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A rat was given the intelligence of Einstein's intelligence. What does he then do?
Rats are tortured and experimented on in a mad scientists lab,
A little bit of this and dab after dab until the next painful dab,
This is every day in this crazy man's lab.

The poor defenceless little rats cringe, scream and cry in pain,
Whether the sun's out or it might rain,
These poor rats will soon die in great pain.

The mad scientist laughs like a narcissist with major delight,
This man's cruelty and unjust behavior is inhuman and he certainly isn't so bright,
Enjoying the suffering of another's pain, suffering and fright.

One day the mad scientist was really dumb,
He gave one of the rats an extra thumb,
And the other the intelligence of Einstein and gave him a giant ripe plum.

When the scientist sat in his chair and fell asleep,
The Einstein rat smeared the plum on his glasses so he'd think it was night while the other rats were napping and were asleep,
The Einstein rat done his job quietly like a wolf that looked like an innocent sheep.

The idiot scientist woke up and just fell asleep again, easily falling for the rats simple revengeful prank,
It was to actually bring justice to the other abused rats and called himself Frank,
He freed the rats while the stupid scientist slept so he wouldn't hear the rats squeeling merrily being freed, by simply placing ear plugs in his ears prior to their freedom and was now their leader of the highest rank.

When the mad scientist woke up he fell to the floor,
He broke his arm, legs and both hands and hurt really bad feeling oh so very sore,
He certainly couldn't call for help or do anything to rats, anymore.

The Einstein rat went back into the lab and seen what happened,
The rat dialed 911 to help him get help because he was good and didn't want the man to suffer even though the man now suffered and knew everything bad he had caused to happen,
The man's face was filled with tears he then now realized why this really had happened.

The scientist knew he was wrong for what he had done,
His career was forsaken and now there was sun,
The Einstein rat became the scientists care giver, he forgave him for all the bad that he had done.

The scientist then chose to change for the good,
He and the Einstein rat freed all rats, mice and cats in all science labs in America because they ultimately understood,
That it's really best to love, protect and honor all living beings and not do bad to them but to do good.

*It never pays to torture and bully any other, including any living being that can feel pain. Karma is real. What you do might come back to you in a bad way some day. If you do good, something good could come back your way to you too.
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