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by Espero
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Growing together and apart through the years.
“Why don’t you find a good book to read instead of watching TV all the time?”

“I don’t really like to read, it’s too much work.”

“I don’t understand why not, there’s a whole world out there for you to explore in books.”

“There’s a whole world on TV too, with pictures.”

“But you can only choose from what they are playing; sometimes you watch the same thing more than once. I don’t understand that.”

“Haven’t you read the same book more than once?”

“Well sure, but that’s only because I liked it a lot.”

“Maybe I liked the TV show a lot.”

“Still, it’s annoying to me.”

“Well go read your book then and stop worrying about what I’m watching.”

“I can’t concentrate because of the noise on the TV.”

“Oh for heaven’s sake, what would you have me do? Turn it off?”

“No. I don’t know. Maybe. You could find some other form of entertainment couldn’t you?”

“I can think of other entertainment, if you’d like to join me.”

“Really, I don’t think you’re getting my point.”

“I’m not, what is the point?”

“How long has it been since you read Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn?”

“I dunno, since school, I guess.”

“Wouldn’t you like to read them again now that you’re an adult?”

“Haven’t given it much thought, but not really. I could probably find it on TV.”

“There we go again, it’s always the TV.”

“Do I tell you how to entertain yourself?”

“No, because you never notice what I’m doing. Maybe I should be in pictures, you might notice me then.”

“Hey, great idea! I could tell the guys my wife is a movie star.”

“That’s not even funny, I’m trying to have a serious conversation with you.”

“You’re getting yourself worked up over nothing, just like usual.”

“We don't have anything in common, sometimes I wonder if we ever did.”

“Don’t they say opposites attract?”

“Well if that statement is true, then it certainly fits us.”

“Do you want me to turn off the TV? There, are you happy now? What would you like to do?”

“Well, we could go for a walk, it’s nice out.”

“Naw, I’m not in the mood, I’ve been on my feet all day.”

“OK, how about a game of cards?”

“Rummy, I suppose?”

“Don’t you like rummy?”

“Not really, I like poker better but you don’t know how to play.”

“You could teach me.”

“You need at least four players for a good poker game.”

“You are difficult; you know that?”

“I’m just me.”

“Turn the TV back on, I’m done with this conversation.”

“I have an idea!”

“What is it?”

“That movie is on HBO tonight. You said you wanted to see it. We can go to the store and get all the stuff we need to make nachos. Then we can cuddle up on the couch and watch the movie tonight. It will be just like old times.”

“Are we taking the car or truck?”

“We’ll take the truck, I’ll drive.”

“That’s what I was afraid of, the truck needs a muffler.”

“So what, we’re only going down the road.”

“If you get a ticket, don’t complain to me.”

“Hop in Mama. Ready for the ride of your life?”

“Just keep it on the speed limit and I won’t complain.”

“You wouldn’t want me to have a heart attack, would you? I bet we won’t make it all the way to the store without you complaining about something.”

“Always the comedian, aren’t you?”

“See, here we are and no policeman with his siren behind us. Stay put and I’ll get the door.”

“Oh, now you’re going to be a gentleman? How long has it been since you’ve opened the door for me?”

“Doesn’t hurt to keep in practice, does it?”

“OK, I’ll enjoy it for as long as it lasts.”

“All in all, I think we’re a pretty good match, don’t you?”

“Must be, we’ve been together a long time. Through thick and thin.”

“Give me your hand Old Lady, I’ll escort you into the store.”

“Only if you drop the word Old!”

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