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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2112545
The Healing of a Valkyrie Queen
On the cloud appears the Goddess, The Valkyrie Queen.
Rolling in from the watery clouds she moved fallowed by her enteroge.
Grand in her entery, with thunder and lightening and loud tones
She appears with wings of pure white and a blade of glimmer, and begin to speak.

I knew her mother well. Her mother's time as a shieldmaiden grand only to lay down her bow for true love.
This man she fell in love with, was strong and rightous and we were proud.
Her father a trubute to protecting the rightful. They fought well side by side til she become with child.
We watch her grow. Through happiness then saddness. Through her parents death it almost destroyed her.
Sadness consuming her. Her lost world devouring her light with darkness. We watched and hope for her change.

We knew she was stronger. But she had not sought what was her to claim and we
Wondered if she would walk her true path, She had been through much then...
Eventually, she sought to be healed by War. We were proud.
She sought me and I granted her the Sheild maidens vow.
Her Bow true and straight. Her Ax strong willful. Her Shield a Wall. Her vow forever the Shield maiden.

The he. He who seen and watched her. He who had came to us boldly. Spoke of her. This one shield maid.
He needed her and would fight for her.
His words seem convincing. He himself a great warrior. One that so seemed righteously in victories!
Requesting her even in his charms and promises to protect her.
and in a short time The the young maiden he seen would fall in love with the beast unknowing.
We watch from afar in fear yet unable to help her. What had we done.

The exchanged vows with her Viking Prince. Of repeated promises of forever led to
Romantic getaways in exotic places,Igniting a passion that swept her defenses.
On bloody war grounds as much as in war tents the passion consumed.
Away in a flood of emotion, and a Gargantuan tinkets sealed the deal.
Eternal bliss seemed to be so real.

As time passed as we watched the airs changed around him with her.

Then Suspicious behavior allowed doubt to infiltrate, as Yesterday’s vows were broken.
Masquerade replaced sincerity, until Betrayal bred contempt
In this relationship founded on trust.Open hostility thrust its ugly head into this fray.
Toxic words spoken in anger and wrapped In a blanket of deceit soon became
Catalysts for change.

Destruction turns to renaissance Action, with charges brought against him
Validated by volumes of documents, Opening the door to a new life,
Rearranging focus for a different future, Concluding one phase, and beginning the next.

A true torment began for her. We watched his abuse to her.
Her body and mind tormented with his curel follys.
We watched her days chained, whipped, cut branded, sexual abuse from his hands.
Then his doings become even more Vile! He would chain her upon his halls public table. As he sat upon his dais thrown.
HIS shield maid he would tease her with his words. Testing her wits. Her strength, Her soul.
He paid many to abuse her as he watched. Bring a drink to his foul lips.
He would laugh and never take his eyes from her in this time.
We knew her mind would rise above if only her body could excape.

Guilty are we for we granted him her.
Finally agreed with the Gods, We would step in.
We were to late as his blade struck her, Our hearts fainted.
We would bond to try to right our wrong to her....

On the cloud stood the Goddess Valkyrie Queen.
Her head bowed down.
Her ontperaoge began around her with their Musical instrments, A Guitar slowly stumed.
She looked up as to the skys,sighs softly, and begin whispering.

A arm swings slowly over the strings the notes come forth as if on wings
A slow comfortable tune making the body sway,
Relaxing, slowly as the world floats away

On the next upswing the notes seem to float in the air
So enthralling, Though the mood is so sadden.
Softly the bass starts to harmonize One can only sit and fantasize with thier tears upon thier cheeks.

Now the drummer strikes a slow sensual beat
Everyone listening can only stand in silence.
Right in the middle of it all, they stop on cue waiting for what, it seems only they knew

Quickly the strings with nary a care
The bassist and drummer both take up the beat again

Suddenly a keyboard picks up like a thundering herd
Now the music’s so loud, one can’t hear a word of the Goddess.
Everything is perfect, Clouds enraptured, In silence, totally captured

Out of the darkness flashes a laser lightening show,
Flickering so fast on her limpless body below
Like angels’ voices floating from the sky
The choir is heard singing of times gone by

One could on watch as the Goddess holds out her hands reaching to the skys.
Her long hair flings side to side as sweat flicks off her brow,
Til finally she kneels, and we all know the time is now……

With a flick of her hand, the others go silent
What was once deafening is now deathly quiet
I hear her sigh and breathe deeply in this pause,
The Musical beings leave what was the stage leaving only the distanst roar of thunder as a applause

The lights of the suns day dimmed, the stage now quite dark
And the thundering cheering grows silent, the lighting sparks gone.
Sadly it’s over, for that was the last song. She, the beautiful Goddress of Shieldmaidens stood.
Speaking as a low long distant thunder.
Only time knoweth now. Ye wait won’t be long
She turns leaving and before your eyes she fade into the the breezy air.
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