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Written with another artist and truely awsome author, WarpedSanity.
Written in collaboration with an amazing authorwarpedsanity (My verse are in maroon and hers are in red)

An Artist's Purge

Taking the rocks from a coffin of bones,
With mortar and paste I ground up the stones,
Dumped out the powder into piles like cones,
Colors of crystal made bright vibrant tones.

Liquid and crystal mixed to satin paste,
Colors blended on palette without haste,
As I admired luxurious hues,
mixing to purple from the reds and blues.

To create a brush which has perfect flow,
Picked up a branch that I found in the snow,
Then stole a quill off a low flying crow,
When put together made marvelous glow.

With the brush and paint ready at my side,
The large white canvas begged a crimson tide,
Of emotions I've long stored in my core,
And a bloodletting that screamed nevermore.

Living within skin that I wished to shed,
Onto the fabric my feelings had bled,
I took them from deep inside of my head,
Painting, I crafted without a word said.

I painted a grave to bury my pain,
And put a stone above where past was slain,
Guarded it with two ravens up on top,
To be burden free and make the tears stop.

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