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60 years of true love can teach one how to train others to truly love for a lifetime.
"I say, ol' Chap, do you know where I could find love in this town?"

"Sure. Sunset Gifts. It's right across from the fairgrounds."

"That is rather humorous, ol' Bean! I've never needed any help there. I was once quite the ladies man."

"So. You're talking about the mushy stuff."

"Quite! But more than that."

"Well, the Hallmark store is in heart of the mall. How mushy of a card do you want?"

"That's close, but not quite on the mark."

"Okay... Hey! We've 31 flavors of religion in this town. What's your pleasure? They're always talking about love. Some'll even light a candle for ya."

"Hmm. That is interesting. Sir, do really know the meaning of love?"

"I had a girlfriend once, if that's what you're talking about."

"How long was she with you?"

"We were together for almost a year."

"If you would be so kind, what caused the parting of the ways?"

"Hmm. I went to see her about every day. We talked a lot. When her birthday came, I got her a present."

"Off-hand,...what kind of present?"

"Okay. See. Now. She was a little on the chunky side. So, I got her a pair of running shoes."


"And she put 'em on and ran out of my life. Go figure."

"Let's explore this a bit, My Friend. Why did you think that running shoes would be a good birthday gift?"

"For starters she had a great smile. So, I just naturally thought there must have been a great figure underneath all that fat!"

"Did you ever express yourself in kind?"

"Say what?"

"Did you ever use words like these to tell her the things that were on your mind?"

"Absolutely! My Daddy always said, 'Son, honesty is the best policy.'"

"My...Dear...Friend, honesty like that is the best for activating a life insurance policy."

"What? I was trying to be helpful! She was fat! I wanted to help her drop that load!"

"And you thought you were being selfless?"

"You don't?"

"My Good Sir, a human likes to be appreciated for the person he or she is without the need for amendment. You seemed to only need a plaything, not a person with feelings. Maybe you should visit the establishment you first suggested."

"Been there. Done that. It's not all that!"

"This is so sad. Love is about caring for the needs and the desires of another before you consider your own needs."

"Wouldn't that just make me a doormat?"

"It most certainly would not! If you sincerely care for the needs and desires of another human being, then a human with any level of compassion will care for you, too. This is selfless love, not self-gratification."

"So, why did you ask, 'where I could find love in this town?'"

"For 60 wonderful years I was married to the most loving lady on God's Green Earth. Her dying wish was that I should use the endowment she left me to travel around the country. I was teach in every town the kind of love we had experienced for so long. My wards were to be those, who had never experienced this kind of love."

"How's that workin' for ya?"

"I have never been more on target than I am today."

Word Count: 546

by Jay O'Toole
on February 17th, 2017

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