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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2112613
A contest entry for The Dialogue 500
I don't know why people go trippin' over this holiday, dog.

Says the man who bought himself a bag of heart candies.

They're delicious!

Since when did you consider heart candies "delicious"?

Since, uh...since... just shut up, Zander.

Ha! Whatever. I'm gonna go grab me another beer.

Hey, grab me one?


Psst! Darnell!

Did you say something?

I just said that I'm gonna go grab me another beer.

I heard that, but I heard you say somethin' else.

Oh. I said "nope".

No, I meant- Nevermind.

I love you, Darnell.



What did you just say?

I told you I didn't say anything.

Love me, Darnell.

Alright, quit playin', man! I know you said somethin'.

I swear I didn't say anything.

Be mine, Darnell.

Okay, if it's not you talkin', then who's...

You rock, Darnell.

You alright, bro?

I'm fine. It's just that...I keep hearin' voices.

Text me, Darnell.

There it goes again!

There what goes again?

C'mon, bro! You didn't hear that?

Hear what?

Hug me, Darnell!

Okay, whoever you are, you better get the hell outta my house right now!

Um...should I start calling an ambulance?

You & me forever, Darnell.

There is no "you and me"! I don't even know who you are!

Kiss me, Darnell!

I ain't 'bout to kiss you!

Stir my heart, Darnell.

Alright, I can't take this no more. I'm 'bout to call the police.

Darnell, what is going on?

Bro, somebody's in my house!


I don't know, but whoever they are, they better-

Ur a tiger, Darnell!

Who are you? Show yourself!

Charm me, Darnell.

Please just leave me alone!

Marry me, Darnell.

Alright, I needa get outta this house.

Darnell, seriously. What's going on?

Be my hero, Darnell!

Ugh! Get outta my head!

Alright, that's it. I'm calling Dr. Crawford.

Melt my heart, Darnell...Darnell...Darnell...


Huh? What happened?

You fell asleep.

Oh, man. What time is it?

Five 'til midnight.

I had the weirdest dream. Heart-candies begin talkin' to me and sayin' stuff like, "I love you" or "be mine".

Probably because you have been eating too many of those things.

Yeah, probably. Well, better get home. 'Night, Zander.

'Night, Darnell.

Damn, that was a weird dream.

I love you, Darnell.

© Copyright 2017 Leslie Loo (leslieloo at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2112613