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Just a short writing about how we feel, what are we afraid of , and what fear does to us.
Fear. Were defined by that. Fear to live. Fear to love. Fear to be yourself. Fear to believe , fear to hope , fear to rise again. Why is that so? Is it because the society made us so? Is it because were afraid of ourselves maybe? Afraid of what we would think about ourselves? Afraid of what others would think about us? Afraid of being free? Afraid of changes? Afraid of trusting ourselves? Why are we scared? Why do we fear to live?
Maybe because were scared of living. But you know its not our fault. They made us like this. They broke us , they all took a piece of us, and now we cant get those pieces back. We cant glue them together , we cant fix them. You know why? Because it takes courage dear heart. It takes courage to live all the pain behind , all the drama , all the lies , all the broken promises , they all hurt , they all hold a piece in our heart. And maybe our heart is not ready to leave those pieces.
But holding on hurts more than letting go. Were holding on to that love that we once had, to that person that we once had , we wish to relive those emotions , those feelings once more , even for once second, and our mind plays games , it makes us believe that we still want those persons back, but in reality no , we just want to feel those emotions once again. But no the persons, god no. those people are gone for good, they are not coming back and we don't even want that, but once again we fear , were scared that if we accept that to ourselves that means we moved on, and moving on means changing your life , and were scared of that. Scared of moving on , scared of trying something new.
But letting go its not always letting go of some love. Sometimes you have to let go , to let go of your friends who you thought were your friends , sometimes you have to let go of some real friends that are not anymore in your life. You have to leave them in the past dear heart. Don't let them hurt you anymore , don't let them consume your mind and your heart. They are not worth it. They never loved you , they were so sad about their lives they tried to hurt you to make their miserable life better. And yes they did that for a while , but not anymore, now you are your own person , your own mind , your brave now , your strong now , they cant play with you now. Now you know the truth , you know your worth it , you know your enough and your perfect the way you are.
And lastly let go of even family members who hurt you. Love them and respect them , but don't forgive them. Or maybe forgive them yes , but don't forget. They never appreciated you , they never saw you for who you are, you shine so bright that others get blind and cant see you for who you are. But just know that your strong , your beautiful , your enough , your worth it , god made you as a masterpiece and someone will worship every piece of you. Don't let them take this away from you. Show them , that they are wrong. Show them that you can , and you will. You deserve this, you owe this to yourself. Do it.
So dear heart , let all the past go, let the pain , let the tears , let the hurt , let it go. Set yourself free. You deserve to find happiness , you suffered long enough for people who are not there anymore. Whether it is love , betrayal , loss , anxiety , let it all go. Let them leave and set them free, free from your place in your heart where you still keep them, they need to leave , they want to leave , they don't belong there anymore. There should be new people now. Let new people in your heart. I promise you not everyone will hurt you, there will be people that will cherish your heart , take care of it , and do everything to see you happy. Wait for that day. I promise you , it will come.

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