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Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Tragedy · #2112011
Happy Family Day!
It was a Monday mourning, the sun was shining bright.
The evening took its exit, and stars were out of sight.
Clouds were white as white could be, and flowers bloomed so gay!
Leaves were dancing through the fields for it was Family day!

The streets were very silent, so silent that you'd hear,
The gushing wind that softly drifts calmly to your ear.
The wind also travels through the empty houses there,
And sometimes rain would pass a bit, and snow too just as fair.

Tattered curtains, broken chairs, and boarded windows lay
Along with scorched photographs, and colors turned to gray.
Then upon the dusty couch, a happy family sits.
Four ecstatic skeletons, into a picture fit.

A bar of lovers, friends, and folk, what once was warmth and soul,
Became a corpse, cold as ice, and buried in its hole.
The school near my humble home, where I studied for years,
Now became a burial place for kids and gave me tears.

The whispers of moment passed, the ghosts that roam the halls,
Hold such lovely scenery that's trapped within the walls.
The laughing and the crying, the times, the love, bereft
From that tranquil sleepy town, where silence is what's left.

And bravely did I fight the war, so bravely did I stand,
Knowing home was not too far, I took lives with my hands!
But what for? What for? What for? Where is my Family Day--
When all that I ever loved is dead and here they lay?

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