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Just a visit said my mum, her real intent to steal my son.
Just A Visit.

Just a visit said my mum, her real intent to steal my son.
Wise is she, prepared to stay, she knows we fear, her here the next day.
"Bring him back" as she gets her way, "I only want him for the day"

Gone that day, and now it's two, your mum is gone in search of you.
As young as three, my mum he will be, her house she lived by the sea.
But we know, it won't be long, when she returns, he will be gone.

Back is she, every time, with only one thing on her mind.
Often you would hear her say, I'll take my boy for the day,
Roll our eyes, and shake our heads, we knew the meaning, of what she said.
The search will start the very next day, or she will get to far away.

Like the sun, the wind the rain, she would always be back again,
No was just a word you said, so stories we had to make instead.
"the doctor, he's going he's sick in bed" prepared she was for what we say,
"lucky for you, i'm going that way, i'll bring him back its just for the day"

Beaten and tired, how do you win, sometimes it's easier, just to given in.
Late at night, a ringing tone, sick he is, on the phone, "Dad" he says, "I want to come home"
Surprised I am, when I find, he's 500 km up the line.
In the car, and off I go, the desert road is covered in snow.

In a house, I find my boy, on his face I see his joy.
In the car, and off we go, but now the road, is covered in snow.
Stuck in the car, is where we will be, now sick he's not, I'm glade to see.

Then comes a day, her age would say, it's time to give the driving away.
My sight, is not, what it use to be, and now it's starting to fail me.
Where I live, I have to drive, if I'm not there, I'm not alive.
To drive my boy, while i'm like this, is not an option, i'm willing to risk.

It's not to long, my mum is gone, and what, I will pay, to hear her say.
"i'm taking my boy, for the day".
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