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by Rpu4
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The second Species

This species is really miscellaneous. It is everything what human species would like to be and what it could be if its genetical disposition would allowed it. The species of species. Aqeth is only species which has secondary divided subspecies. But we should take our time and think of them as a whole. All of you had see yourself in a mirror and if we do not want to make this a anatomy class while introducing you to the subspecies and their devisions one by one the only thing I need to do is mention only the apparent differences which distinguish aqeths from humans. So here we go.

Big similarities with humans, elves a dwarves of this species makes you thing that maybe long time ago a space ship from Earth was stranded on Svet. And maybe that is the truth long forgotten in history. Except for this apparent biological an genetical history storens has a predisposition for high functionality of their senses and abilities. But to hear the most quite sound from long distances must be learned an practised. The divisions of storens are Boren, Goren, Horren and Grim. However if we would like to name them correctly we ought to use their full names Aqeth Storen Boren, Aqeth Storen Goren, Aqeth Storen Horren a Aqeth Storen Grim. But storens are traditionally using only the name of their division even in official communications. When a storen visit DMV or DnMV or any other DV you can hear this line every time: “At least put A dot S dot before.” Some departments have had created special forms for storens but it was deemed as an antisocial and demeaning thing. Well here are the divisions.

Aqeth Storen Boren

The average hight of borens is two meters, five hundred and thirty two centimetres and five millimetres. Body of a boren is mostly long legs. Some borens have long hands as well. In some cases their hands are touching the ground. But do not think they are some emaciated sticks with legs and hands. Well some of them are, but we are all different right? Many borens are literally giants. Dexterous agile and experienced warriors or perfect fruit growers. It is easy to be a fruiterer when you do not need a ladder.

They live in caves in the forest near meadows with field. They produced fruit and vegetables or they process wood and stone.
Farmers or craftsmen in symbiosis with nature. They kill animals only when there is no other way.

Native nourishment: Wofft
It is a fruit drink with six specific ingredients.
1. Ullart which is a creamy coloured juicy fruit which resembles our Mango
2. Etrizo which are khaki coloured soy beans.
3. Golima which are earthy coloured almonds.
4. Mirarra which is amber coloured peach.
5. Amiza which are olives. There are two kinds of amizasies for this recipe are used lemon coloured ones.
6. Metajm which is amethyst-purple coloured one and the only satsuma mostly consumed by hermits.

It is consumed cold and thick its iron-blue is distinguishable from every drink on the Svet

Aqeth Storen Goren
They are averagely one meter smaller then borens, but there is a possibility that a goren can meet a boren smaller then him .. this is often a beginning of jokes … Here is the worst one: A little boren met a big goren. The goren has stepped on borens hand, but at least they could look to each others eyes. Some people say that gorens are like feather. You do not hear their steps and they are really really fast. Often they are described as a materialised wind or a cloud, but say this to a boren when a goren with weight of hundred kilograms has just crushed his hand.

They live in small wooden cottages near rivers or lakes. They mostly eat water birds, fish, seaweed and something that looks like coral.

Native nourishment:Judawirrynj
It is a fish drink with only one ingredient well two. But who count water as an ingredient right?
It is made out of Rarilo which are similar to our whale. This particular kind of Rarilo is bordeaux coloured.as same as the drink its self. It is consumed cold and gauzy nearly as a foam. To human it could resemble a beer foam. But well you know it is a fish. Bottoms up!

Aqeth Storen Horren
“Some of them are so ugly and stupid that if they would not have eyes I would not even know which side of them is up and which is down.” This is sentence was said by one Aqeth Ôlin Gräh grand general during “The War of Nations and Opinions”. In old history books this war is called as “The Great Aqeth War”. And in The New History Books this conflict is mentioned as “That smaller war”. But this is not a history class we will visit the wars some other time.

Aqeth Storen Horren are wrinkled with oblong foreheads. Both pairs of their limbs are as same as human hands. However they lower limbs, or lest call them legs, has thumbs on the outer edge.(basically left and right hand switched up). They can use both pairs of their limbs as legs and as hands. Their eyes are only one coloured, the do not have scleras.

Stereotype: They live in small clay cells individually near the forest. They mostly eat insects and spiders. They create farm colonies where they breed insects and spiders. All their farm animals are as big as our farm animals.

Native nourishment:Bntoned
This particular dish is similar to fish and chips and a special sauce.
There are seven main ingredients used to prepare the perfect Bntoned.
1 Vyolháv which resembles our Normal mole cricket in size of a cow or a bull. It is mostly chocolate coloured. Every part of vyolháv is used. even its shell is crushed in to powder and mixed into the sauce.
2 Cumura which are white potatoes, they are just chopped up fried and sprinkled with leftover Vyolháv powder.
The rest of the ingredients are used for the sauce.3 Zark. it is a grain in indifferent colour its seeds are crushed in to paste.
4 Razigra which is a grey currant.
5 Rizarra which is heavenly blue coloured banana.
6 Nynaja which is olive coloured pumpkin.
7 Džoli which is blue coloured watermelon.

All the fruit and vegetables are crushed to create the sauce in which the meat of vyolháv is marinaded and fried. In some case the sauce is prepared on the spot, in other cases the sauce is stored in special rooms but mostly all the sauce ingredients are pre-crushed and stored separately to slowly mature over time as humans do with vine. But some are just left to dry … wait wait this is not a culinary show. We have to go on. There is a long road before us and this is not the information you are looking for. So move along. Move along.

Aqeth Storen Grim
Little round always jolly. Well nearly always. Well most of the time. Well some of them crack a smile from time to time. First visual impression: “Dwarves.” Thick moustaches and beards. They live in family communities. Often the families are matriarchy wether it is only for official business or traditionally. Women are the high power of grims. The big grim families are living in big generational houses, wards or house-cities. Some say once the house-cities were only little grim houses. Grown in to the monstrosities that are house-cities is the main reason why grims are now not the only occupants of the once generational grim house. But there is still a heart of the house-city where only the family core is allowed to live. And everyone want to be the Core, mostly. There are six most famous house-cities. Golam, Ožereny, Zolamos, Koperis, Hivág and Qux.

Stereotype: Muddy, smoked and covered in soot. They are either on a field or in distilleries. Either way they are always making Brow which is their meaning of life.

Native nourishment: Brow
It is made from Wirk which is an oily grain.
Every family has its own Brow and the recipes are a secret to other species. Legend has it that some one have had mad brow as thick as bread. And not just as some sad attempts which looked like an aspic. When this brow was cut not a drop was spilled nothing was shaky you could eat a ham with that thing. But you know legends. Every one is talking about them, but no one who was there is alive to prove it. Or is there …

If there was not for the one little morphological difference. If would be satisfactory to write: “Human” and we would be not reading where thy live and what they eat. Aqueth Ôlin are nicknamed the flyers. Rinebads call them liars-flyers and they took them for the worst scum that have had ever flown on the Svet.(you probably do not know who Rinebads are, but you will find out some time later). All Aqueths and Gereks take Ôlins as the guardians of life. Aqeth Ôlin Bejlin, Aqeth Ôlin Rejlin, Aqeth Ôlin Flix a Aqeth Ôlin Gräh are the divisions of Ôlins

Aqeth Ôlin Bejlin
If one of them once visited Earth then it probably was around the time when people startet to imagine angels. They have by white wings a size of one third of their body. They are big you can say huge, and muscular. They fallen out feathers are used for cloths and canvases. You may think how barbaric but then think about what is human hair used for (of course their hair is used as same as human hair but that goes with out saying at least it should).

Soldiers, the thin green line. Highly disciplined and ordered. They do not think about housing or the roof over the head. “You can sleep in the vehicle but house will not take you anywhere.”

Native nourishment: Bifillinyj
It is a special viscid brick-red coloured tea. Which besides water (if any) contains eleven ingredients.
1 Cumura the white potato.
2 Metajm the amethyst-purple satsuma.
3 Dýmma which are amber coloured coco beans.
4 Qvera which is burgundy coloured chestnut.
5 Itirra which are black coloured coffee beans.
6 Rizarra the heavenly blue banana.
7 Ôra which is amethyst-purple coloured apricot.
8 Miva which is see green coloured garlic.
9 Jbezt which are rust coloured grapes
10 Mozéris which is indigo coloured Orange.
11 Lixa which is khaki coloured elder.

The key to prepare the perfect blend between all of the ingredients but never over do it with adding water its consistence must be like honey otherwise you can not call it Bifillinyj. Only as a “bifillinyj flavoured water” or B.F.W. Which bejlins identify as “bored fighters winnings”. And is often used in disrespectful manner like: “Go little one. Go. Go drink you winnings and let the men do their job.”

Aqeth Ôlin Rejlin
Wing of this fellows are black. But in any other way they are as same as Bejlins. Even their feathers are used the same way.

Emergency services, firemen, trained assassins. They live in dry places and work alone. There is no one capable of bigger determination or anger then rejlins.

Native nourishment:Vlaburr
A hot fruit stew. Though not all eight ingredients are fruit.
1 Huja which is red coloured parsley.
2 Qvera the burgundy coloured chestnut.
3 Lmou which is ivory coloured apple.
4 Golima the earthy coloured almonds.
5 Hirra which are the apple-green coloured blackberries.
6 Foníz which is turquoise coloured pomegranate.
7 Dyso which are army-green coloured beans.
8 Ynta which is cornflower coloured carrot.

“… and the smell. I do not want to argue but it looks like it was eaten once already ” Said one particular grim lady to her saviour who has offered her bowl of vlaburr, on one dark night in a cave.

Aqeth Ôlin Flix
As if it might be obvious the Aqeth Ôlin Flix difference is again in their wings. They are leathery and red and there are to pairs of them. One pair is one quarter of their body and the second one is one eighth of their body. They can fly very fast and very long.

Delivery service. They love comfort and warm places. They love to fly. Only time when they walk is when they have to. For example in the forest or really small places.
Native nourishment:Jaouz
This is a very thick tea like beverage. There are five ingredients to this hot thick coral coloured drink.
1 Impalxa which is a black coloured tomato.
2 Dyso the army-green coloured beans.
3 Džoli the blue coloured watermelon.
4 Lixa the khaki coloured elder.
5 Zark the grain of indifferent colour with seeds that are crushed in to paste.

“Well this is one of the normal stuff I have drunk in a long time.” No one remembers who said this and when it was said, but it is on the labels of bottles of commercially sold jaouz.

Aqeth Ôlin Gräh
We are again in the same difference as in all Ôlin folks (but remember never call a Gräh a folk. Calling any gräh a folk or folks by using it in a greeting like: “Hello folks.” is considered as a form of suicide.) Back to topic. Wings of grähs make up to four fifths of their bodies. They have brown coloured feather hard as steel shell. Their fallen feather are used as shingle. A gräh roof is the most prised possession around farmers and settlers.

They are mostly bodyguards of celebrities and politicians or in service of law enforcement and police force of small cities. They are brute and single minded the truth of their protégé is their truth.

Native nourishment: Trah-Burr
Also called The Thirteenth salad. It obviously have thirteen ingredients

1 Sirussa which is a nature coloured cinnamon.
2 Nejž which is a lavender coloured raspberry.
3 Nynaja the olive coloured pumpkin.
4 Foníz the turquoise coloured pomegranate.
5 Mirarra the amber coloured peach.
6 Dagir which is terracotta coloured liquorice.
7 Wirk the oily grain.
8 Qvera the burgundy coloured chestnut.
9 Koniši which are saturated magenta coloured walnuts.
10 Billo wich are refracted white coloured peas.
11 Lixa the khaki coloured elder.
12 Itirra the black coloured coffee beans.
13 Riop wich are blue coloured dog-rose hips (rose hips).

This is a salad that is, as revenge, best served cold with a lot of juice and ice.

If humans was on an evolutional chain created form a cat and on a monkey, humans would look like Aqeth Rezt. What else to say about them only that that their differences in the secondary devisions are not in global appearance if they are more like a lion or a tiger, but in numbers of limbs and eyes. Their secondary divisions are. Aqeth Rezt Luna, Aqeth Rezt Sterra, Aqeth Rezt Ne a Aqeth Rezt Jerr.

Aqeth Rezt Luna
This is only one species that was named because of their ability to see in total darkness. (Total darkness is a state of a place where no photons are present.) They have two pairs of eyes. One of which is called “The Night Eyes” or Né in short (For medical reasons and so on… Sometimes the short term “Né” is used un correctly as “Né eyes”. Which basically means night eyes eyes). The Né eyes are often closed until needed. When opened Né dissipate its own photon web. And it even works when you look from well lit place to, for example bottom of a well.

The Lunas or Loonies as they are often called are often miners or diggers. They live only for their families and work. When you find a sign “Family first, work second.” on a wall, in a cubicle or on a vehicle a Luna is near.
Footnote: “Loony and proud” or “Loony and prrrroud” are two commonly mistaken signs for a Lunas awareness movement. “Loony and proud” is a sign for a mental institution rehabilitation camp. “Loony and prrrroud” … well that is a grim and dark history. To by clear singular for Loonies is Loonie. But I strongly advise you to call them Lunas or Luna,

Native nourishment: Tarra foam
There are many kinds of Tarra foods in Luna culinary. Tara foam is a spacial drink prepared only on special occasions. It is a cold and thick foam more like beer foam but more taste full. Or we can say full of taste. Whether it is taste full or not that must be decided by the consumer. There are five ingredients to this foamy blue-greyish drink.

1 Amiza which are olives. There are two kinds of amizasies for this recipe are used hunter green coloured ones.
2 Lixa the khaki coloured elder.
3 Wirk the oily grain.
4 Ynta the cornflower coloured carrot.
5 Obnia which is blue-greyish coloured bell pepper.

As a symbol of oppression and historical heritage Tarra food, including Tarra foam, is always considered a food of peace.

Aqeth Rezt Sterra
If the nature or gods of Earth was playing fun with platypus than we can say this about the Sterras. To their feline characteristics is added a nose which lookalike like an eagle beak. They can use their nose to break rocks and not just the soft ones. There is a legend that once there was a sterra who could break diamonds. The other feature of this special nose is the great sense of smell. This ability was often used for detection of precious metals and common metals.

They are very basic people. They live in straw houses on beaches. Often the beaches were created by them by braking the mountains. “Rock and water,” was often shouted bay sterra people through wars.

Native nourishment: Xengunaj
You may say: “Well what news another salad. Typical.” But many peoples of planet Svet have met other peoples very late after they social development and many people have same tastes. However this salad has only eleven ingredients and it is served hot and runny. So many tourists rather eat Trah-Burr then this slurry like plant mess as many of them say.

The ingredients are
1 Nejž the lavender coloured raspberry.
2 Wirk the oily grain.
3 Lixa the khaki coloured elder.
4 Vima which is terracotta coloured onion.
5 Miva the see green coloured garlic.
6 Itirra the black coloured coffee beans.
7 Foníz the turquoise coloured pomegranate.
8 Etrizo the khaki coloured soy beans.
9 Huja the red coloured parsley.
10 Riop the blue coloured dog-rose hips (rose hips).
11 Nynaja the olive coloured pumpkin.

Sterras are good people so they are hard to be insulted and especially about their food. When someone say “This is just a bad copy of The Thirteenth salad.” They just ask if they rather eat Trah-Burr and prepare it for them (but it is not the same as the traditional Trah-Burr). It is a common knowledge that they just add the six missing things and thus creating the seventeenth salad which is a controversial meal in some traditional families. One cook once sayid: “What do they complain about? One side get Etrizo, Huja, Miva and Vima. And the other side Billo, Dagir, Koniši, Mirarra, Qvera and Sirussa. It is all just a food any way.” We need to say that this was an Ofenstad cook at an Ofenstat banquet som nither Steras nor Grähs was complaining they were happy they were not killed, but more on that later.

Aqeth Rezt Ner
The typical human-cat. But their secret is hidden under the skin. They have two sets of muscles. Anatomically the muscles are called light muscles and dark muscles. In short the dark muscles are classical ones. The light muscles are muscles similar to avian flying muscles, but they do not fatigue as fast. Because of this Ners can run fast and jump very high a skill that is used to catch cattle and other farm animals. Butter created by Ners is something to die for…

Producers of milk or rather lactose related products. Confectionery is to Ners like a religion to others. They have religions but confectioner is more worshiped then priest.

Native nourishment: Gradekah
As expected it is a dairy product. It is similar to Turkish delight. Officially it has only three ingredients. But you know commercial purposes and thing have had created many many variations. We will focus on the original if we may.

1 The original is made form snow-white coloured milk of Zrapir. (Zrapir is morphologically same as our lion without a tail with protruding flat bone on its back.)

The other two ingredients are
2 Wostar which is a juicy grain from witch often the whole plant is used, but for proper Gradekah only stem is used.
3 Titorry which is turquoise coloured blueberry.

Gradekah is after preparation chopped to rectangles and dried on sun or in oven to to preserve freshness for very long time. Some say Gradekah can never go bad. Ner moms say: “As there is a place for peace of Gradekah in every pantry there is a place for love in every heart.”

Aqeth Rezt Jerr
A simple minded folk can easily mistaken Jerrs and Ners. Jerrs have two pairs of hands or rather three pairs of limbs. The second pair of hands or the middle pair of limbs has very keen sense of touch. In short terms if they wanted to they could picked up a single atom with their mid-hands. But as everything even this requires training, discipline and practise.

Surgeons and tailors. Mostly classy lords and ladies or mistresses. {“Jerr females are the most beautiful creatures on Svet.” said Grreh. “Yes, even that beggar with one feet and two hands and one eye that must weigh around hundred and fifty kilos. and was just run over by the bus.” said Lix sarcastically. “She throw her under there.” bus driver was yelling. “Shut up Lix.” Grreh while smashing Nynaja to a bowl. “I know you are dreaming about Haysy Morrs, your wet dream lover. that ignore you every day she is buying lunch here. ”}

Rather then traditional food Ners have traditional clothes. But when low required to submit a traditional meal to uniform species and their right the vote was only for one thing.

Native nourishment: Ouddle
This odd meal is basically a fruit bowl. With three kinds of fruit an a special seven ingredient navy blue coloured sauce.
The fruit:
1 Urry wich are dark purple coloured hazelnuts.
2 Mirarra the amber coloured peach.
3 Metajm the amethyst-purple satsuma.

The sauce:
1 Meat from Ovlz. - Ovlz is a canine creature with a tail like a beaver and a muzzle like a shark.
2 Billo the refracted white coloured peas.
3 Dagir the terracotta coloured liquorice.
4 Goruka which is coral coloured corn.
5 Vima the terracotta coloured onion.
6 Sirussa the nature coloured cinnamon.
7 Qvera the burgundy coloured chestnut.

{“Dad?!” Morry asked. “What child?” Lith whispered. “How can it be … how com it is blue?” Morry said in disgust. “Ha ha ha, truly wonderful a mind of a child,” laughed Cioniz, while spitting pieces of fruit, “it is because the blood of course.”}

They are often mistaken for Aqeth Storen Boren or Aqeth Storen Goren. However their difference is in the blood, which leads to the colour of their skin. The structure of their blood causes many other metabolical, metaphysical and metamorphic differences that distinguish them from borens and gorens. Every Ynitri have high IQ. Their IQ is believed to be as same as IQ of Gereks. However IQ just determines how fas can we process an information (like a CPU in computer devices). You can have the fastest CPU in the world if your hard drive is empty there is no use of it. The secondary divisions of Ynitris are not by morfologica differences but by the colour of their skin. We can say they have races. So the races are Aqeth Ynitri Dirke, Aqeth Ynitri Biky, Aqeth Ynitri Hlihl a Aqeth Ynitri Polt. The introduction is brief there is nothing to tell about them that would make sense with out pages and pages of explaining so not to big but really small. But if you want more before every race read Aqeth Storen Boren and Aqeth Storen Goren stuff and you will have more to read if you desire

Aqeth Ynitri Dirke
Skin colour: Red.
Their ability is to gain a quick familiarity about how something work whether it is a syntactical or biological machine.

Medics, mechanics, inventors, the tribe shamans. Dirkes were often servants for the rich.

Native nourishment: Algtridek
Some are startled “It is basically a buttered bread.” But it is not the product it is the spread on it that called Algtridek. So the dish is made of a zork bread. Zork is a grain from which flour produced. There are many kinds of zork flour hence many kinds of breads. This zorks flour is charcoal-gray coloured.
The spread head nine ingredients
1 Amiza the hunter green coloured olives.
2 Vima the terracotta coloured onion.
3 Obnia the blue-greyish coloured bell pepper.
4 Sirussa the nature coloured cinnamon.
5 Lixa honey. (Lixa the khaki coloured elder.)
6 Riop the blue coloured dog-rose hips (rose hips).
7 Mirarra the amber coloured peach.
8 Limara which is claret coloured starfruit.
9 Mádž which is royal blue coloured black cherry.

“Pleas don’t drag your self as algtridek.” It the meanest way to say someone to go faster.

Aqeth Ynitri Biky
Skin colour: Green.
Their domain is phonetic memory. Everything they hear they can not forget. They can distinguish animals by sound with out even trying.

Historians, memorialists and teachers.

Native nourishment: Fiffirify
This salmon coloured tea is not an ordinary tea it is used as drug to treat many illnesses. It is made out of seven ingredients.
1 Cumura the white potato.
2 Huja the red coloured parsley.
3 Foníz the turquoise coloured pomegranate.
4 Lixa the khaki coloured elder.
5 Impalxa the black coloured tomato.
6 Itirra the black coloured coffee beans.
7 Virta which is red coloured lemon.

Aqeth Ynitri Hlihl
Skin colour: Yellow.
They have a great sense of deduction. in some parts of Svet word hlihl is synonymous to deduction.

Detectives, philosophers and writers.

Native nourishment:Nion
This creamy coloured plant juice has 10 ingredients. For fun some call it the tenth barf salad.
1 Ôra the amethyst-purple coloured apricot.
2 Itirra the black coloured coffee beans.
3 Sirussa the nature coloured cinnamon.
4 Alíky which is hunter green coloured kiwi.
5 Foníz the turquoise coloured pomegranate.
6 Miva the see green coloured garlic.
7 Lmou the ivory coloured apple.
8 Vima the terracotta coloured onion.
9 Impalxa the black coloured tomato.
10 Mádž the royal blue coloured black cherry.

Hlihls are really talkative so many people say to them “Shut up and drink up.” Through out history this become a tradition while drinking nion.

Aqeth Ynitri Polt
Skin colour: Orange
If some one said to you you over analyse things then you probably are a Polt.

Researcher, archeologist and mathematicians

Native nourishment:Obttas
Another fish an chips like meal. And it is more like fish and chips then Bntoned, because there is no special sauce served with this meal.
The dish is fried meat of Bullit which is basically a squirrel with dragon skin. The scales of Bullits are used to create cookware. With fried Bullit meat fried Mozéris is served. Mozéris is the indigo coloured Orange.

So this concludes our small look on Aqeths next up Ofenstads.
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