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Diversity of Life in the Cosmos.
Declaration 5: The variety of life in the universe is diverse, like the life on our planet is diverse.

This acclimation informs the public that life in the universe is abundant and takes many forms. This is a rather obvious statement of fact that almost goes without saying except that it has been steadfastly denied by NASA. To suggest the possibility of anything beyond microbial life existing outside our planet has been heresy and the careers of honorable men and women have been ended by postulating that this dogma might be false.

The only reason that NASA fessed up to the possibility of "Microbial" life is because a meteriorite thrown off from an ancient asteroid strike on Mars came down in Antartica and provided irrefutable scientific evidence that even the most rigid of scientific minds could not quarrel with. Imagery from Mars has shown what looks to be ancient trees and other anomalies that look to be evidence of primitive life forms.

Why scientists at NASA are so reluctant to admit findings that must be clearly evident from satellite imagery... of simple plant , algae, vegetation, and other primitive lifeforms makes little to no sense. Even as a cover for the Secret Space Program making such obvious admissions would not compromise anything. It is reasonable to understand why NASA would want to conceal evidence of intelligent life or possible past civilizations, but primitive life.... what's the big deal?

Last week NASA convened a news conference taking credit for the discovery of a a far off solar system that had five planets in the "Goldilocks Zone." While the greatest scientific discover in history is being covered up in Antartica they strut and fret about small matters they had only a minor role in discovering .

What NASA has maintained from its earliest beginnings is that Mars is a dead planet like the Moon. What is beginning to leak out is that the moon might not be as dead as we've been led to believe and that Mars, despite receiving knockout punch in the past is still alive with abundant water, albeit frozen lying at the poles and just below the surface.

What is most discouraging is that in running cover for the Secret Space Program, NASA has destroyed much of its credibility. Despite their remarkable accomplishments with orbital satellites and surface rovers theirs has been an ongoing struggle to cover up imagery of scientific truths they have steadfastly denied. The NASA legacy will be forever tarnished when it becomes evident of the deceit they have practiced on not just the taxpayers but the whole world. The little old lady in green eyeshades with the airbrush gun is the busiest and most valuable employee on the staff although in fairness it must be acknowledged, that she's had an army of enablers providing backup.

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