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Three "options" reported to being considered in the event of a global catastrophe.
I've never seen a flying saucer and will be perfectly content with having that trend continue.

I am not a member of a "Secret Society" like the Illuminati, Free Masons or the Bilderburgers. If I were offered a membership I'd run like hell in the opposite direction. There seems to be a penchant for "Old Duffers" who miss the excitement of their productive lifetimes to cluster together and pretend that they are still somebody.

There is a reason these societies are secret. That reason is that their members cannot allow the light of day to illuminate their harebrained beliefs and rituals. In Switzerland recently a tunnel was constructed to make it easier to drive through the Alps. If you want to see how "Wacked Off" these societies are just look at the entertainment for the dedication ceremony.

It is Satanic Paganism on steroids. The people who spent 12 billion to construct it had to approved this bizarre grand scale theatrical production. This supports my contention that just because somebody is smart does not mean they have any common sense.

Try searching Switzerland Dedication Ceremony Tunnel opening.

Show below is a great example of why someone who is trying to become informed faces an almost insurmountable task.

The first supposition suggests that there is a shadow government of powerful eletists running things behind the scenes. These are bankers, scientists and unnamed world leaders, who are moving the human inhabitants of Earth to a world government they control. Evidence of this is the League of Nations, The United Nations (UN) and tacit cooperation between governments which make up the UN security council.

The second ... That there is a global catastrophe looming on the horizon.

The third... What can be done to prepare?

The forth...Where will it hit? and the implied supposition.

The fifth... what form will it take?

Since all these have an element of "Futurity" they must be classified as assumptions regardless of how compelling they might seem to their proponents.

Then the reader (someone) must reconcile "Three Courses of Action," with "Three Alternatives. To those familiar with the problem solveing process, Courses of Action and Altrnatives mean the same thing, however those shown below have little in common.

For example the courses "Cut the population, reduce consumption or get off the planet "say one thing while the Alternatives of building underground complexes, launching nuclear missles or colonize another planet say another. This confusion between courses of action and alternatives seem to derive from different problem statements.

For example if the problem statement is: To determine the best way to deal with an impending global catastrophe, then the writer should define what that catastrophe is and the timing, causes and forms it will take. This is a difficult thing to do because a problem statement is not normally predicated on an assumption. Facts and assumptions follow the statement and do not precede it. If however, the aliens have the crystal ball of being able to determine future events then this is a whole new ball game. As shown in declaration 6 "Some Alien beings... can move backward or forward in time..."

This begs the question can this presence demonstrate time travel or is this something we've been told or duped into believing?

Working backward from the alternatives, the problem statement might be... "

Faced with a cataclysmic and near instantenous change in climate, what would be the best way to cope with the effects? If this is the problem statement time bending technology is no longer a requirement. If what is being leaked about Antartica is true, that a preadamic civilization is frozen in the ice complete with their off world space vehicles, then people could be shown the artifacts and the disaster moved from the realm of assumption into the world of fact.

Thus by changing a problem statement the solution window is framed. This begs the question, who is defining the problem and what is their agenda. If someone or entity can determine the problem, they can also insure the answer fits into the window of regression lines aligned with their preconceived ideas of how they want the optimal solution to appear.

This brings the reader seeking to become informed of the truth, face to face with the forces that work to obscure it. The best advice I can offer is to believe nothing you can't reach out and confirm with your intellect or touch with your finger. Even these tests will not lead to an absolute certainty. Still the illumination of truth is best undertaken with the light of the searcher and a gut hunch that what is being revealed resonates with a skeptical intuition born of the experiences of life.

For those who seek a process, I'll try and show the approach I take in separating the pepper from the rat shit.


Shown below is internet research done in the past that have given the conspiracy proponents an interesting bone to chew on.


How long have the ones in control of the planet been waiting and planning for the next cycle of destruction to come upon us? What three things must happen to prepare for this event...and where will it hit?

This black operation involves huge underground tunnels and cities, extraterrestrial bases on the moon and Mars, and utilizes anti-gravity flying disks and huge cigar shaped craft to shuttle between the earth, moon and Mars. This documentary is nearly 1 hour long, offering an amazing amount of proof and concludes that Alternative Three is not a hoax, but a real program.

Conspiracy buffs rejoice. This is "Alternative 3", the much whispered about documentary revealing the secret New World Order plans to evacuate the planet. Learn how America and Russia already have secret bases on both the Moon and Mars. See the manned US-Russia saucer landing on Mars from 1952. Interviews with astronauts and 'missing' scientists. Followed by a seminar on both the film and book with slides by the whispered about Vladimir Tszerski. Will blow your mind! And scientists are still mysteriously disappearing to this day!

DVD, 56 mins, 1977

Running time 60 minutes DVD

Originally scheduled for April Fool's Day 1977 but delayed until June due to industrial action, Alternative 3 was a controversial (hoax) documentary in the vein of Orson Welles's radio broadcast of War of the Worlds. Purporting to be the final episode of Anglia Television's weekly science series, Science Report, it was an investigation into the alternative courses of action following pollution-fuelled environmental catastrophe on Earth. Three courses of action are considered: cut the population, cut consumption, or get off the planet.

Alternative 1
To construct vast underground complexes to shield against the effect of the sweltering heat. This was dropped because sooner or later the Earth would become a cauldron where nobody could live.

Alternative 2
To launch nuclear missiles into the Van Allen radiation belt to blast holes in the belt to allow the carbon dioxide to escape the Earth’s atmosphere, but this proposal was dropped because putting massive holes in the belt would allow deadly cosmic rays to enter our atmosphere

Alternative 3
Then came the third option which was to become known as "Alternative 3." This was the accepted alternative. It was decided that the only possibility of saving the human race from extinction was to bring together the World’s top scientists in every field of endeavour and to strive to colonise another planet so that small numbers of highly qualified personnel could start again to build up the human race. The best hope for this was to colonise Mars.

A paradox wrapped in an enigma and shrouded in bullshit.

Recent articles which appear on the website that leaked the disclosures contained in his book claims to have discovered that all the material is not factual.

Indulge me while I discuss how an Intelligence gathering agency uses false narrative to create a "Tar Baby" designed to trap leakers.

The first step is to analyze a body of knowledge and determine what is already out there and no longer worth the effort to cover up. This knowledge is used to frame the cover story. Imbedded into this story are details that if leaked in print form point directly back at the leaker. for Example suppose the a number of differs versions are created that are almost identical but which vary on one point or another. To continue the example suppose the name of the Ebans is changed to Rebans Shebans, Gebans and Tebans for each version that is circulated among unsuspecting handlers of classified information. If a document is leaked referring to the Aliens as Reban then the source of the leak can be narrowed down to those who received that particular version.

This is a favorite trick used to ferret out leakers and one can see evidence of its use in all aspects of the UFO coverups. As a speculation imagine that William Cooper, who met an untimely death at his New Mexico home had been fed a false narrative regarding who murdered President John Kennedy.

"One day I learned that the office of Naval Intelligence had participated in the murder of President John F. Kennedy and that it was a secret Service Agent driving the limo who had shot him in the head. I went AWOL with no intention of ever returning.... a friend talked me into going back. I told him everything I know about the assassination, the Navy, the Secret Government, the coming Ice Age, Alternative 1,2,and 3 Project GALILEO, and the plan for a New World Order. I attempted to leak information to a reporter after my discharge. I was forced off cliff by a black limo in the hills of Okland....A month later I was forced into another accident by the same limo. This time I was to lose my leg. Two men visited me in the hospital. They only wanted to know if I was going to shut up or the next time would be final. I told them I would be a good little boy and they needn't worry about me any more." Behold a Pale Horse...
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