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by Violet
Rated: 13+ · Prose · Romance/Love · #2112333
Musings about an alternate ending for Juliet.
Juliet awakens to Romeo’s body against hers. The blood from the dagger drips onto her lap.
Romeo is still breathing. He doesn’t speak, but looks at Juliet as she opens her eyes and stares back at him. She picks up the dagger.

Romeo is buried and the Montagues and Capulets both weep. Lord Capulet beams as Juliet weds a new Paris. They’re all the same.

Juliet keeps the dagger and begs for Romeo to know she was only trying to set him free. The pain in his eyes needed to be dulled.

Her prayers always end with pitiful sorries to Rosaline.

She thinks Paris will live forever.
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