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Intelligent beings other than Homo Sapiens are conducting various missions on the planet.
These beings have been coming here for tens of thousands of years.

This begs the question why? What is it that we have that would warrant a journey over hundreds of light years?

Perhaps it isn't the Earth but the Sun that's the attraction. Space imagery of the Sun has shown huge UFOs feeding off the plasms that shoot thousands of miles into space.

Perhaps other planets hold the key. Mars is a possibility that shows anomalies posssibly indicative of past intelligent habitation.

Perhaps Earth was/is an outpost, a way station or a tourist attraction. Walls left by monolithic civilizations show a sophistication in stonework far beyond what tribes of hunter gathers could ever have attributed. Some of these ancient archelogical wonders are awe inspiring and even today appear well beyond our technology to duplicate.

In biblical and other ancient texts are stories of Gods (Extraterrestrials) who came to earth, mated and created biological offspring. Could it be a workforce was needed to mine materials or construct massive stone artifacts? Were the ancient Jews genetically engineered as a skilled labor force?

Colonization is another possibility. The remains of a Pre-Adamite civilization is rumored to being found in Antartica and remains found that suggests sudden climate change happening so fast that bodies are being excavated "Flash Frozen" in time.

Natural resources are always a possibility. Materials are being found in back engineered space craft that contain elements and isotopes we heretofore had no knowledge of.

Revitalization of base genetic stock that has suffered from prolonged space travel and the radiation of harsh off world environments is another possibility.

Why these extraterristerial visitors are here is a profoundly important question and one that extrateresterials from the same or different origins might have different reasons. Discovering these reasons could provide clues to our own future and place in the cosmos.

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