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This a book about a girl trying to find who she is . Would love reviews. Book in progress.
Chapter 1
I slowly walk towards a huge dead oak. It is so sad to see what was once magnificent tree, dead. Its bark is grey in color, where there is some, and branches are broken and frayed. I place my hand on the tree, and press my ear to it's trunk, my long hair getting caught in its broken bark. At first, I hear nothing, no sign of life flowing through this tree. Then a sudden burst of heat runs through my body, going towards my hand which is still arranged on the tree. There is a sudden circling gush of wind around the tree and I, which then stops the flowing from my hand. I take a couple steps back and watch this lifeless tree transform. I watch as the bark comes together and all the crevasses fill in. It is no longer gray in color, but a warm luscious brown. Broken branches extend to their original length. Tiny leaf buds appear, and begin to unfold into beautiful leaves.
I admire my work for a few more minutes and think to myself, "Why me? Why did He choose me? I'm a nobody." I look at the sky and ask out loud "Why me?", and like many times before I receive no answer. I let out a loud sigh and start heading home to my cabin.
On my way home, I imagine exotic flowers popping up along my path and as if I was magic they appear. I softly touch every little sapling I see and I watch them grown. As I get close to the cabin, I can hear my brother Beau crying. I break into a sprint to try and find him and I spot him on the front porch. I quickly get to him and begin wiping away his tears. When his tears have slowed, I asked what was wrong, and he began to cry again. Through sobs and sniffles all he could manage to say was, "I tried to stop him but he just kept hitting and kicking momma till she was all bloody and couldn't get up." I immediately knew that the "he" he was referring to was our father, who is an alcoholic, and I assume already back at the bar.
I ran inside to find my mother. At the end of the kitchen table I see her all bloody and bruised, possibly even broken. She wouldn't look at me, she just kept staring down at her lap. Neither of us spoke as I made my way to the stove. I grabbed the kettle and started to boil some water. There was nothing but silence as the water came to a boil. I dug into the back of the cupboard, where I hid my special healing tea, and then made my mother a cup. After a couple of sips I watched the gash across her chin close up and the various bruises and scuffs fade and then disappear. I hear, what I believe is her nose snapping back into place. The healing continues throughout her body slowly relaxing her. Momma sits there silent, for a few more moments, and then looks at me with tears in her eyes.
"Thank you for healing me again, Elizabeth," She says. I give her a big hug then head to my room to think.
I'm so frustrated. I can heal a dead tree, bring it back to life even. I've healed my mother, over and over again. Why can't I heal my dad? I have tried and it never works. What's the use in having these powers, if I can't heal all wounds? The loss of my little sister, forever changed my father, and I guess his wounds are too deep. But still, I don't understand, and no matter how many times I ask Him why, there is no answer.

All of this just keeps running through my head as I drift to sleep. When I sleep I do not think of any of this. My dreams are full of all the sick and broken; human, animal, and plants that I have healed. For everything I heal, I feel a little more peace come over me. I heal them and in a way they heal me in return. Just how HE wanted it.
Chapter 2
When I wake up I look at the clock and I begin to panic a bit. It is 6:30 A.M and I cannot believe I slept this long. Before I can even wipe the sleep out of my eyes, I hear the front door slam open and closed. I immediately know that it is dad. And by the sound of it he is slobbering drunk. A quick trip to the bathroom led me past my dead to the world father. Apparently the couch is more convenient than his bed. I realize as I stare at him how lifeless he seems and that just sends a spike of fear through my body. I gradually lower my hand to his nose so I could check his breathing. After my little analysis checked out fine, I covered him up with tan couch blanket. I smooth back his messy hair and kiss him softly on the forehead. I see him twitch for a second which then led me to back slowly into my room. Loving my father is very hard, but I find that my “love” is more pity than love.
In my room, I change into my pepto-pink uniform and finishing my annual morning chores. I head into the soundless Livingroom, and grab my dad’s car keys. I back out of the driveway and set out to town. Down the dirt road trees where slowly growing branch by branch. In a slight panic I quietly motion for them to stop. At an instance most of the branches stop mid-grow.
In town I head to Tommy’s Little Ice-Cream Shop which is where I work. Tommy, the owner of the shop, is my mother’s oldest brother. Tommy was the only one on my mom’s side that actually liked my dad. He knows that my dad is a slobbering drunk now so he tries to help out. Which led him to giving me the job, plus I am his niece so why not. Today is my day to open up shop, so when I get into the store I get my apron and get ready to work.
I work for two hours serving little brats who continuously begged their parents for ice-cream. My only ‘Brat Break’ was when a group of teenagers around my age of seventeen walk in. I recognize most of them from school but one of the boys is just not ringing a bell. He has blonde hair and emerald eyes. He wore a black shirt with white lettering that says “Life sux Suck it.” Know I am going to say this even though it will make me sound uber odd, but that shirt hugs him tight to the point where it is hard not to notice his ab lines. Unfortunately I was too busy staring at his abs that I did not realize that some of his friends were waiting in a line.
“Helllo?!” says the bleach blonde Barbie doll.
“Oh sorry! What can I get you?”
“K we want three mint cones, two vanilla cones,” Barbie stops then turns around towards abs boy, “Jack what you want?” Jack turns his head to her and looks up at me as if he felt me staring at him earlier. We lock gazes and when I think we are sharing a moment he turns towards Barbie and says, “Nothing, babe.”
I give them their order and watch as Barbie sits on jacks lap and giggles like a tard in his ear. They leave near closing time, so I watch them get in Jacks car as I close up shop. As Jack pulls out I see him look over his shoulder giving me a quick glance.

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