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Mysterious, dark, diamond, pain, fear, sleep, rest, journey
Dark Diamonds..


Dark Diamonds...
Wont you sleep.

Rest and lay your weary head
On down..

Dark Diamonds.
Don't you weep..

You have been abroad.
In a new found way..

Should you stay...

The evening,
or one whole day.

Dark Diamonds.
You light my nights..

Even if your eyes are
Shut-Closed tight..

My interaction with you,
I never knew..

How tired you had become..
Of life and all it's dark corners.
You were on the run.

What has it brought you?
What has it become?
Has it tarnished the name..

Nevermind, but
Lay still.

Breathe your breath for me..
Just enough..so that I may see..

Where you've come to,
Where you've been..

In dreams..

Hidden behind
dark diamonds..

Secrets succumb
Fast asleep..

Hush..don't you say anything...
Sleep away..

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