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Sky Gaia dislikes being caged
“Computer, activate EMH.”

“Please state the nature of your medical emergency.”

“Can’t you hear that?”

“My ears are operating within normal parameters.”

“Damn it, that’s not what I meant. What’s wrong with her? She won’t stop screaming!”

“She wants out of quarantine.”

“I don’t understand why the universal translator isn’t working.”

“What makes you think it’s not?”

“She keeps screeching and it’s not translating!”

“I deactivated it and reprogrammed it.”


“You might as well plant her in the Towers of Babel after the babel. You can laugh, that was clever.”

“Whatever. Wait. What do you mean?”

“I deactivated the translator to make her angry and producing venom. She can’t understand or communicate.”

“Then you should have enough by now! Turn it on!”

“I did. Three duty shifts ago. And I turned on the obscenity block. I had to turn if off again. That’s why you can’t understand her.”

“Great! No one can take it. Give me a hypo spray, I’ll sedate her myself!”

“Never mind. You! Shut up!”


“You’ll ruin the vocal cords if you keep that up.”


“Quit it. Let me speak to --”


“That’s probably a no.”

“Young man, your brilliance is surpassed only by your grasp of the obvious.”

“Here’s another obvious. Sedate her. That’s an order.”

“I outrank you. But I will suppress this personality. Excuse me.”

“Hsssss. Kiiiiiyiiii….”

“I apologize but I need to speak to --.”


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