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by Rpu4
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The introduction to the world of my imagination
… straight up thinking. Hey! Good day. It is impossible for you to understand why is water flowing without understanding of its chemical composition? Off course you can understand it with out that knowledge.

Stories that I want to tell are bound to gather some are like water other are like a proton or electron in one atom of oxygen in two litters of water and some are like a swimming pool in to which rain is constantly dropping.

High abstractness and infinite possibilities. Stories should not be limited by something so small like speed of light or with that that life can only by carbon based. If we submerge in to possibility of abstract infinity noting can stop the existence of a planet on which surface things are moving by incredible speed with out creating black holes and distracting physical and natural phenomena.

The one and only problem is: “Where to begin?”

Here I will turn to you. I have plenty of ideas in every direction, but what would you like to see?

The place where the stories took place? Flora and fauna? Biology of the species of the stories? If it should be a story should it be historical? Or it should took place where ten years a go I said to myself “I will begin here.”…

“I will begin here” it was not this particular words, but I started to write a story, from which I created all the other things. And even the place that I said about “I will start here” is now a remote place in the story.

But always there was this thought: “And who will be interested in this?”

So now I am here and I am asking: “Where to begin?” Because if I begin somewhere when someone would be interested in, I could go somewhere where there would be no place for chaos in ideas and spreading the storyline, but I could concentrate on one thing if it would be a see ore only one electron.

But I will slightly begin with something but tomorrow. It would be a description of people and peoples (or as I have named them cognitive species).

But I have to put all the things in to understandable format. And it is highly probable that I would publish every species individually. The only thing I would tell for now is that there are four species.

But if no one after the introduction of the species will give me and advice where to begin. I will simply begin here.

If you are still here and you will accompany me on this journey, hang on! It will go down the hill up the hill and everywhere else nut not there where it would most likely go.

When it comes to considerations, remembering and creating I have no place to consider grammar, typos and straight up thinking.
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