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It is not always the old who are the wise ones.
Finding the Awe

Kathleen McNamara

I overslept this morning
another day of running late
everyone is frantic
but it’s hurry up and wait

It’s a short walk to the preschool
but my son has other plans
he wants to explore each garden path
not hold his mother’s hand

He loves to push the mulch aside
looking beneath a rock is best
and considers himself most lucky
when in a tree he finds a nest

I sigh with such impatience
as he bends down to the ground
he looks up at me, eyes shining
“Mommy, look what I just found!”

I bend down to his level
to view his latest treasure
he strokes a fuzzy caterpillar
in this moment he finds pleasure

As we stayed and watched it inch along
and talked of what all the fuzz had meant
I realized this special moment
was truly heaven sent

The day was such a lesson
how to look through younger eyes
who could ever imagine
a child could be so wise

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