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A story about a secret sect of human/reptilian wizards that help the save the world.
         Since the beginning of the formation of our Mother Earth, Adam and Eve were created, but not many have known or heard of the blue sapphire crystal master wizards. They too were created, and came from the heavens to serve as guardian's and protectors, as well as healers to any of those they chose to be healed. They can heal any being or entity of any disease, sickness even possession if necessary of their own choosing. Their power comes from love, honor and respect for all beings. They rule and abide by these three main laws they're governed by. They made this promise since Mother Earth was born and was ready for the formation of billions of beautiful life forms to inhabit her that were also created by their ultimate wizard creator's heart. Their role is greatly needed, they're similar to the Watchers who also love and try to serve and protect Mother Earth and her vast beings of the nature kingdom's.

         There were multitude's of different kinds of human like species created, not only Adam and Eve. One in particular I am quite fond of are the ones we have a tendacy to either poke fun of or look down upon, which isn't right. They're our landscaping artist's. They're true nature masters in their own light and way. They bring about not only great beauty to our society but also work harder than most of us do. If it weren't for them we'd not have such a beautiful land to see in our country, America. They're the blue and green wizards I speak of here, they're responsible for loving and nurturing the lands, flora and fauna and love all of it in general, which definitely shows in their immensely hard work. I'm here to talk about them, with love, respect and honor which they more than deserve to be spoken of like. And the true love, healing and magick they further bring out to truly help make their overall work be at its most brilliant display.

Continued later...
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