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A tale of love and adventure.
"What is going on? Did the hunters finally catch up to us?" Jeanine asked, brushing her hands through her dyed blonde hair. Her green eyes, normally brilliant were darker. "As much as I wanted to win that million-dollar prize, we lost. It's fine."

"I forgot to mention that I'm a Russian spy. That's not the Hunters, it's the FBI." I sucked in a deep breath. Lying to her would have been easier but the truth was bound to come out. "I guess I forgot to mention that when they teamed us up for the show."

"I'd be so mad if I didn't have secrets too."
Before I could respond to her revelation, the front was knocked down. A grenade was already in my hand, I pulled the pin and pitched at those that were walking in. I grabbed Jeanine and ran to the back door of the trailer and threw her out. I jumped out after her and realized that we were surrounded. I unpinned two more grenades and threw them in opposite directions. The technique worked, I grabbed her hand ran. Between breaths I told Jeanine, "We have to keep running. Splitting up now is too dangerous. We have to stick together."

For months, I had been afraid of this moment, so I had a car waiting for us at the edge of town. Once we got to it, we took a minute to catch our breath. Jeanine gave me an accusing look. "I know this sucks for you but just trust me. If we get caught, I'll tell them that you were my hostage."

"It's just that you expect me to go along with this plan. You don't know if I have a boyfriend or something."

"Do you?"


When we stopped for gas, she casually informed me that it was time for dinner. There was no news about what had transpired, which surprised me since the show was such a hit and the FBI was involved. I had anticipated a breaking news alert from the radio station or the news to pop up on my phone. Yet there curiously was nothing. Even with that, I thought it was prudent that we change our appearances.

"You want me to dye my hair? No that's not happening."

"It's the only way we can stay safe. Plus, this dye job is horrible anyways." She went to smack me, but I caught her hand. An impulse made me pull her into a kiss. Her lips were as sweet as candy and her body felt like a magnet to mine. Once we pulled away, we both avoided eye contact. "What do you want for supper?"

"Let's get to the hotel and dye my hair shave yours off first." She cleared her throat, a hint of red on her cheeks.

We checked into the hotel under the guise of being a married couple. Once in our room, I took off my shirt and she shaved my head. Her eyes seemed to light up when she saw my hairy chest. After she finished, she took off her shirt and pants, so she could dye her hair. The effect she had on my body was something that only Angelina Jolie had before.

I fought hard to hide my tribal need to take her. "What do you think?"

I could barely find the words to answer because her bra barely covered her breasts, and her nipple poked out as if to say hello. "Fantastic."

As we sat in an Italian diner, Jeanine kept looking at her phone. "OMG. The news story about what happened finally hit the presses. What do we do?"

"We get some food. Go to sleep and then drive to New York City early. Once there, we can split up."

"What if that's not what I want?"

The rest of dinner was eaten in an awkward silence. On the way, back to the hotel, a cop passed us. I used that as an excuse to kiss her again. Once back in the room, her clothes came off and her body pressed against mine.

There is nothing sexier than a woman's bare chest pressing against mine. After we finished our adult time, she lay in my arms. I wondered how we would get out of this.

Once we got to NYC, I had no idea what to do next. Then Jeanine turned to me and smiled. "Remember when I told you I had secrets of my own?"


"I'm an undercover FBI agent, and you're under arrest." It was one of those moment where nothing you could say feels big enough. This lady and I had been making love like rabbits for nearly a week and she just now got around to telling me this. "Sorry about this but we needed to know what you knew. That's why I went along with your asinine scheme."

"But we..."

"The sex was fantastic, and I did start to grow quite fond of you. But I have a job to do."

"I could escape right now, and then everything you did would be for nothing."

"No, you can't. You can try but you won't succeed."

She moved in closer to me. Took my arms and put them behind my back. She faced me towards the Hudson River. I wondered what it would look like when the moon hit it.

Moon River.

Except I was going to be sent down the river thanks to me giving my heart to the wrong woman. And the crimes I had committed against the American people.

"This is how it's going to go down. You are going to kick me in the stomach, once I'm doubled over, run like Hell. Back up will be here in 10 minutes, so you don't have much time."

Her words stunned me. "How will we be together if I'm on the run."

"I'll always be chasing you. That's how you like it. When we want couple time, we'll use a code word."

"Moon River."

"Moon River."

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