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A description of Alien Morphology
"MJ 12 Staff Document, A Framework, 30 July 1999

Declaration 4: Alien beings may have humanlike bodies or nonhuman (such as hybrid, insectoid, or reptilian). Intelligent beings can be physical, nonphysical or interdimensional in nature.

This acclimation describes, in general terms, the morphology of shape and form that an alien would appear to have if confronted physically in a face to face encounter.

I interpret "nonphysical" to mean ghostlike or amorphous; "Interdimensional" as holographic. The other lables are self evident.

The photograph renderings usually the result of hoax or leak run the gamut from poor to vivid imagery. Vivid is the exception and poor is the norm. Much of these are artist renderings. It is in the nature of what the public has been shown that images tend to be of extremely poor quality, blurred and treated with various types of software obfuscation to make the photography misleading and open to dismissal as naturally explainable, wildly imaginative, or the result of hoax.

It is known that many encounters with Alien beings have been recorded with state of the art cameras capable of pixilated imagery that show a clarity seen on modern photographs or high definition television. For example the exchanges of April 24, 1964. The camera's in Stephen Spielberg's Film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which is a cinematic rendering of the event, gives a good ideal of the scope of the camera's and other recording devices that were present.

Anonymous released documents in written materials consisting of alpha characters. Visual imagery was not part of the leak. Since much of the photographic or cinematic evidence was recorded on older technology devices, chances are it was stored then and remains today in repositories where it it is unlikely to have been converted to computer compatible formats. It is easy to envision a storage repository that is not plugged into the Internet where these images can be viewed only in their original formats.

This could be about to change in a dramatic sort of way. Information is being leaked regarding archeological discoveries in Antartica. World leaders are turning up there for what is speculated to be a preview of what is to come. It could be that a virtual trove of evidence has turned up under our very noses, irrefutable evidence of an extraterrestrial presence in our distant past. However, don't get your hopes up. The lid has been kept on Antartica since the end of WW2 and what is being discovered is no surprise to the guardians of our Secret Space Program. If anyone could stage a massive coverup our shadow government has the expertise and experience to pull it off.
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