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Thoughts on Unidentified Flying Objects
Since the end of WW2, for most of my lifetime, there have been some momentous events taking place. These events revolve around contacts with Extraterrestrials.

The Government has had great success "Bunking the truth" and obscuring the scope of what has really been happening. That is, until recent years. With the advent of social media, made possibly by the Internet, the paradine has changed. Today there are "Sanctioned Leakers," "Unsanctioned Leakers," and U-tube videos that get it posted in near real time. Just how clever and creative the government can get in putting a smokescreen around unsanctioned leaks is a testimony to the devious depths of the human mind. On top of all this are the devices and tricks used to uncover leakers and the damage control the follows. It is an amazing story coming to a head as the Trump Administration tries to get its hands on the levers of power in Washington.

From the ET perspective the bad news is that what the public sees is not always factual, is riddled with assumptions, heaped with ridicule, half baked notions and wishful thinking. Further it is awash in a sea of deliberate misinformation making it difficult to separate fact from fiction.

The Good News is that the truth of what has happened can't be "slow walked" forever. Historically our government has been able to keep a lid on such matters and done so for decades. A tutorial on how this is accomplished was written and evidenced in how Director Comey of the FBI slow walked the investigation into Hillary Clinton's Email server. It worked beautifully. The fix was on and Comey pulled the rabbit out of the hat, until Anthony Weiner's computer was found to be riddled with both child porn and ultra sensitive classified information on the eve of the election. The same process is used by the Gate Keepers and has been going on forever. In the last ten years however, information flow from leaks has increased from drips to a hemorrhage. A collective guilt has manifested itself as insiders struggled with the morality off concealing a story unprecedented in the history of mankind.

The United States of America has made contact with one or more Alien races and benefited from an exchange of off world technology. A Secret Space Program has flourished under the cover of A public space program that goes by the name of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

It all began when something momentous happened at Roswell New Mexico in the late 1940's. Two UFO's collided and crashed into the desert. There was one survivor who escaped the crash with only minor injuries. He was labeled an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (EBE) who lived for several years and became known as One EBE 1. EBE 1 was intelligent and learned English from his handlers and others entrusted with his care. He was taken to Los Alamos National Laboratories and given special accomodations until dying in 1952.

Before his death EBE 1 cooperated in identifying many of the components found in the two spacecraft. He explained, as best he could, how the items worked. This provided a starting point and framework, however, the task of back engineering has been daunting and ongoing ever since. A notable breakthrough was a communications device he serviced, used to contact his Eban superiors. As a result of this link two exchanges took place.

The first was a mission by the Ebans to recover their dead. The second was an exchange program. Twelve candidates were recruited by the Airforce and exchanged for an ambassador. The mission lasted about ten years and seven of the twelve returned . In Stephen Speilberg's movie, Close Encounters of the Third kind, this historic incident is portrayed.

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