kitchen, her jammies on and her hair pulled back. Working and going to school was so exhausting, she wasn’t sure how her friends could do it! There were all kinds of ways to cope, but Ronnie wasn’t too keen on taking any pills or partying her GPA away in hopes of dealing with the stress. For a girl like Ronnie, who was sweet as sugar on her default setting, doing stuff like that just didn’t seem right. Why would she go out and risk her college education or her job at the bakery because she was stressed about her college education and her job at the bakery when she could just put on an apron and get her stress out that way?

That’s right--some people were stress eaters, Ronnie was a stress baker!

Ronnie slipped on her oven mitts and grabbed the tray of cookies from the oven. Her pretty pink oven mitts matched her frilly apron, as well as her fuzzy pajama pants. Her round upper body stretched the limit of her sleep shirt, emblazoned with a stylized and bedazzled cupcake that sat right across her chest. A smile slipped between her round cheeks as she took a deep inhale, her breasts rising and then falling as she appreciated the results of her latest masterpiece.


Unfortunately for Megan, Ronnie wasn’t the only one appreciating her masterpieces.

Megan came thundering into the room, her widened belly wobbling with every booming step she took. It sloshed from side to side, a pale doubly-leveled testament to not only how much Ronnie could cook, but how much Megan could eat. Her long red hair fell over her shoulders, a monster case of bedhead making it stick up like a rooster. She was tugging at her shirt, pulling at it desperately in an attempt to cover her big billowing gut.

“Oh hey Meg, I just made some cookies!” Ronnie said, unaffected, “They’ll be ready in a minute. Do you... you don’t want any cookies, do you?”

“No!” Megan growled, “No I don’t want any stupid cookies!”

Using one chubby hand, Megan grabbed a handful of her overflowing tummy and gave it a good wobble. It danced around, hanging out of her sweatpants, for a good few seconds before it eventually settled down.

“All your baking is making me fat!” Megan snapped, “And it’s not even all going to my tits! Seriously Ron, no more bakery stuff! I want to be able to walk when I graduate. Not have to use one of those mobility... things...”


“Yeah, I don’t want to have to use a fucking scooter!” Megan trailed off with a whine, “Gawd... why does everything you bake have to taste so good?!”

“I, um... thank you?” Ronnie’s round face struggled with a smile, “I think?”

“No!” Megan bit back, plopping down on a stool as her cheeks spread to devour its poor pleather cushioning, “No thank you! Bad Ronnie! No more baking in this house, okay?”

“But I--I” Ronnie frowned, looked down, and let out a low whine, “Okaaay...”

“Good.” Megan huffed, “Now, what’s for breakfast?”


Shannon Polluck & Mia Underwood...where the latter sets the former up with a friend, but has second thoughts as they blow up like a balloon!


Like most things, this started out pretty innocently.

Mia Underwood was a guidance counselor; not just for her students, but she also liked to think herself as a listening ear for the teachers around her. She was just so in tune with everyone around her, and her boss’s chakras were all out of whack. Her aura had been so murky lately, and there was nothing that Mia or her array of various crystals could do to make her feel better! She seemed fine, going about her business throughout each day like usual, but someone as intuitive and connected as Mia could tell that she wasn’t quite herself!

And... well, it had been quite a long time since Sister Polluck had been seeing anybody.

She had a friend, who had a friend, who had a brother who had just recently gotten a divorce. He was about Shannon’s age, a little younger, and... well, Mia may have told her boss that they had a lot in common. It had taken so much work to set them up together, but now, even Mia had been having second thoughts...

Ever since she had set them up, Sister Polluck had seemed so much happier! He took her out to dinner at his restaurant, sent her flowers and chocolates, cooked her dinners... sometimes breakfasts! And while Mia was happy that her boss was happy, there was a nagging thought at the back of her mind that she might have overstepped her boundaries. Just a bit.

“Good Mo~orning, Ms. Underwood!” Shannon sang as she entered the front entrance of the Academy, “How’s my favorite guidance counselor doing today?”

Mia smiled weakly at her boss as she wobbled into the room. It wasn’t exactly her place to judge--it would have been rather hypocritical of her, actually--but Shannon had been... well, getting sort of fat since she’d started dating Trevor.

Every outing was food, food, food. Whenever they were together, food was involved. Dinners, lunches, dates, movies, dating Trevor was a caloric onslaught. And since he owned one of the nicest restaurants in Wellington, ensuring that his new belle had a worthy menu was no challenge. Or at least it wasn’t, until her appetite fully developed.

With every dinner, Shannon seemed to grow wider. Her gut grew and grew with each calorie that Trevor spoon-fed (or fork-fed, or hand-fed) into an always waiting mouth, until it was so big and so round that one day it had popped right out of her blouse! And then another! And another and another until she was buying her clothing almost exclusively from the same boutique that Mia did! When she still fit into it...

Shannon waddled into the front entrance of the Academy, her great girth suffocating half of the double doorway. She had dressed light in anticipation of the warm Spring day, and her business attire was so thin that Mia could see the definitive roll where her belly parted in the middle. Her round face was red from the heat outside, and she looked to be sweating lightly. In her arms were several big shopping bags from the boutique in town that catered to women of a particular size, and a takeaway bag from Trevor’s restaurant.

“I know, I’m sorry I’m late.” Shannon said with a smile, “But Trevor insisted that I go out and treat myself today! Oh you were so right about him, Mia. He’s just the best man a woman could hope for!”

Mia could only chuckle nervously and pour herself a cup of coffee...


Jan Carlyle & Rhonda Burkhart...where former is trying to break the latter out of her bad habits!


“Rhonda, living with Mel has turned you into such a pig!”

The younger of the two sisters heared registered Jan’s remark, or if she did, she didn’t let it register. She was far too enthralled in what had been a long established ritual when her niece had lived with her; Netflix and ‘nomming. Whatever that was. She had gone out and bought everything she needed to have a decent Friday night. Pizza, some soda, a couple of donuts from Apple Dumplin’s, and a bottle of wine. All because she thought she was finally going to get some quality bonding time with her sister. But clearly that wasn’t going to be the case.

“Rhonda?” Jan put her hands on her hips, “Rhonda can you hear me?”

“Gawd yes, I can hear you.” Rhonda rolled her eyes and lulled her head to the side, “You know who you sound like? Mom. You sound just like Mom right now.”

“Yeah, because I’m having to be your Mom right now.” Jan bent down to talk at Rhonda’s level as she squashed the couch beneath her, “Look at yourself, Rhon--you’re huge!”

Jan wasn’t wrong. Rhonda had managed to pick up quite the sympathy belly once Mel moved in with her. All the empty calories that girl brought into her house... it was bound to happen! How Jan had stayed so trim, Rhonda would never know. Not when her daughter was the expert in all things fattening. Pizzas, donuts, soda... how had Rhonda not been living like this her whole life?

Rhonda’s immensely clever, intricately crafted response was merely a burp; one that rattled the windows and made her sister clap her hands over her ears. Followed by a well-placed “‘scuse me.”

“Gawd you even burp like her.” Jan rolled her eyes, “My daughter is an infection to be caught.”

The older sister sat down next to the younger. Despite the size discrepancy between them, Rhonda wasn’t nearly as big as her niece was. Yet. At the rate she kept going, Jan’s sister and her daughter might be sharing a wardrobe. Wasn’t that a thought? Just two years ago Rhonda had been a fit, confident lawyer-slash-party girl. And now she was this big round homebody who regularly lazed around and... “nommed”. Whatever that meant.

“Look, I’m just worried about you.” Jan said with a delicate hand on Rhonda’s big pillowy thigh (God, where did her sister get her bottom-heavy figure from?) “My daughter’s... well, she’s Mel. But this isn’t you. You’ve just developed some bad habits recently, and... and I’m worried.”

“Well hey, don’t.” Rhonda snorted, pushing her sister’s hand off of her thigh, “I’m totally okay with my life right now. I’m seeing someone, I’m home every night... I mean, God, if you had such a problem with me and Mel getting along, why’d you let her move in with me in the first place?”

“Because I--” Jan took a sharp inhale, “--Because I didn’t know she’d... she’d... corrupt you! I thought if she saw you being confident and slender, going out, having fun, she’d... she’d...”

“You... don’t know Mel very well, do you?” Rhonda pursed her lips and failed to contain a wry smile, “Don’t knock it ‘til you try it Jan.”

- - -

- - -


At the end of every game of Mix & Match, it's essential to move forward with the ideas you've created. I hosted a poll, and the voters selected these five as their favorites


By popular demand... we rejoin Jennifer Walker as she climbs the corporate ladder at the Yeng Corporation!


Why had Jen ever thought she could be a teacher?

It must have been so clear to everyone back then that it couldn’t possibly have been her life’s calling. She didn’t really get along with the students, working all day on lesson plans and grading assignments had been brutal and, the more she did it, the more Jen realized that she didn’t like having to stand for upwards of thirty minutes at a time instructing her students at the front of the classroom. As early as her first year there, Jen had been having second thoughts about her entire career path. She barely had any free time, she never got to go any farther than that pokey little mountain town down the road, and it felt like someone was constantly scrutinizing her. Whether it was Ms. Flatterly constantly bringing up her lacking affinity for the culinary arts, Ms. Polluck constantly questioning the effectiveness of her lessons, or even her own sister calling her out on what she perceived as a “weight problem.” Rude, all of them were rude!

And then there were the students—God the students. The less said about them, the better.

By comparison, life as a Yeng Employee was so much easier. So much simpler! Sure it required a little relocation, but so had her last job. She was the best out of her focus group, Dr. Hinamizawa told her so all the time. The assignments were so simple that anyone could do it; completely took the stress out of her life. As Jen had climbed her way up the corporate ladder, becoming the best tester she could be, more and more rewards for her good effort and hard work had followed suit (she never got that at Buttercombe!) The other testers were nice, and her handlers had always been really supportive of her. They told her what a good job she was doing almost every hour, on the hour. And when things got too tough, they let her take breaks! Imagine, taking a break in the middle of the classroom. Ms. Polluck would have lost her mind!

Add into the fact that she had good healthcare, discounted housing from a partnering complex, and she got to eat yummy food all day long… why would anyone want to be a teacher when they could just work at Yeng Corp?

“Jenny, it’s time for lunch!”

On Pavlovian instinct, Ms. Walker’s mouth began to water. Was it that time already? It had only just seemed like an hour ago that she had been brought breakfast. Her fat little feet, propped up by the recliner on her personal Yeng recliner, clenched their toes as her head turned on its rolls to face the door. She had been doing so good that she had been given her own testing quarters—take that Ms. Polluck! It was better this way. No distractions, no forced chit-chat with the other testers. Just Jen and her product. Jen and her job. Jen and… and her food.

Kimiko was Jennifer’s personal handler. She came in every day, a couple of times a day, to make sure that things were going smoothly. And more importantly, to bring Jen her breakfasts and lunches. Sometimes, increasingly often as of late, Jen had been doing so well at her job that they had started letting her pull overtime, which meant Kimiko had been bringing her dinners as well. And oh the spread she had today! Roast beef, mashed potatoes and green beans… the perfect meal after such a hard day at work!

Jen so looked forward to this—she deserved this. Nice home cooked meals delivered right to her door. She was such a hard worker.

It wouldn’t take long for Jen to finish her lunch. She worked up quite the appetite testing product all day! So she’d suck it down, tidy up, and get right back to work. It was probably one of the best things about her; her crazy work ethic. The fact that she could easily out eat the other testers by nothing less than one hundred units a day while still taking her lunch break had been phenomenal when she started, and one of the main reasons she’d been treated so well! But if you wanted the truth, sometimes it all just sort’ve blended together. After all, when you’ve eaten two hundred Yeng brand snack cakes in a row, what was a little plate of lunch on top of it?

“Oh wow, Jenny. Three hundred units already?” Kimiko said with some disbelief as she looked at the Y-pad embedded into Jen’s recliner, “I’m going to have to tell Ms. Fukuda how good of a job you’re doing.”

Jen’s pace increased. Her pillowy arms trembled with the effort of bending and moving to reach the plate that had been sat within what should have been reachable. A flush of frustration flourished throughout her cheeks, reaching as low as her second chin as she struggled to feed herself. She had gotten so used to the delivery system on the line; it wasn’t easy doing this herself, you know! But she’d keep at it. She did always did such a good job. Such a good job…

“I don’t know how you do it.” The younger girl said with a smile as she placed a hand on top of Jen’s distended belly, swollen out and propped up by the strength of the recliner and the thickness of her nearly useless legs, “Sometimes I worry that I’m gonna come in here and you’ll have popped from all the testing you do!”

Jenny let out a short laugh through her nose, momentarily taking her bovine eyes off of her plate to give her handler and acknowledging blink. Then back to food. More food. Gimme gimme.

“I think I’m going to have to talk to Ms. Fukuda about increasing your hours.” Kimiko used her stylus to place her initials on Jen’s timesheet, “If you keep this up, we might have to put you in one of the full-time rooms!”

Jen almost choked on her mashed potatoes.

“You want that, huh?” Kimiko wriggled a finger underneath Jen’s chins and gave them a good tickle, “Would you like that?”

“Yuh…” Jen’s voice was slow and deep, “Yes… please…”

“Okay, I’ll go talk to Ms. Fukuda right away.” The Asian assistant said with a final pat on Jen’s mountainous muffintop, “You just keep up the good work Jenny, and I'll make it happen.”


By popular demand... we rejoin Maria Espanosa as she enjoys the perks of being a well-kept wife!


Watching the food network had become one of Maria’s guilty pleasures.

Though her increasingly incredible size might say otherwise, Maria had no natural inclination in the kitchen. She had been the youngest of five, and her Mama had always made sure that each and every one of her kids were fed. There wasn’t time for anyone to go through an experimental cooking phase because, hey, five kids are expensive to feed. No one wasted food because there was barely enough to go around. And that meant that Mama had always prepared her meals. They were simple, though always had a certain Hispanic je nais se quois that did more than just get the job done.

So to see these glorious meals being prepared with the same amount of tender love and care that her Mama made but come out looking… well, what’s the opposite of utilitarian? Decadent, rich… orgasmic?

The last one was more true than most people realized. The joy that Maria got from eating transgressed the simple love that some people had for eating. It was more than just an affinity—Maria’s love for food had become carnal, something innate and passionate. It was so hard to explain to anyone why she felt so dirty when she watched shows like this. She was constantly worried about her maids’ judgement, like they could see into her mind and know what she was thinking. The dirty, sinful thoughts that gourmet dishes and expertly crafted cuisine had started to give her.

Maria would sometimes spend all day on the couch, being waited on by her maids while Gregory went to work. It was so hard, having nothing to do all day. No one was looking for a Spanish teacher in Arizona, certainly not in the posh sort of school district that she had grown accustomed to working in. Sure there was her family, but even they got tired of laying around Maria’s mansion all day. What else was there for a woman to do other than to sit?

And watch.

And fantasize.

Maria Gonzalez-Espanosa was a huffy brown blob of a woman. Her long black hair, falling into perfect ringlets according to her attendants, sat on the honey colored meat of her shoulders. Her chubby face, chinned and twice over, was an especially heated hue as she watched the chef sprinkle shredded cheese over his dish. Her breathing was shallow and her eyes glassy. She had turned the television in her room early this morning, right after she had been woken up by Gregory’s sweet kiss on her cheek before he left for work, and it had consumed her whole day. Normally she would get up, maybe change into something more appropriate to wear around the house, have lunch, talk to her maids or her cook. But they had been having a dessert day special and… and… Maria had such a weakness for desserts…

“Gloria?” Maria panted into the intercom, “Could you… could you bring me some chocolate?”

Oh she had been such a pig all day. Laying in bed, eating herself out of house and home. Wrappers and packages and bags and boxes littered the area around her trash can, evidence of her especially indulgent morning… day… afternoon… she had been such a piggy! Maria had sworn to herself that she would never become one of those fat housewives who laid in bed all day eating chocolates, but here she was!

It hadn’t taken Gloria long to reach into the cache of sweets that the help kept for this purpose specifically. Ever since she’d been hired on the now seasoned maid had been watching the Missus expand. She had stayed in her good graces by being so intuitive to her needs—and this wasn’t the first time that she had spent all day in bed, craving chocolate. The other two members of the help had discussed several possibilities; namely that she was pregnant. But Gloria knew her employer much better than that.

“Here you are, Ms. Maria.” The older woman said with a smile as she tossed the gordita her snack, a bag of Hershey’s kisses.

Within seconds the bag was open, and Maria’s deceptively nimble fingers went to work unwrapping the foil around an individual chocolate. It was probably better—in the long run—that they were wrapped like that. It forced her to slow down. That way she couldn’t just eat an entire bar of chocolate or an entire cake or so on. She had to take her time, unwrap each one, and savor it. It didn’t make them last {i]that much longer, but it at least bode Maria and Carmen some time to prepare her lunch.

“Thank you…” Maria huffed, a piece already in her mouth, “You can go. I’ll try not to bother you again.”

Gloria smiled, nodded, and left the room wisely.

With further fuel to her fire, Maria continued to binge. The delicious imagery created by these wonderful chefs was astounding, intoxicating… arousing to her. All she wanted to do was eat, eat, eat! More for Maria, until she was as big as a house! Oh surely Gregory wouldn’t mind having such a fat wife? Their love life had been so wonderful lately, perhaps he enjoyed all her big brown cushioning?

Oh the thought of him now, when she was all hot and bothered. What had he done to her by turning her into this fat, lazy housewife? When she was a teacher she had been so skinny and energetic. Now all she wanted… no, {i]could do was lay around getting hot and bothered by the Food Network and eat herself into a stupor. A big, fat stupor. Food, food, food, that’s all she could think about!

Well, it wasn’t all she could think about.

His big strong arms wrapping around her, pressing into her full belly as he hand-fed her treats straight from the television. Stroking her, rubbing her, slapping her big brown ass. Oh it made her so hot… so, so hot…

“Gloria?!” Maria coughed, choking on a Hershey’s kiss, “Do you… do you think you could bring me the back massager from the guest bedroom?! Gloria?!


By popular demand... we rejoin Devlin and Mel, the former's quest having led to an exceedingly lot of the latter!


“Well this was… not exactly what I had expected.”

In the time that Mel had signed her contract with the Prince of Darkness, vis a vis Devlin, the two had remained in minimal contact. Whatever feedback the Devil’s Advocate had been receiving had been exclusively though her employees, Need and Want. Devlin had gathered that Mel was more or less satisfied with her thralls, as well as her increased propensity to pack on the pounds, but the newly christened Right Hand Woman of Stan would have never guessed how, and in what ways, Mel had been enjoying herself…

“I know right?” Mel smirked in self-satisfaction, “Look at me? I’m a goddamn house!”

When Melanie Carlyle had sought her out, Devlin was a little apprehensive. Just barely eighteen at the time, there were a lot of legalities dealing with someone who was only just recently not considered a minor. But when she had summoned her specifically so that she could excel in Devlin’s assigned field—Gluttony—the Devil’s Advocate could hardly say no. She had left Mel with her most trusted lessers, two red skinned little imps to help Mel carry out her wildest dreams, and was free to climb the corporate ladder of Hell without any of the burdens of excessive client-to-consumer meetings to otherwise occupy her.

However, perhaps if Devlin had made a few more in-person checkups, she might have been prepared for the sight that lay before her…

Mel stretched one flabby arm bigger around as Devlin’s waist to caress whatever folds she could reach. With one meaty hand, she held a head of fat from the field of her folds and gave it a good jostling. It was an action that reverberated throughout her enormous form over and over again; rocking waves roared across her chest and into her arms and face while the rolls of her stomach tremored ever so slightly as she pooled on the floor beneath her. Her shoulders, even her backfat danced with the motion as her chest heaved in effort. The rolls of her neck compressed as her face folds bunched into a hungry smile.

“Just a big ol’ fucking food landfill.” Mel said in a huskier, throatier voice as her fondling became more deliberate—she used what little dexterity remained in her fingers to knead the soft squeezable dough that was her body. “Have you ever seen someone so… mnn… huge and... and fat as me?!”

Devlin entertained an exploratory poke, her finger spelunking into a particularly deep fold of Mel’s vast acreage. She had trekked to the side of her most satisfied customer to find a suitable side roll, bunching beneath the parody of the human form that was Melanie Carlyle. Devlin stuck one taloned finger into Mel’s side, to which to biggest blonde let out a yelp that was surprisingly tinny for someone of her spectacular size. Devlin could have gone further—perhaps placed her whole hand between the two tiers of tonnage, if she tried—but she was interrupted by the intrusion of one of her lessers.

“Not if we have anything to say about it.” Said Need, the older of the two, “That’s what the boss lady here pays us for. Ain’t that right Dev?”

“Or if I have anything to say about it.” Said Want, the younger, “Isn’t that right, Piglet?”

Like she was climbing a mountain, the lesser of the lessers threw her legs over one of Mel’s meaty thighs and began shimmying her way up the vast region that was her client. Both Want and Need were smaller than even Devlin, but not by much so. It had surely not helped the size discrepancy that Mel was much larger, much fatter and bigger around than any other human they had dealt with before. To most, Want and Need were but the size of barely pubescent teens, despite being older than any human on Earth. To Mel, they were but accessories—like tiny red-skinned baubles that lived only to serve her.

Want had armed herself to the teeth with bewitched baked goods, and laid herself on Mel’s canyon of cleavage so that she might fulfil her duties. With one hand, she plucked a cupcake from the plate, and shoved it eagerly into Mel’s equally accepting mouth.

“Ohmigawd yaaaas.” Mel mooed in abstract pleasure as Want fed her and stroked her cheeks. The tiny demon tickled her neck rolls and blew in her ear, getting the hot hog all hot and bothered.

“Seriously Boss, I don’t think you understand how much fun all this is!” Need took a few proud steps towards the rolling avalanche of pale white blubber that was Mel’s belly as it flopped on the floor, “I think we’ve done a pretty good job with Miss Mel here, don’t you?”

To punctuate her statement, Need struggled to wriggle her hands underneath Mel’s massive gut. She gave it her best effort, and hoisted up a heft of heaviness from the floor beneath them. She gave it a good shake, making Mel moan through the bits and pieces of cupcake that managed to survive Want’s caloric onslaught. From what she could see, Mel’s fat face was growing red with what Devlin could recognize as Lust, clear as day. Her projected sin growth was off the charts in almost all areas lately—and now she had a sneaky suspicion as to why.

“Oh God…” Mel panted, her idle kneading transitioning into pathetic squeezing as she struggled to utilize her nearly useless fingers, “I… I… hunngh!”

Mel’s big blue eyes, growing glassy, rolled into the back of her head as Want stifled her moans by stuffing a cupcake into her mouth. Beneath the dough, Mel casually let loose throaty, almost agonized moans of intense pleasure as Need’s tail stretched and disappeared beneath the opening in front that had been created.

“Well… good job then, uh, team.” Devlin blinked, blushing furiously at the show of abject debauchery that was being performed for her approval, “Keep, uh… keep up the good work.”


By popular demand... we rejoin Harper Black, as she is unwittingly inflated by her daughter, Parker!

You know, all things considered, working wasn’t exactly the worst thing that Parker had had to do in her short life.

It had taught her a lot about herself. In just a short amount of time, she had climbed her way fro cleaning the grease traps on the fryers to actually manning the fryers. Then eventually to making the burgers, taking the orders, running the drive-thru... before she knew it, Parker had been there long enough to be a manager! Now she was totally in control of whomever happened to be on her shift on any given night, and it was all because working had unlocked something inside of her. Being forced to get a job, even a crappy one like Big Burger, had shown her that there was more to Parker Black than boozing and sleeping around. Beneath all the makeup and the hangovers, Parker was actually a pretty industrious person! Who would have known?

Of course, she had one person to thank for all this. For showing her just how much effort she was willing to put into a project that mattered to her. The person who had driven her to the great lengths it took to unlock her hidden potential. The woman who had set her evolution into motion.

No, it wasn’t her love for her baby sister Hunter. No, it wasn’t her day-manager Stacy, who was super cool and let her go home sick that one time. It was, of all people, the woman who had forced her to get this stupid job in the first place.

And the woman whom Parker had been getting more and more revenge on with every passing day ever since.

“Parker, I’m really starting to worry about Mom...” Piper said early one morning, before either of them had left for their shifts, “I think we need to sit her down and talk to her about... you know, how fat she’s getting.”

“Wow P, way to be insensitive.” Parker scoffed, hoping that her younger sister failed to notice the slight curve to her lips, “The woman did, like, just have a baby. Stop mom shaming our Mom, gaw.”

“I’m not! I-It’s just... you know, Hunter’s almost two now...” Piper took a sip of her coffee, “I’m really starting to get worried. I mean, have you seen her lately? She’s just so big... and round... I mean, she’s our mom and all, but I can’t help but feel like she might be getting a little out of hand...”

Oh Parker had been well aware of the situation from day one. Right after Hunter was born, the day she was forced to get a job or get out, Parker had been on her mother’s tracks. Bringing home food from Big Burger and sneaking day olds from La Bonne Boulangerie with a little unwitting assistance from Piper had been enough to coerce her mom, fresh off of pregnancy cravings, to plump herself up quite nicely. But when she had started going the extra mile, that was when things started to really get nuts.

An old tape recorder? That crazy old Abida woman had something laying around--even had some blank tapes she could use! It wasn’t hard to look up the basics of those cheesy “while you sleep” self-help videos on youtube and apply the same methods in reverse. Just call it a white noise machine! Having a baby in the house was good enough reason to need help sleeping, right? Keep the house stocked with plenty of sweet, sugary cereals. Microwave meals, hidden caches from both the Black daughters’ places of employment? It was literally only a matter of time before the seeds Parker planted began to grow... and grow, and grow and grow...

“Parker... Parker, you there?” Piper raised her eyebrows, leaning into the table, “Yo, sis, can you hear me?”

Before she could respond in a way that totally made her sound not guilty of anything especially underhanded and devious, a distinct and familiar sound began to command both daughters attention. The only thing that Parker, or Piper, could hear was the telltale sound of their incoming mother. Boom...Boom...Boom...

“Ohshitohshitohshit...” Piper said in a hushed voice, “I... We weren’t talking about this, okay? I don’t want to hurt her feelings.”

It wasn’t like Harper could have heard her daughters anyway. Not with the thundering volume of her footsteps, or her heaving huffing and puffing as she struggled down the hallway. Her wide, wobbling arms swung from side to side as she shuffled her fat feet on the carpet, her heaving tits and great gut bobbing rhythmically in front of her. Her mane of curly black hair was tied back, her chubby cheeks rolling down towards her neck, joining beneath her jaw to form her second chin. At the rate she was going, she was soon to sprout a third.

She was dressed in a gray long-sleeved shirt that clung to the swell of her arms and outlined the various rolls and folds that had accumulated there. It was, however, too small to contain both her incredible chest and her hilariously big belly. There was always a certain amount of her olive-toned adipose on display whenever she wore this particular shirt, but this morning made it clear that it was simply too small. Harper’s daughters could see her many rolls and folds, her billowing belly flopping over the waistband of her ill-fitting sweatpants, despite the fact that she had attempted at tucking her overgrown gullet into them as much as possible.

“Mornin’.” she burbled, booming past them on her slow trek to the fridge. A stray hand came to scratch one of her free-hanging folds as it eeked out from underneath her shirt. The fat woman scratched it, tugged on the hem of her shirt, only for it to pop right back out.

Leaning into its cold cavernousness, Harper extended one arm (her belly resting on the chilled plastic of its interior) and pulled out the remaining quart of half and half that Parker had bought just two days ago.

It had started to go a lot faster once she started drinking it straight.

Glug, glug glug.

“Ah...” Harper sighed, her thirst quenched for now, “Much better...”

Piper turned to Parker as their mother wiped off the excess lactose from around her lips with the back of one puffy arm, and began to suspect by the unseemly smile on her sister’s face that she did not share her concern for their mother.


By popular demand... we rejoin...Shannon Polluck and Mia Underwood, as the latter deals with the former's increasingly enormous relationship!

It had started out as a nice friendly meeting between colleagues.

Believe it or not, Shannon was a very stressed woman. There was a lot on her plate, and not just in the running of the Academy. From how Mia understood it, her family could be a trifle demanding. Her sisters were always breathing down her necks, seemingly moreso now that she had found a suitable beau in Trevor, and her mother had started pressuring her about grandchildren. Then there was this news that the Hornet’s Academy for the Growing Mind was beginning to steal away some prospective students, and there had been some misunderstanding with the headmistress at St. Consumpta’s... Shannon was a particularly stressed individual!

Which was why Mia had been the one most fervent in advocating a little sabbatical for her boss. It wasn’t like the Academy would be going anywhere. She could afford it, and testing wasn’t for another couple of weeks. Mia had assured her that the faculty could survive for a few weeks while Shannon went off and finally enjoyed herself. Naturally she had insisted on staying with Trevor in town so that she could be close, “just in case”, but thankfully nothing had ever come of it. For the first few days she called relentlessly, and then a little less so, until finally she actually seemed to be enjoying her vacation. No one in the Academy, not even Mia, had seen hide nor hair of their headmistress for more than two weeks!

It was so surprising, a little shocking to see that Shannon had enjoyed herself so much that she hadn’t spoken to any of her employees in more than a week. So naturally Mia was happy to be the first person to welcome her boss back from her little hiatus.

Again, it had started as a friendly meeting between colleagues...

“Suck it in, Sister!”

“I am... trying to... Ms. Underwood!” came the agonied cries of one Shannon Polluck, “I can’t suck in... my hips...!”

Of all the women that had come and go at Buttercombe Academy, even some of the students, Mia Underwood would have never thought that she would have seen Shannon Polluck stuck in the doorway. And as a large woman herself, she wasn’t exactly unaccustomed to the phenomenon. Mia had spent more than her fair share of time, lately especially, waiting in the doorway for someone to come along and help a Sister out. She was pretty big around the belly, and it was unfortunate that her lovehandles were not handled so lovingly by the cruel woodwork of the doorframes.

As she had waltzed with some trepidation in front of Ms. Polluck, who lagged behind her fatigued from the elevator ride up, Mia’s belly had only just barely graced the framework of the headmistresses’ office. Meanwhile Shannon, thundering behind her, had actually gotten stuck!

How much weight could she have put on in the span of two weeks?

Was she actually living in a world where she was smaller than her once merely plump employer?

“Oh... Oh Mia... call someone?” Shannon looked around her office, “There, on my desk, call... oh... call the janitor. Call Tasha... anyone will do!”

“I don’t think that’s going to work...” Mia pushed herself away from the wall, sweating heavily from the exertion of having to wrestle her headmistress’ rotund rump out of the doorway, “Sister Tasha is helping with the yardwork and Sister Flynn... um... I don’t...”

What was the diplomatic way to say that Sister Flynn didn’t have a fraction of the weight to pull someone Shannon’s size out of a doorway?

“Well we’re going to have to do something!” Ms. Polluck cried out, a look of desperation in her eyes, “I-I can’t just stand here in the doorway all day! I’ll miss breakfast! A-And there’s so much work to do since I’ve been gone, and... and...!”

The bag of trail mix that Shannon had been snacking on during her readmission found itself being plundered by one of her plump pampered hands. Fingers worked furiously to collect as much food as possible and deliver it in a timely fashion to her chubby cheeks. She snacked incessantly under duress, but she seemed incapable of considering that the bag, and several hundreds of thousands of calories like it, had been the cause of her current predicament.

“Easy, easy...” Mia shushed, “I’ll... I’ll call Sister Flatterly. See if she can bring up some butter.”

“Oh, good thinking Mia...” Shannon huffed, her chubby cheeks red from embarassment, “A little snack might do me some good until we can figure out how to get me out of this mess. Oh, if only Trevor were here...”

“What? No, we’re...” how had her headmistress become this obsessed with food, “We’re going to slide it between you and the doorway, sister. Hopefully we’ll pop you right out of there!”

“O-Oh...” Shannon licked her salty lips, sounding disappointed, “N-No that’s... that’s a wonderful idea Mia, use the phone on my desk to call Eri.

“Right.” Mia waddled over to Ms. Polluck’s desk, picked up the receiver, and took a look at the handy cheat sheet that Shannon had printed out for ease of access in remembering extensions.

“Could you, um...” Shannon bit her bottom lip, “Yes, right. Have her send up two sticks of butter.”

“I think one will be enough.” Mia said, the phone ringing in her ear, “It’s nothing too serious. We shouldn’t have to slather it on you or anything. We wouldn’t want to ruin your suit, now would we?”

“But... But you see, I’m...” Shannon smiled sheepishly, “I am awfully peckish. Do you think you could... maybe...?”

“N-... I am not sending Sister Eri up here with butter for you to eat, Ms. Polluck!” Mia said crossly

“Right, right, probably not a good time.”

- - -

- - -


In the spirit of productivity and writing, I humbly beseech thee for one more round of Mix and Match. There’ll be three choices and three characters apiece. Hopefully, this one will be even better than the last.

With that in mind, I submit to you, a story about…

- - -

Piper Black, Cerys Porter, and Sam Wilsey... where each character swapped lives with the character to the left of them? How would they fare in someone else's (heavy) footsteps?


Piper Wilsey had never had much growing up.

She was an only child, sure, but she came from the wrong side of the tracks back home. The other kids used to pick on her a lot for either A) developing a set of C-cups in the fifth grade or B) being poor. Sometimes it was a combination of the two! At least they did, until she made them taste their own teeth. Piper had had it pretty rough growing up, but that had all changed once she had been accepted into Buttercombe Academy.

Finally no more scrimping, no more saving, just excess all around, as far as the eye could see! And just as many stuck-up snobs to fuck with!

Here she could let her true academic self shine—no longer determined by the predispositions of those around her! No longer was she "the poor kid", now... now Piper was someone all her own, someone unique!

But until then, she had about sixteen years of starvation to make up for.

"Um... Piper?" Came a squeak from Alice, her social circle's resident blonde naif, "Don't you think you've... I don't know, had enough?"

"Yeah P, cut it out before you choke and die." Megan rolled her eyes, "Between my titties and your titties, I don't think I could get close enough to you to do the Heimlich maneuver."

Piper had always had a bit of a control problem. She'd never been around so much food before! There had never been enough for her to eat for her to realize just how good it felt to indulge herself! And unfortunately for her, she just wasn't the right woman to turn down a free meal or five! It was all she could do some days just to make it to class!

"Now now, be nice." Ronnie's voice chimed in as she lowered a plate of freshly baked cookies between her three friends, "It's my job as an RA to make sure that all my girls on this hall are taken care of—some of them just need a little extra attention. Isn't that right, Piper?"

Ronnie punctuated her point with a pat to her charge's distended belly, stuffed with enough cookies and milk to stock a bakery. How could Piper even think about a higher education when there was an RA right down the hall willing to shower her with the affection and sustenance she had been robbed of since she was a child?

"That's—URRP!—right." Piper said in a snotty voice, "Hey Ronnie, can I get some more milk?"

On the other end, Cerys Black had never had much either.

Splitting a broken home between three women and one on the way wasn't easy. Living in Daven's Port with her deadbeat sister and pregnant mom, Cerys often felt like she was the oldest in a family of three. Her maternal instincts ran strong, and it had helped her keep the household together after her dad had walked out on them.

Unfortunately for her, her family had come to rely on her strength a little too much. Cerys was used to being the rock, but sometimes it could get a little ridiculous...

"God Parker it's like I'm living with a pig!" Cerys groaned as she cracked the door to her sister's room—how could it possibly have been even messier than yesterday? She barely moved!

"Ugh... oink oink, that's me." The large shape shuffled beneath the covers, "Parker Black, Queen of the Pigs. Now close the fuckin' door. I'm trying to sleep."

Ever since she was a kid, Parker had been taking advantage of Cerys' instinctive desire to help people and take care of them. And of course, even after Cerys had figured out that Parker was just using her to do her chores, pick up after her, bring her snacks, it just wasn't in her nature to stop. So Parker slowly went from a fairly active child to a tubby couch-potato teen to, now, a vastly overfed and underworked millennial who thought it was perfectly appropriate to sleep 'til one in the afternoon.

"Don't you have to, I don't know, go to work or something?" Cerys put her hands on her hips, "Your boss'll be mad if you don't show up again."

"Gaaawd." Parker shuffled again, one pillowy arm extending to check her phone, "Thanks mom for being such a stick in the mud. Won't even let your own sis—URRP— come down from a hangover..."

Even Sam Porter, the one with arguably the "most" had her problems too...

"These don't fit either!"

Sam was left a panting, sweaty mess. Pale belly blubber poured out from underneath her shirt as she eeked her leggings down inch by inch of her pasty porcelain pillars of flabby thighs. Her round face was red with exertion and embarassment--this was the fifth pair that she'd tried on, and it was the biggest size they had! Her leggings from here had been this size too... how much weight could she have gained in a month? God, if only she could get out of this stupid town. If only she'd taken that fucking offer to go to Butterhive or whatever. Then maybe she'd get a chance to actually lose some fucking weight...

"Oh Sammy... well, I guess we'll have to start shopping somewhere else." Her mother shuffled over and put an arm around her oldest, widest daughter, "There's a specialty shop just a few stores down. We'll get you something. Don't you worry!"

At this rate, Sam mumbled, it would be any day before she outgrew the whole damn mall. Stupid fucking Hot Topic and their twiggy size bullshit. How the fuck was anyone in Abercrombie supposed to fit into their fucking plastic barbie doll clothing?

"Don't feel bad sweetie. It runs in our family." Sam's mother Carrie insisted, stroking her daughter's fluffy backfat lovingly, "I tell you what. We'll get you a big pretzel and some mustard. Sound good?"

"...yeah, sounds good." Sam rolled her eyes and toddled forward, the whole store seeming to shake behind her...


Ronnie Wilson, Alice Carlyle and Megan Mahoney... where the third character has had her personality magically inverted! What does that mean for her relationship with the other two?


"Alice, don't you think that Megan's been acting a little... weird?"

It had been the understatement of the century that Megan Mahoney had been acting "weird" lately. It had been as quick and as simple as flipping a switch, or in Megan's case, putting on a necklace. The arrival of the very ornate, supposedly ancient bauble had seemingly coincided with Megan's sudden attitude adjustment. It had taken place not long after their big fight, the one where Ronnie accused her of not caring about anyone but herself. Though she liked to think that she might have made a difference in her fat chested red headed companion and taste tester, Ronnie somehow doubted that her opinion held much sway over how Megan conducted herself.

It was all the more easy to believe that the Necklace, rather than any internal revelation on Megan's part, was the cause.

Which, when you think about it, is more indicative of Megan's character prior to the incident than Ronnie's.

"Of course not! You always said that she could be a little selfish—maybe this is just her way of taking after your example?" Alice said, cookie crumbs dotting the corners of her mouth, "I mean, all she's done is be really sweet. She lets me sit in the comfy part of the couch, I get to pick what we watch on TV... and she makes us snacks!"

Alice, the youngest of their trio, beamed brightly as she bit off a big chunk of oatmeal raisin cookie. Her round cheeks bulged with dough and cookie mush. As she leaned forward to grab her milk, she let loose an audible "oof!" as she sat back down. Her tiny tummy rippled with the impact, to which she laid her free arm down across it. She took a swig of her milk, reached over to her left, and placed the glass on the end table beside her spot on the couch.

"Well it's nice to know you aren't taking advantage of the situation." Ronnie cut her eyes at the lazy freshman, who had done all but bask in Megan's newfound generosity, "After all, Megan's our friend. I'd hate to think you were actually enjoying the fact that she's been acting so weird."

"Well, I mean..." Alice nervously bit into her cookie, "...not enjoying."

It was then that the last member of their trio, inexplicably inverted, made her appearance known. The knob on the dorm room door began to jingle, and then to wiggle, as Megan turned it from the other side. She was dressed pleasantly in her uniform, one of the more modest but eerie changes that had taken place over the course of the past few weeks. Rather than getting by with as little of her uniform as possible, Megan now wore the whole shebang. Button-up blouse, her honey-yellow blazer, even the knee-high socks and those clunky mary janes. Megan Mahoney had poured herself into this titty-hugging, figure outlining ensemble every day, right down to her cute little ascot.

"Ally, Ron-Ron!" A big smile split her lips and bunched her chubby cheeks, "My favorite freshman and junior respectively!"

Alice's apprehension at Ronnie's accusation melted away as soon as she saw Megan's load. A plate of cookies, fresh from the oven!

"Hey Meg!" Alice waved from her seat on the couch, "You brought more?"

"I sure did—you seem to really enjoy my baking, after all!" Megan tottered inside, her breasts bouncing with every step, "And how could I say no to the best roommate I've ever had?"

Ronnie furrowed her brow as she watched the older grl dote over the younger. Megan set the plate of cookies on top of a small fold-out tv tray, and laid them across Alice's ample tummy. The blonde girl cooed with appreciation and started picking at her next meal. Ronnie had suspected that she was alone in worrying about Megan's stark change in personality, and how her strange necklace may have had connections to it. It was only now, watching Alice greedily devour Megan's cookies, letting her fluff her pillows, and getting drinks for her, that Ronnie knew if Megan was to be fixed, it would seemingly be entirely up to her.

"Better, sweetie?" Megan crooned as she put another glass in front of her charge, lemonade this time, "I'd hate to think you were uncomfortable."

"Much better!" Alice smiled, "Thank you Megan."

"Of course. You've had such a rough time for your first year." Megan picked up another cookie from the tray and handed it to Alice, sparing her the minor exertion of actually getting it herself, "It's only fair that someone take care of you."


Ronnie rolled her eyes, and Alice made an attempt at reeling it in. The chubby blonde shrunk into her shoulders and took a hesitant drink from her glass.

"Oh stop it. She's little." Megan scoffed, "I seem to remember you treating your freshmen a little like this."

"Yeah, a little." Ronnie said flatly, "Which is what Alice isn't going to be if you keep feeding her cookies."

There was an audible pause as everyone present basked in the irony.

"Okay, yeah, I heard it." Ronnie scoffed

"Lighten up Ronnie, I'm just trying to be a better roommate." Megan paused, "And... you know, a better friend. If you'll let me. "

In an offering of peace and, hopefully, to invert the way that their friendship had been going ever since that fight at the beginning of the year, Megan extended one meaty arm. In her fingers was a chocolate chip cookie, Ronnie's favorite...

"I... I guess..." Ronnie took the snack begrudgingly, "As long as you're not... you know... magically inverted or something."

"That's ridiculous." Megan rolled her eyes, "Now who wants ice cream?"


Jen Walker, Megan Porter, Ashley Knight...where the first character seeks dietary advice from the second and third; she starts passing all her extra portions to her friends, at the cost of their girlish figures!


It wasn’t common for teachers to be hired en masse at a school as selective and prestigious as Buttercombe Academy. The instructors in the halls were lucky to get a fresh new face once every few years, despite the high demand for teachers and large pool of candidates to choose from. Imagine the shock on some of the more experienced educators’ faces, like Eri Flatterly or Rita Nelson, when not one, but three new teachers had shown up on their doorstep! It was unprecedented, a completely unheard of event in the history of the school! Jen Walker, Megan Porter, and Ashley Knight had all been pulled to staff the growing needs of what was now their Academy. And despite their many differences in personality, it seemed enough that they had all been so familiar with their new setting at more or less the same time, and a strange blend of friendship was born...

“I don’t know how much more of this I can take...”

The three of them had been teaching at the Academy for more than a few years now. And in that time, neither Megan nor Ashley could be certain that they had ever eaten as much in one night as they had during this particular excursion to Jen Walker’s cabin.

Ashley leaned back in her seat, the chair creaking beneath her enormous ass and providing rest for her weary head to lay on. Her long brown ponytail fell behind her, dangling in the air behind her, her belly pooched out far in front. Her breathing was labored, stifled by her latest feat of gastronomy. As much as she had always feared letting herself go--turning into one of those butterballs who rode their golf carts to class every morning, wearing their sweatpants underneath their bellies, eating donuts--Ashley knew now that she could have never done it on her own. Indulgence was just too hard.

As the Athletics coach, it was Ashley’s job to make sure that she stayed in shape. How was she supposed to instruct her students on proper exercise if she ever let herself go? In the three years that she had been teaching at Buttercombe Academy, Ashley had managed to avoid gaining so much as a pound for the first two. Even with Jen and Megan as friends, she had stayed mostly slim. Until, of course...

“Oof, tell me about it.” her blonde bestie burped, “I’m about ready to pop...”

Like Jen, and later Ashley, Megan wasn’t as slim as she used to be. Where once had been a nice, well-defined (though soft, even then) figure, Megan had grown a substantial belly. Her sides were weighed down by two meaty folds that formed the most prominent muffin top. A cute little double chin bounced beneath her chubby cheeks, and her arms had developed this adorable, pinchable layer of flab that bulged oh so slightly inside of her sleeves. Her tummy, normally folding into two distinct rolls beneath her sweaters, had hardened into a sloping swollen paunch, resting heavily between her thickened thighs, her hands placed placatingly upon it.

For the past few months, their absent third had sought out their help in reining in what had quickly become an atrocious eating problem. Surrounded by the succulent sweets and decadent desserts that came with being the Culinary Arts instructor, poor Jenny found herself unable to resist her calling in life. Jen ate and ate and ate and ate, without mercy or abandon. It didn’t take long for her to lose her college figure, of course, but then she just kept growing and growing and growing...

The last straw had been when she visited her sister Sarah for the Winter break. Jen came back ten pounds heavier and suddenly aware of the fact that she had more than doubled in size since she had started teaching at Buttercombe Academy, as well as all the more determined that she was going to do something about it. But what was a young woman in her position to do? She worked with sweets--it was her job! She couldn’t resist all of those yummy foods that her students would cook up for her, and even if she could she had to take them home to grade! Having gorged herself round for the past three years, Jen was in no position to pride herself on her self control.

But luckily, she had two friends whom she could count on. At least one of which had a sweet tooth, and the other whom had been harping on her weight anyway...

“Who saved room for dessert?”

The other two women groaned as the largest made her entrance. Nearly three hundred pounds of belly-centric brunette, Jen Walker was as graceful in the kitchen as a buffalo in a ballet. Her heaping, heaving figure wobbled and shook with her every belabored step. The overgrown cow was far too fat to toddle along easily; her overinflated arms carrying twin platters of double chocolate fudge cake, courtesy of her top students from her morning class.

Ever since this endeavor had started, Jen’s incredible weight gain had been stunted. Not halted, but stunted at least. While Ashley had gained nearly thirty pounds and Megan double that (on top of having put on quite a few on her own, mind you!) Jen rounded out in the middle. Somehow, in spite of the fact that she had been giving away the lion’s share of her snacks, Jen had managed to gain about forty pounds despite her diet. She was bigger and rounder than ever!

“Jesus Jen, no wonder you need to lose weight...” Ashley huffed, tracing her belly with her open palms, “Why do you... let these girls... cook so much?”

“It’s a cooking class!” Jen huffed self-consciously, “A-And I won’t be losing anything if you keep acting like that. My sister’s going to be here in just a month and I’ve gained weight!”

“Christ...” Ashley huffed, “Can’t I, like, pass my portions to Meg or something? I’m gettin’ real sick of cake...”

“Yes, pass your portions to Meg please.” Megan said with a greedy wiggle of her fingers, forgetting her fullness stated just prior, “What are friends for, right?”


Hannah Johnson, Harper Black, and Jan Carlyle…competed in what started out as a friendly joke contest to see who can get the fattest, but things get intense when corporate sponsors take interest!


Like so many big things, this one started off small.

It was a friendly little wager. A little contest that was equal parts self-deprecating and in good fun. They were all three married women with two children, no day jobs, and of some strange relation. Jan’s daughter Alice had gotten together Hannah and Harper’s daughters’ friend Zack, and they had all met at the kids’ get together. Harper’s oldest daughter Parker had gotten a job at Gilbert & Heil with Jan’s cousin, and she had been complaining about her when Jan thought “oh I know that girl!” and it had come up in conversation, and...

Well, you get the point.

How these three came together in the first place is of little consequence. At least, when compared to the drastic effect that one would have on the other.

“So it’s agreed then!” Hannah had held the champagne high during what had yet to become a weekly get-together between moms, “We’re all at least two kids in and terminally bored with our lives as stay-at-home moms--whoever gets the fattest first wins at housewifery!”

And they clinked their glasses and it was all in good fun.

But perhaps they had tempted fate. Perhaps Jan had simply spent too long visiting her sister in South Carolina. Maybe Harper had taken one too many swings by D’s donuts. Possibly Hannah had been a bit too lenient in sizing her own portions. Because the next time they all laid eyes on one another, each of them had gotten fat.

Jan, with her belly-heavy physique, looked like a watermelon with blonde hair. Big all around the middle, including the hips and belly, but somehow smaller on the sides. Hannah’s fat ass poured out of either side of her waistband, saddlebags visible through the denim of her jeans. And Harper’s hourglass physique looked like it had been expanded, her hips and bust stuck out further, yes, but were balanced by the budding belly between them.

And then that’s when things stopped being in good fun.

Of course the three women were still quite civil to one another, even as they inched towards the buffet lines or raided the fridges of their respective counterparts during their increasingly often visits. First Harper ate Jan out of house and home, so Jan cleaned out Hannah’s pantry and emptied its contents into her stomach, leaving Hannah nowhere to turn but to Harper’s simultaneously increasing and decreasing cache of cakes and pies and whatever else her middle child brought home from the bakery. But despite the smiles worn between chubbing cheeks and over growing swaddles of chin, the competition had taken on a new meaning.

She’d show them, Jan thought as she shoved a particularly frosting-covered slice of cake past her lips, there was no way she’d lose at something as easy as getting fat. Look at her family, she was born for this!

Harper scoffed at the idea of anyone being able to outeat her as she choked down loaf after loaf of bread. When she had Hunter, Harper must have put on sixty pounds in baby blubber alone! Those spoiled housewives had nothing on her.

Even Hannah, as she reclined in her DynaCorp armchair and scarfed down her Yeng-brand snacks, couldn’t believe that they thought they had a chance. She had a husband. Her kids were in school. She had a maid. All she had to do was get fat.

And so the next time they met, squeezing into doorways, each one was aghast at the weight that the others had gained. Jan, big bulbous arms swinging from side to side as her gut swung in opposing rhythm. Her fat face flushed as she struggled to make it into Harper’s meager dining room. The hostess herself pinned to the couch, unable to do so much as lift herself up under her own power when Piper wasn’t home. And Hannah, cutting her eyes at the competition behind her puffy cheeks and squeezing her wide hips onto the loveseat as her belly billowed out and out and out...

Then things got intense.

“Sure thing, Mrs. C, we’re gonna make these tits big and fat. Just you watch.”

“Good.” Jan managed through mouthfuls of weight primer, “Can’t have that cow Harper outweighing me just by one of those teats of hers.”

Mel, her gaining coach and daughter, slapped the ocean of backfat that swaddled her mother’s arms as the Yeng attendant made his way back to the crew. An action that rippled throughout her expanse, all the way down to the bottom of her belly as it rest on her platform. Yeng had gone to great lengths to supply the Carlyles with everything they’d need in this contest. It was all Mel could do but keep her mom from gaining too much weight!

“More!” Jan called out, her chins folding into her chest as she began to salivate anticipatorily, “I said I need more!

Meanwhile Hannah, of a similar size, had a very similar setup granted to her by her husband’s affiliation to DynaCorp.

“You go get ‘em honey.” Patrick said with a kiss on his wife’s cheek, wise enough to go nowhere near her mouth while she had her game face on, “Proud of you.”

Hannah wasn’t listening. She had more or less checked out a long time ago, as soon as she’d begun her breakfast at four in the morning. She was an eating machine, and had trained herself to fill her belly from sunrise to sunset, and for a little while after. Her huge pendulous ass hung from either side of her platform, jiggling idly with her slight movements.

“Piperrr!” Harper bellowed, “Hurry up! I’m starving!”

Harper’s services had been provided to the Black family by the Rosewater foundation, eager to support any native Porter in any endeavor, so long as they won. Her olive-colored immensity had made her nearly spherical, with arms thicker than most women’s waists, and a face chinned that and twice over. Her enormous stomach pooled on her platform below her, obscuring her feet and what was once a thick but matronly figure. Her daughter, Piper, jiggled along in tow.

“Coming Ma.” she griped, loading up some of the calorie blasters that she’d perfected at the bakery, “Jeezus...”

“Quit stealin’ my juice.” Harper burped, suckling on the end of what was functionally a frosting gun, “It’s slowin’ you down. Makin’ you fat... need you in the game, sweetie! Stuffing my face, not yours!”

By the time the three massive matrons were convinced that they had stuffed themselves enough to be contented, they were wheeled onto the contest floor, where they were each weighed...

And then, promptly, were forced to reschedule. Again.


Grace Sawyer, Arisa Spencer, and Mel Carlyle…where the second is worshiped by a cult as the most recent embodiment of their gluttony god; the first and third are getting worried as she gets enormous!


At one point, they had all been considered candidates.

Grace, naturally had been first. She had been born to privilege, just as the prophecy had foretold, and had the natural body shape that they had been looking for. She had been plump as a child, and then overweight as a teenager. But once she had graduated from the fields where they hoped to sow the Bride, Buttercombe Academy, the Cult of the Open Mouth had gone to great lengths to further enhance that figure. However, once it became clear that she was not the one that He wanted, they turned their sights to another.

Mel Carlyle had been the next one to be inducted. Though not born of typical wealth, the prophecy had foretold that she would be of Many Houses. Mel’s parents had gotten divorced while she was at school, and she had grown exponentially since enrollment--up to and matching the size that their first pick had been when they scooped her up. Naturally Mel was selected, and further fattened under the belief that she was the Bride that Chu’ubroth so desperately sought.

It wasn’t until they had laid eyes on Arisa Spencer that they knew through whom the prophecy would be fulfilled.

Arisa was perfect; born of wealth (and of many, MANY houses), and just as ripe and supple in shape as both girls before her, and at only fifteen! She was inducted almost immediately via persuasion spells and pulling a few strings with the Headmistress and, upon her enrollment, the other two more or less forsaken in favor of the newer model. While they were still privy to the lifestyle that the Cult had given them before, they were expected to be subservient to their new mistress, the High Priestess of Chu’ubroth. Despite the fact that she was the younger of the three, Arisa was treated more favorably than either of her predecessors were. And though she had a naturally sweet and caring demeanor, Arisa’s naivete and bumbling charm were no match for the cult of personality that the Cult of the Open Mouth had to offer.

Arisa wanted for nothing, just as was custom for the Brides of Chu’ubroth. She spent the next three years being waited on hand and foot by cultists, taking care of her every need. Satiating her, bathing her, cleaning her, and providing her with suitable entertainment whenever she felt necessary. Arisa was fed in excess around the clock in only the most pampering of environments, even more so than the school she would have attended as preliminary to Chu’ubroth’s standards. Anything that Arisa wanted, she was given. And as her weight climbed higher and higher, and memory of being treated as anything other than the High Priestess of the Cult of the Open Mouth faded, Arisa wanted more and more and more...

“I’m really starting to get worried about her.” it was, of all people, Grace who brought matters to Mel’s attention, “She’s been acting so... different lately.”

“She’s always been a demanding little twerp.” Mel rolled her eyes and choked down what most would have considered a lavish meal, but fell far below her standards after her time spent as the High Priestess had spoiled her, “I was too when I was High Priestess. Still am.”

“Yeah but... we were only high priestesses for a year. Arisa’s turning eighteen in a few days.” Grace continued, picking at her plate with her fork, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone eat so much...”

“Don’t remind me.” Mel said with a dreamy look in her eyes, “What I wouldn’t give to be High Priestess again... Mmm, makes me hungry just thinking about it...”

Grace let her temporary display of affections slide back into her haughty demeanor, but over the next few days, Mel was extra cautious in dealing with Arisa. She couldn’t help but keep her proverbial ears pricked for any worrying behavior from the youngest, greediest, fattest member of their religion... and Grace was right.

“More!” Arisa’s tinny voice roared throughout her chambers as utensils clashed against plates, platters clacking against tables, and feet tromped on the floor, “I’m still hungry!”

Arisa had come to the Cult of the Open Mouth as a butterball. A tiny Thai tubbo, roly-poly and round from a lifetime of indulgence thanks to an overly affluent family. At only fifteen she had weighed nearly three hundred pounds. But that seemed like so long ago; the sweet, naive teenager who had waddled through the chamber doors all those months ago had vanished. Rather, she hadn’t vanished, but she had been transformed. Transformed into the ideal bride for Chu’ubroth--corpulent beyond measure, with an appetite for consumption to match her waistline.

One monstrously flabby arm, crowned in enough rolls and folds that merely bending it at the elbow was soon to become an impossibility, shoved a handful of vienna sausages into Arisa’s mouth. How she didn’t mistake one of her stubby, plump fingers for one of them was beyond Mel. The speed and voracity of the High Priestess was astounding. The way her fat face rippled as her jaw moved, her vastness swelling and deflating, rising and falling with her heavy breathing.

A giant brown belly pinned her to the bed, sloping sags of fat hung at either side as her breasts. Her long black hair was pristinely managed, tied up as far as it would go so as to avoid getting in the way of her eating. Her black brow was furrowed in frustration that her servants weren’t going at quite the mach speed she expected.

Beneath her belly, Arisa’s fat feet squirmed. She was far too fat, far too big and round, to get up under her own power anymore. She hadn’t been able to after a month or so in the Cult of the Open Mouth’s care. But that had never stopped her from getting whatever she wanted.

“Your Priestess is starving!” Arisa bellowed to the sea of servants surrounding her, her now empty hands coming to rest pitifully on the top of her enormous expanse, “Feed me... feed me faster! Your Priestess... commands it!”

And they provided.

They provided for Arisa for another six months, enough to feed most girls for a lifetime, until the night of Chu’ubroth’s purported arrival...

To which nothing of particular note occurred, and everyone concluded that they had merely found the wrong bride. Arisa was confused and conflicted when everyone turned their attentions to another girl her age, who had managed to gain nearly four hundred pounds in just a few short months of moving to a place called Abercrombie...

"But... but I'm the High Priestess!" Arisa wailed

"Join the club." Mel and Grace rolled their eyes as the enormous brown blob began to pout.

- - -


- - -


These are some of my favorite stories from these Mix and Match rounds that didn't place in their Top 5. Hopefully, you guys like them too! Sometimes leftovers make the best meals, after all!

- - -

Let's pick up where we left off with...


Lazy Millennial Megan   in where Megan Mahoney has moved back in with her parents and has become a lazy, jobless Millennial!


So despite a promising academic life in one of the most prestigious preparatory schools in America, Megan didn’t exactly have employers busting down her bedroom door. Which was weird because Ronnie had a job, Alice had a job, and Sam... well, she won all that lottery money. Did she have a job? Who cares, not the point.

A girl has to make money somehow. And maybe it was her piss-poor attitude, her lacking work ethic, or her seeming inability to put on pants at any point in time before at least noon, but Megan wasn’t making in money laying around.

And, like, she’d tried. She tried... pretty hard? Moderately hard. Somewhat.

She tried, okay?

But it was hard finding employment! Like, all these fatcats wanted people in their twenties with thirty years of experience. And you know, she lived in the suburbs. The city was thirty minutes one way, there were no local job offerings that gave her shit like healthcare, dental... and they all paid, like minimum wage. Gross.

Once her mom started bugging her about rent, Megan knew that she had to find some way to make some money. And, you know, she’d seen some girls online make a couple of bucks...

Sure it was hard making her way into the world of internet cam-girling. She had to buy a selfie stick and everything. Suffice it to say girls with her physique didn’t attract a lot of customers. She was literally hours away from accepting a waitressing job when she got some rather... interesting comments.

Those commenters quickly developed into a fanbase.

A fanbase that had no problems with her eating pizza in her underwear.

“Hey weirdos.” Megan said into her phone, “It’s Friday, right? Did at least some of you get paid? Because I’m awfully hungry...”

For some reason, there was a small sect of people online who actually liked to watch her eat. They liked to watch her eat, play with her titties, play with her tummy... that stuff was pretty weird at first, but she adjusted pretty well. The payment helped. She had a longstanding arrangement with BlubberxXxLover that he’d order her a pizza, and pay her $20 once she finished it. And that had evolved into two, three pies over the course of her career. Then there was TittyFan42, who’d actually pay her to rub her belly. What a riot, right? All this money for her to talk about how fat she was getting, and she barely had to put any effort into it! It was like they were paying her for hanging out in her bedroom like she normally did!

“Oof, maybe one of you can get me a new bra.” Megan unhooked her boulder holder and let her massive mams plop into place on either side of her gut, “All the cookies and pies and pizza are making me and the girls a little... engorged. If you catch my drift.”


Devlin's Diet Agency   in where Hannah Hammond made a deal with a literal devil to achieve her wildest fantasy at a high price!


“—Lawrence has reportedly turned down the role, as it is a, quote, ‘very active, high paced kind of character’, which she believes herself no longer capable of portraying while weighing an unprecedented—”

“—Emma Stone and Hillary Heart made history last night, with their publicized eating contest on the Jimmy Fallon show recieving so much feedback from viewers that not only was the runtime exceeded by over two hours, Twitter’s servers—”

“—The restaurant is taking legal actions against seemingly the entire family, as it was the combined weight of the Kardashians that caused the incident, rather than known heavyweights Kim and Kourt—”

It wasn’t unusual, in a bygone age, for folks to leave the television on while they were exercising. Before all this nonsense started, gym rats everywhere used to use it as a distraction. Fit, active bodies could ache and grow sore while their minds were occupied elsewhere, allowing them to push themselves just a little bit further without quite succumbing to the sting of exercise.

Televisions now-a-days could still very much serve a similar purpose—albeit in a lateral direction. With the newfound emphasis on size and consumption, professional and amateur eaters alike found themselves parked in front of the glowing screens at home or public squares. Folks were growing more and more sedentary by the day; it was only fitting that they learned to appreciate a long underappreciated invention that augmented their newfound need to feed.

If you were Hannah Hammond, however, it had just the opposite effect.

“Come on skinny, open wide!” Devlin pinched Hannah’s cheeks and pushed her lips apart, shoving another eclair down her begrudging gullet, “If you ever wanna start hobknobbin’ with the big leagues again, you better keep up your carboloading!”

It was like torture for Hannah, the worst punishment she could imagine. All this newfound love of fat, everyone bloating up around her, some of them literally the sizes of parade floats by now! The world was big, the world was huge, the whole world was fat and she was the only one still trying to topple two hundred!

Her big soft stomach sat squished between her thighs, pushing against and eventually out of her sweatsuit. Devlin had been stuffing her for months, and all she’d managed to gain was a paltry hundred pounds! Eating day in, day out... this wasn’t how she was meant to live! She was meant to do the stuffing, not be stuffed herself!

“Mm... you better start kicking down some calories, Hannah-Banana-Split!” Devlin taunted, taking a slurp of her milkshake—big pink cheeks dimpling with a smile as she loomed over her. “Zooey Deschanel may have booked your Penthouse suite next month, but I hear that bigwigs like J-Law won’t even talk to you if you’re under three hundred... the last thing you need is for your business to take another hit because you’re fitting into this new world you wished for!”

Hannah groaned, extending her chubby arms and pumping more food weakly into her mouth. She was so full, so tired...

“You know... for the right price like, say... majority shares in your company” Devlin snorted, her chins jiggling in amusement as Hannah ate faster and faster, “I could be motivated to help you out a little more... oh just imagine all the A-lister blubber you'd be able to grope if you were just a teensy-weensy bit more enormous..."

"I-I'll do it!" Hannah gasped, "A-Anything! A-Anything you want just... I-I'm so horny all the time now! A-And no one... no one..."

"Shhshhshh... say no more." Devlin placed one plump, sausagey finger over Hannah's lips, "That's all I needed to hear. Now all I need you to do is just sit back and put your stretchy pants on."


Abducted Ashley   in where Ashley Knight was abducted by aliens, and has become extraordinarily fat!


Ashley’s fat little toes clenched as best they could... somewhere.

God she didn’t even know where her fucking toes were anymore. She couldn’t see them. She couldn’t see anything past her big fucking belly. But somewhere, underneath that big jiggling mountain that rocked and bucked right before her eyes, her husband was fucking her goddamn brains out. She could feel his long lavender schlong eek in and out, in and out, tickling her hood and making her leak all over the freshly cleaned carpet.

She held onto the flanks of her stomach, whichever spare tires she could reach, and gripped them as tight as her uselessly chubby hands would allow her to. Like she was actually helping keep the weight off of him. She was so fat, even if she hadn’t spent the last five years of her life blowing up into a Zeppelin out in space, she couldn’t have lifted it. All she had to do was enjoy the motions. The grinding, the ins and outs of intercourse with her husband. She could feel all six of his arms working in perfect unison as he lifted, squeezed, and supported her gut from the very ticklish underside.

“Fuck me harder you six-armed, purple skinned freak!” Ashley roared, rolling into her ring of chins as she sat, immobilized even in the low-grav environment, “I’m not getting any closer with you just dicking around down there!”

After the birth of their daughter, Nitolina, she and Keltzar hadn’t been able to stay off of one another. It had been ten whole months since they’d had sex, and then another few weeks so Ashley could heal up. But fuck that. Ashley had been stuffing herself out of sheer frustration, putting on nearly two hundred pounds in her last trimester thanks to all this pent up sexual energy. And by god, today was the first day she could get her rocks off in almost a whole Earth year. She was gonna get good and fucked if she had anything to say about it!

Her whole body bounced with the rhythm of Keltzar’s thrusting. It rippled and jiggled as he worked underneath her, making her groan and moan and bitch and spit with every tickle, kiss or thrust. The only thing keeping Keltzar from smothering to death underneath the underbelly of his wife was the anti-grav environment. Ashley had been too much woman for him to handle long ago, but without that, he surely would have perished.

Ashley roared with ecstasy again, her fat pink tongue lolled as she got her brains fucked out.

“Fucking A you’re... you’re so... you’re so amazing, you freak!” Ashley panted, her incredible chest heaving, “No wonder I got fucking pregnant!”

Somewhere beneath her, Ashley felt muffled laughter and, undoubtedly, a quick comeback.

“Yeah? I don’t... I don’t fucking care...” Ashley gasped, her face deep set in her fat as a small smile crossed her lips, “Nitolia could use a baby sister! Just keep... keep it up... fuck... fucking...AAHH~!!"


Jen Walker Gordges Herself   in where Jen Walker gets a job at Gordge Industries   instead, and succumbs to the lazy office lifestyle!


—but hands down the best part about working at Gordge? Oh the best part? Was all the yummy yummy yummy food. Every day, all day, there seemed to be treats from every angle! There were coffee cakes cinnamon rolls muffins and donuts; oh the donuts! She could literally go and find a donut in any part of this office at any time without so much as a hassle. They took such good care of here with all the sweet, delicious—


—everything was so yummy here! Seriously whatever company they were buying their vending machine food from, she needed to get their number. It was that good, everything was that good! She couldn’t believe it! Jen must have had at least one, two, three... okay, four five or maybe six of everything in the machines over the course of her employment at Gordge. The cinnamon sticks, the apple turnovers—


—coffee cakes, had she mentioned the coffee cakes? Because ohemgee they were just to die f—


The newest employee at Gordge Enterprises awoke with a startled snort, her chins wobbling as her head shot up in attention. The sounds of the break room suddenly came back to her. The hum of the refrigerator, Cass & Marni in the Morning playing on the radio, the microwave whirring...

The taste of glazed sugar and apple filling was still fresh on her lips. She couldn’t help but lick the back of her teeth.

“What the shit, Walker?” Melissa cut dryly as she put her hands on her doughy hips, “You just pigged out on, like, all the donuts!”

Jennifer blinked stupidly before realizing that, yes, she had. The sole remaining donut half-eaten in her hand was testament enough, but she could still feel all that sweet, sticky sugar on her fingers. At least, the ones she hadn’t licked off.

“I-I’m...” Jenny placed one hand on the swell of her stomach as it perched on the countertop, “I’m sorry Melissa, I...”

Oh, it had happened again hadn’t it? She had gone into one of her trances again and eaten the whole breakroom out of house and home! It was happening so often lately... it wasn’t Jen’s fault that she couldn’t control herself around food!

“Hey, be nice Melissa.” Came a sweeter, kinder voice from a bigger, blonder body, “It’s not like she’s the first girl to go a little crazy over a couple of donuts around here.”

Jen could have kissed her. Alice was, like, her best friend here. Melissa could be kind’ve a bitch sometimes, but Alice was always there to help her out when she needed it. She was even nice enough to give her some old hand-me-downs! Even if they were a little tight, it wasn’t like Jen was in any position to say no...

“Yeah but... come on... again?” Melissa rolled her eyes, “I’d like to have something to eat today, y’know?”

“How about we all go out for lunch?” Alice beamed at her friends, “My treat. What do you think, Jen? Sound—”


Oh... one more little indulgence couldn’t hurt, could it?


Enabler & Enabled   in where Piper hooked up with Alice instead as the stars of Young & Hungry   and stayed at home while Alice worked full-time?


“Uh-Uh.” Alice clicked her tongue against her teeth, “This is my day. I get to set the pace.”

It was night-time in Abercrombie. Alice and Piper lived just far enough into the city that the natural glow of downtown peeked in through the blinds. The curtains were drawn, and the lights were off. The soft yellowy hue of the streetlights filled their apartment, outlining both women’s distinctive figures and casting shadows against their frames.

Alice, with her wide hips and full chest, as she slowly took off her business casual. She unbuttoned her sports coat and let it fall to the floor in a baby blue pile. Then she started with her blouse, undoing each level at a sensual smooth pace. She shirked off each shoulder and let it join the sport coat below, casually stepping out of her skirt and sauntering over to the bed.

Piper would have had a much more difficult time undressing than her girlfriend. Given her size and overall proportions, It had taken her long enough to undress from her casual clothes and slip into something less comfortable but more fitting for the celebration. Alice had just gotten a big promotion, and Piper had wanted to make the night special. She had been pleasantly surprised to find lingerie in her size without having to shop online, but thankfully her custom-ordered brassier had arrived just in time for her to take it off...

“Erm... gimme a hand?” Piper asked sheepishly, unable to so much as fumble with the clasps on her back.

Alice bit her bottom lip and slunk over to the bed, putting her weight down on one side. The bed didn’t even flinch. The curvy blonde wrestled with the clasps on Piper’s lacy white bra—had Piper already put on so much weight that her new bra was this hard to take off? It should have been telling that as soon as Alice unleashed Piper’s teeming tits, they lurched forward and a moan of abject pleasure escaped her.

“Ohmigaaawd... so much better.”

Piper slurred as she rolled her meaty shoulders, her hillside of backfat squirming as Alice pressed her tight body against it. Slinking her arms underneath Piper’s sagging folds, Alice reached around and weighed Piper’s tonnage of teats in both hands. The larger woman grew breathy, and her head lulled back.

“Better?” Alice purred into her lover’s ear


“Ooh... these are getting heavier.” Alice brushed her short blonde hair against the back of Piper’s neck, a collar of bronze-colored chub. She smiled and blew in Piper’s ear.

“Yeah, like the rest of me.” Piper grumbled, using her doughy hands to lift up her belly for emphasis, “Pretty soon I’m not gonna be able to leave the house.”

“Stop it. You look great.” Alice purred, sucking on Piper’s neck roll as her fingers began twisting her bovine girlfriend’s teats, “Now that I made Corporate, I think that officially makes you my little stay-at-home trophy wife.”

“More like solid gold blimp.” Piper chuckled, her jowls rippling, “If you keep spoiling me like you do—”

“Shh. Stop talking.” Alice’s hands traveled further down, she parted her legs and straddled as much of Piper’s massive ass as she could manage as her small perfectly manicured hands wrapped around the acreage of Piper’s massive, doubly-tiered stomach as it swelled out, out, out onto the edges of the bed...

“And hand me the strap-on.”
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