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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Crime/Gangster · #2112001
Just an idea.
Tires wined against the road, sqreaching to a stop as the car vired to the left. The weight of its occupants seemed to shift as their own inetia pulls at them. At the front of the car, a road light bit into the bonnet before doubling over and blugdeoning the roof of the car into itself. The glass had be reduced to a blanket of cracked glass, still surprisingly intact, that fell upon the the two officers.

The impact against the street lamp whiped the back of the car further still until it could go no further, at which point, its soul ocupant was thrown from one seat door into the other. The locked lerched outwardly without opening while the window peeled off in reponse.

Elijah fell to unconsciousness for a prolonged moment.

That is until, delaperdated by the impact, Elijah drew himself back into the waking world. Head cocked and eyes wide open, more so in shock then anything else, he studied the carnage around him.

On the other side of the torn dowm cage, the two offices had been pined down by the calasped roof, neither made a sound. Then the smell flooded his nostisals, Patrol. He could practically taste the thick, heavy aroma. And as he grew more aware of the warmth around his legs he knew he had probably pissed himself.

His hand were still bound, tightly, though the part of the cars roof handle that he was bound to was largely dislodged. Elijah went to work, raising his up against the chair infront of him and pulling. He leant against the metal handcuffs and pushed out with his legs as the roof handle stained in complant before finally dislogding completely from the cars roof. With it free, Elijah ran the metal cuff off of the handle, and shoved both handcuffs into his pocked, his left hand still entraped inside.

With his arm freed Elijahs shifted his focus to the doors. Quickly, he noticed that one of the windows had undergone far more damage then the other. So Elijah lifted up his foot and reded it againsted the cracked window. He pulled back and then kicked his foot through the glass. The glass left an opening he could sqeeze through, and thats exactly what he did, head first, with little regard as to how he would land outside the car.

Having sucessfully escaped, Elijah stood up and looked about him. It was late, the sky a not quite black, it was cold too. Elijah could see his wet breath infront of his face. He saw the crowd of people who had gathered, stunned by the incident and not quite willing to offer aid.

The police car behind Elijah caught fire, and a deflated siren gave a final blast as the car really started to burn. By then, onlookers had made an effort to help the two remaining men. Of cause it was too late and Elijah made no attempt to wait, he bardged past anyone who would stop him as he attempted to build as much distance between himself and the reck as possible.
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