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How I see the lakefront
Cars travel across the causeway
Like busy ants hurrying to their destination.

As I stride down the sidewalk
I see the water slam itself against the concrete wall
Willing itself to be free.

The wind blows in my face, lifting my hair
Its cold touch embracing me

Kids scream as they chase each other.
Others laugh as they climb the trees
Their parents climbed when they were young.

Dogs proudly trot as their owners walk them.
Some people smile, greeting me with kind eyes.
Others avoid acknowledgment and look away.

Adolescents walk with their friends,
Each one trying to be as cool as the other.
As I pass them, they stare, yet I don’t look.

I look at the enormous trees with long, heavy limbs.
Moss hangs from the leaves, swaying in the air.
The grass is a soothing green and neatly cut.
A gazebo stands prominently among little trees dotting the ground.
Its white paint mixes with the pink flowers that ring around it.

I look back at the lake water. It is off-putting in the bright sunlight,
but not at this moment in the day.
This is the moment when colors melt together in the sky
And the sun lays a golden light on everything as far as the eye can see.
The moment when this water is so beautiful and alluring to the eyes.

The sun is setting, descending so the moon can shine its light.
I walk a little farther until I stop and stare.
Thinking, just thinking.
Thinking about everything.
I breathe in the cold air, feeling it chill my lungs.
I wrap my sweatshirt closer to my body.
I enjoy the moment, knowing it won't last long... they never do.

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