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Hi, I’m Orchid. That’s the name my Earth parents gave me. You see, I’m not from around here. And no, I’m not a little green person, nor am I gray and have oversized almond shaped eyes. I look like my Earth parents because my pod absorbed their DNA when they opened it. The pod optimized my body to function in your environment. No, I’m not super. I’m just as fragile as you. They named me after what was growing in the field where they found me. I’m glad it wasn’t turnips.
As for my ability to speak English, I learned it, the hard way. I was about two, maybe three Earth years old physically when my pod was discovered. According to my pod it ejected some 6,178 EY ago, if my math is correct. It was captured by the Sun and I revolved around it. Then, I landed. That was seventeen years ago.
My daily life is simple. I work in my parent’s flower shop and I’m studying for my physics masters at our local university. I have weekends to myself and I like traveling when work and school permit it. I’ve always struggled with finding love. I’m a somewhat introverted geek with a love for almost any movie with ‘star’ in the title.
I guess you can say that was the good news part, here’s the bad news:
According to the data files aboard my pod, the ship I was aboard finally succumbed to damage sustained in a battle that spanned nearly three hundred generations. We sought refuge from an enemy who wishes to eliminate all carbon-based life. Due to the vicious nature of their attacks and lack of a real designation, our people called them, and this is the English translation, Renderers. They’re well-armed and organized. They systematically hunt down all carbon-based life and they will find their way here.
Sorry to leave on such a horrifying note, but I’ve got to get to class.
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