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Before the Flood civilizations existed having links with Extraterrestrials.
In writing these essays I'm making a case for myself.

There is such a firehose of information on this subject that the full scope of what happened in historical times and more recently in my own lifetime is voluminous and overwhelming. Humanity is a distributed rather than a centralized intelligence and while some bio-processors are better suited than others, mine has a finite and limited capacity. What this means is that focusing on the tactical, operational and strategic aspects of what the body of information is trying to convey is beyond my ability to concurrently process. In trying to understand and reconcile the the bits and pieces, reconciling the entirety is a task only made possible by having a connectional mental set of software and training in how to process information in the three phases of thinking.

For example wearing a tactical hat, I see one picture, with an operational hat another and in a strategic mindset still another.

There are other things I want to accomplish with my remaining years than worry about about whether my findings and views meet high standards of science and scholarship. I am neither a scientist or a scholar. What I have been blessed with is a mind that is sometimes able to reach out and connect bodies of knowledge and apply that understanding to more immediate needs.

Since retiring I find myself engaged in exercises more for my own interest and satisfaction rather than out of any need for public recognition and acclaim. I have had more than enough of this to spoil my appetite for empty indulgences.

So for those who might stumble by accident upon my writings I'll try and provide an occasional reference, however much of it I glean from the internet. Eight Percent or more I filter out realizing that in the chaff screening some of the wheat will be lost. This is unfortunate but what I must be satisfied with is one standard deviation of understanding.

If you search the words Megalithic Civilizations, ETs, and Government Coverups what flashes on the screen are some of the following references.

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