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by Kev
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My nightmare of a life becomes worse
Hey, Jamie here. Remember me, the boy who wears Goodnites to bed, although I do not have to. Well I am back to tell you a story of what happened to me over the last week.

As you probably remember, me and my sister share a room, share goodnites (since mom makes Tyler wear them for bedwetting and I wet the bed drunk and Tyler convinced mom I needed to wear them out of fairness), and I borrow her socks at night (since I have a limited amount due to our house fire and she has unlimited- and I need socks to sleep at night.) My dad left, mom moved us to a one bedroom apartment and sleeps on the couch. We get government assistance and have no extra money.

Starting two weeks ago, I became ill. Like really badly. It was bad enough where mom kept me home from school and that never happens. She even took me to the hospital, so you know I was sick, since mom didn't take us to the doctor often to stay away from medical bills.

It was just a really bad case of the flu. However, as a result of my sickness- I developed the runs. So I spent most of that week on the toilet or in bed. And since mom had to work, she allowed my sister to stay home from school to help me out. She made me food (although I really didnt eat much that week), she made sure I got my meds in time, and basically waited on me. Thursday night was the worst for me up to that point. I was feeling so bad, that I couldn't even sleep. So mom ended up giving me some nighttime medication along with what the doctor prescribed. That knocked me out. But when I woke up, I had an unfamiliar feeling but wasn't quite sure what it was. When I walked to the kitchen for breakfast, mom did our daily morning routine. When she checked my goodnite, for the first time it wasnt dry. I had wet myself through the night. I was the most embarrassed I had ever been, but it gets worse.

Throughout the day, all I wanted was a nap but still felt terrible. Mom decided to let me take the nighttime meds in the day also. Once again, I was out.

I slept for probably 18 hours that day. On Friday, it was the same routine- except I woke up dry that morning. During my day time nap, I fell asleep on the couch (aka moms bed) but since the meds had me knocked out cold, I didnt notice when I wet myself again, this time without a goodnite to catch anything. My sister cleaned up the mess as I took a shower. When mom found out she was a little upset but understanding. She said, although she knows I cannot help it, I was going to have to wear goodnites around the house during the day, if I was going to take the nighttime medicine during the day.

Everybody in the house already sees me wearing them daily and I wasn't feeling good so I decided to accept the deal. During my evening nap, I actually had a runs episode without waking up. I would have never noticed, except the owl on my goodnite turned into a butterfly and when I asked mom about it, she said that the smell was becoming unbearable so she changed me. I couldn't believe it, I was a 17 year old boy who just got a diaper change from his mother.

I was a little frustrated but was too sick to argue.

Saturday morning, I woke up dry. When I got to the kitchen, mom had said that it was just us for the day since Tyler was at a friends for the weekend. Saturday was the worst I had felt yet. So I fell asleep on the couch after breakfast. This was the beginning to one of the worst days in my life.

When I woke up, I smelled something awful. It was me, I had the runs in my sleep again. I now realized why mom had changed me earlier. I didn't see her, so I went into the bathroom to run a shower, since I felt disgusting. I went into my room to grab a change of clothes. When I opened the door, I screamed.

Sitting on our floor was somebody I had never seen before. "Oh hey, your finally up" this unfamiliar girl said. I shut the door and ran into the bathroom. Some stranger had just saw me in a used, smelly goodnite, a t-shirt, and a pair of my sisters calf high fuzzy socks.

Maybe she didn't notice. I threw away my used goodnite and showered up. I finished and wrapped the towel around me, hoping that this stranger was gone and was only there visiting my mom for a few minutes.

I walked back out of the bathroom, but saw her sitting on the couch. She asked if I was feeling better.

I didn't even respond to that question and instead replied asking who she was.

Her name was Annie and she said that she was my babysitter. I was confused.

She could tell and told me that she thought I knew. Apparently, mom got called into work and Tyler was still at her friends- but mom didn't want me being alone, sick. She told her boss she couldn't come in because her child was sick but her boss had a solution. Apparently, his niece was a babysitter and would gladly take care of her child.

However, neither the boss nor Annie knew that I was 17, they thought I was a toddler. If they had known, I don't think they would have sent a 13 year old. When Annie got there, mom filled her in on the situation. Annie said that while she was in the living room doing her homework, I pooped my diaper and she didn't feel comfortable changing me but the smell was so bad, she went into our room to finish her homework.

I was so embarrassed and mad, I didn't know what to say. I only argued that it wasn't a diaper. She apologized and said pullup instead. I was furious, I stormed into my room. Unfortunately, I knew what mom would say if I didn't wear a goodnite, so I put a new one on. I but on the baggiest pair of sweatpants I owned and a shirt. I decided I was just going to sit in my room.

About 20 minutes later, the door opened. (I couldn't lock it since it locks from the outside). Annie came in with a glass of water and my medicine. I grabbed it from her. She looked at me and told me to put some socks on. I was sick and it doesn't help to go barefoot.

I didn't move. The reason I didn't have any on was because my boy socks were all dirty and I didn't want to wear girl socks in front of a 13 year old girl. If you don't find some, I will, she threatened. I walked over to my hamper but she stopped me and said that I couldn't wear gross socks. I just went back to my bed, since I wasn't wearing girl socks.

Annie asked where my dresser was. I didn't say anything as she opened the closet and searched the room. Finally she opened the bottom drawer of what looked to be my sisters dresser but was actually our shared dresser. She found some boy clothes and girl clothes mixed together, realizing we shared. She opened the 3rd, then the 2nd, finally the first drawer.

She pulled out the package of goodnites before anything. I looked down. "Oh yeah, are you wearing your pullup?" she asked. I shook my head no. "Your mom told me you have to" she pulled one out and threw it at me. I threw it back. She pulled out her cell phone and told me that she was calling mom. I told her not to and I had one on. She told me she didn't believe me and I could be lying to make her not call my mom. She told me to show her.

I pulled down the front of my sweatpants, revealing the girls goodnite. "Ok, now socks" she said, rifling through the sock drawer.

She kept commenting on pairs she liked or owned. Finally throwing me a pair of fuzzy toe socks.
These are kind of like the ones you had on earlier". I looked at the hearts on the pink socks she threw me. I threw them back.

"Either put those on, or pick a pair for yourself. If not I am calling your mom."

I walked back over to the drawer looking for the most boyish socks. Finding nothing, I put on one pink Smurfette sock and a purple Donatello sock. I figured the smurfs and tmnt were the most boyish things in there.

I stayed in the room the rest of the night. Annie brought me meds and food, but other than that, I didn't see her. Around 9 o'clock, she came in and told me it was time for bed. She got me my meds and asked if I had wet my pullup. I cringed but said no.She told me to let her check, so I pulled my pants down. She said I was good and told me to hop in bed. She tucked me it and left.

That was the worst day of my life.
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