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Valentines Day Hearts
“My Love”

“Who said that?”

“Said what?”

“Somebody said “My Love” to me. I heard it.”

"Oh! Yes! that was me. I think you should be my love"

“Who are you? Where are you?”

“I’m here on the shelf in front of you. See the little heart that says: “My Love”

“All I see is a bag of those crappy, chalky heart candies.”

“Yup that’s me. You say the nicest things my love. Be Mine”

“I called you crappy and chalky and you say “Be Mine?”

“Love you”

“Well that’s nice of you to say after the way I have spoken to you. And truthfully, I can count on one hand those who have ever said “Love You” to me.”

“Yes the world can be a difficult place. “Cute Guy”

Now that IS a first. I have never been called cute before. It makes me happy to hear it though.

“Hug me”

I wish I could. Your voice sounds nice. But I can’t just hug a bag of candy.

“Kiss me”

“Ditto on the kissing. Besides, I have never kissed anyone but my mom and she died when I was little. It would help if I could see you.”

“Angel Eyes”

Why thank you! My mother once told me I had beautiful dark eyes. I had forgotten until now.

“Hold me”

“What? You mean hold you as a bag of candies?”

“Be Mine”

“Okay, I feel a little silly, but here goes.”

“Hmmmmmm…your hands are warm. They feel good on the hard edges of my hearts”

“Thanks but, now what?”

“Pucker up”

“No woman has ever said that to me. It makes me feel a bit giddy.”

“Sweet baby”

“Now cut that out! I have certainly never been anyone’s “sweet baby”

“Kiss me”

“I’m tempted, I really am. I can’t believe this is happening.”

“I’m Yours”

“Okay, okay, I’ll buy you and take you home and we can talk some more there, sheesh.”

“Hearts forever”

“Yeah, yeah, hearts forever, let’s go.”

“Ok Mildred, he’s gone. You can come out for a break. Nice going! That’s the 63rd bag of those crappy hearts we’ve sold today.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2111582