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Hand Colored Bruise (Falling away)

When the darkness pulls the blinds
to cover up the piercing, blinding light

Indigo hearts- bruised and broken.

Sacrificial plight- torn shredded on horizons

The new dawn awaits, a cataclysmic eclipsed event.

Everyone knows everything that was said.
Everyone knows all the actions that were taken.

Dont you dare look into their eyes

Crawl into the creviced nook
Feel the exhilerated disheveled emotions.

That creates a new exhaustive tentitive slumber-
Sleep, sleep dark-weary eyes

The harmony balanced fears- in turn of tears -those killing words, despise, kill the holy.

Walk on wayward through the rain, up through the blood
Walk on forward, for your dark nights and desolate days

Everyone knows everything that is unified.
Everyone knows that everything is divisional.

Thats all there was. Thats all there was.
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