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She's trying her best to get away
         I look back while running, careful to not fall. Every second is precious and every step leading me closer to Henley and farther from him. It has been an hour now. An hour of calf-burning cardio, my legs wanting to give out, almost numb with pain. I can no longer feel my lower half, my adrenaline is the only thing keeping me from stopping. He is running behind me with his tie over his shoulder and sleek shoes being torn apart by the gravel. His slicked back hair a mess. A layer of dirt and black blood cover every inch of him. He has pure anger on his face: a tense jaw and red eyes.
         I reach my car and get in as fast as I can, taking a quick look in the rear view mirror I see he is close. I rush to get my keys but cannot find them, I look everywhere but they are nowhere in sight. He is to my tail light. I quickly lock my doors and start feeling the floor of the car, my finger grazes the cool metal of my keys and I grab them. He smashes my back window and grabs my hair, forcing my head back. I put the keys in the ignition and start the car. As his arm reaches to unlock the door, I press on the gas and accelerate forward, my head still forced against the seat.
         He falls to the ground, but quickly gets up and begins to run toward his expensive black car, keeping me in eyesight.
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