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Short stories for kids
A young boy David had a weird dream one day about a talking spider who was gigantic, much bigger and much larger than him. He woke up with a start and was trying his best to get rid of this horrific involuntary vision that was haunting him.
He went to school gathering up all the courage, met his friends and his classmates. Everyone noticed the change in the boy's face. David looked scared for some reason. "What happened to you? You look nervous... Is everything alright?", asked Sarah. David replied, "I am fine, it's just that this dream I had yesterday isn't going away from my mind". David later explained her all about his dream. Sarah was quite surprised to see David scared of his dream because she always felt that dreams are not real, they can never be true. She tried to calm David but he wouldn't make up his mind. Later that evening when Sarah left home after her school, she began worrying about David. She was trying her best to convince herself that he would be fine. But David was just not sure as to why he was getting the picture of the giant spider wherever he went!

It was a Sunday afternoon at his uncle's flat that David was playing with his cousins Shaun and Joseph. They were both younger than him. They thoroughly enjoyed playing with him. His Uncle lived in this beautiful flat on the 21st floor. David loved the view from the window, it was beautiful. He enjoyed being there.
"David don't play near the windows... Shaun come back here", called his father Bernard. Not minding his father's words David continued playing the ball. Shaun hit the ball to David and David trying to escape from the hit, fell directly on the windows and within seconds, fell off the window. David had lost all hopes of survival when he suddenly felt something holding him from falling down. He couldn't believe his eyes... it was a giant web!!! There it was looking at him straight in his eyes... the same spider... indeed it was.... "Oh my God!", he said. "Is this happening for real?". David with a mixed feeling said, "thank you... my friend...you have saved my life!". "You are most welcome, David", came the reply. David couldn't believe that he was indeed talking to a spider!

Everyone looked at David completely shocked. It was that day that David became famous. Everyone knew him and called him "the spider boy". David didn't bother much about what everyone thought, for he had a great friend for life... a giant spider... for real!!!
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