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Existence of Intelligent Life
"MJ 12 Staff Document, A Framework, 30 July 1999

Declaration 1: Intelligent life does exist on other planets and throughout the universe.

For those who might be wondering MJ 12 is an organization chartered by President Truman in the aftermath of recovering crashed UFO's following WW2. For years it has operated under the umbrella of the highest security classifications the United States has to offer.

In the intertveneing seventy-five odd years it has been behind the Secret Space Program (SSP) and its front, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). NASA has deflected attention away from the SSP while maintaining the cover of a legitimate functioning civilian agency ostensibly operating to further our knowledge of the Universe and leading the peaceful American space effort. As with any front organization, every effort has been made to make it appear legitimate and to an extent these efforts have succeeded. Wags have interpreted NASA to stand for Never A Straight Answer. The reputation of the agency has thus suffered as a consequence of its deceptive primary mission. Still, it has accomplished much good by not only deceiving the American public but also any Alien intelligence that might be listening in. If an Alien presence is looking down they are only seeing the first layer of the onion, that is if they are giving serious heed to what NASA is saying and doing.

The first Declaration that MJ 12 makes to "Acclimate" the masses is to acknowledge the existence of extraterresterial Life. This is a profoundly important admission that has far reaching implications for every human on the planet. While this memo was "leaked" three years ago it hasn't made much of a dent in the public awareness. The public has been so conditioned to skepticism regarding UFO's that when the truth is finally admitted they can't accept the blunt face value of the truth. The derision heaped upon those who dared to raise the very possibility has successfully stifled anyone from going there for seventy-five years. That type of unrelenting conditioning does not go away by flipping a switch. If you go to U-tube and look at the evidence, even photographs that are extremely convincing are dismissed by skeptics as an affront to their intelligence.

For example take the Columbia Tragedy. There are two U-tube videos that illustrate what I'm referring to. The first is titled (1) "What did NASA do to piss off the ETs?" The second is (2)"Nine foot Alien seen in the cargo bay of the Space Shuttle." In number 1 the video shows two saucer like UFOs closing on the shuttle supposedly as it begins its ill fated reentry protocol. Contact is lost and the trailer shows the Columbia as a wrecked shell still floating in earth orbit. The second shows two normal sized and one abnormally tall astronaut working in the Columbia's cargo bay and then what appears to be an alien space craft hovering overhead. The vignette seems to suggest on one hand an exchange of off world technology that was detected and led to the destruction of the shuttle. On the other the written narrative suggests it was shot down by the Russians with some sort of particle beam weapon they have developed. The imagery suggests one thing, the words suggest something else and the viewer is left with the impression the entire thing is some sort of hoax.

It appears to me that credible information was leaked and a barrage of misinformation was used to obfuscate material facts never intended for release.

This brings me back to the First Declaration. Is this "Intelligent Life" benevolent or hostile? What is being released suggests the former but there is enough evidence from Earth and Mars to suggest we need to be wary about our interactions with these extraterrestrials. What we do know is that humanity had better play some technological catch-up before we get in a pissing contest.

Humanity must be quick to realize how easy it would be for these Extraterrestrials to expunge life as we know it. How hard would it be to position an asteroid on a collision course? Let us pray that we have been kept in the dark all these years to buy time for acquiring some means to weather a worst case scenario.
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