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Columbus, a young Italian explorer, decides to ask King Ferdinand of Spain to sponsor him.
Christopher stopped hesitantly in front of the door to the Royal Reception Room. He, being an adventurous young man, was going to ask King Ferdinand of Spain to sponsor his journey to the Orient. If His Highness did sponsor Christopher, than all he would need to do is find a crew and a ship both fit for the voyage and the Orient itself.
Christopher nodded to the guard who, in turn, nodded back and opened the door saying," Christopher Columbus of Italy to meet with Your
"Ah, yes! Columbus is it? Well come in and stand up!" the King called from his lavish throne. Queen Isabella sat next to him in an equally lavish throne.
"Your Majesty, I would like, if I may, for you to sponsor my voyage to the Orient by way of traveling west around the Earth. And you will get seventy-five percent of the riches I bring back."
"Hmmm... I like this idea. Yes I will sponsor your voyage as well as giving you a ship, no, three ships and their crews."
"Thank you Your Majesty! You won't regret your decision!" Christopher made a deep bow and hurried away to the port with the papers from the King allowing him to journey on the boats called the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria .
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