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This romantic poem is an homage to my very first poem as a result of unrequited love.
"My heart is like a rocket ship, whene'er I think of her,
"It flies above in greatest trip as loving hopes occur,

"But when I think of what is real my heart just falls away,
"As down to Earth in Hope's repeal the shards of heart display.

"Then from my face I kneel to bring the pieces back to self,
"My broken heart I lift this thing to place in pocket's shelf."

The love of writing Love's full vent began in just this way
For unrequited love did bend my heart to break, betray

But teenage angst did mend to find one day a bonnie lass,
Who caused forget the loss which bound my heart to day long past.

Still but a teen herself I trow, yet wore the sun's full smile,
My heart was smitten, this I know, for more than just awhile.

The days of Joy, they flew apace, 'til she bid me adieu,
My heart and I repaired to place where we could think it through.

This love so worthy bore my best, then letters daily wrote,
'til love was won in spite the test our lives no more remote.

O'er thirty years protecting hearts, that now do beat as one,
The ups and downs, the stops and starts create a life of fun.

She is not me, nor am I her, but one thing I do know,
The lines between do daily blur as our hearts fully grow.

Line Count: 20

by Jay O’Toole
on February 9, 2017

(The image at the top is a painting,
the creation of my dear love,
my life's mate to whom I refer in this poem,
beginning in verse #5.)

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