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Some alien beings can move forward or backward through time...
Of all the declarations (affirmations) this one is the most troubling.

On the one hand it suggests that future outcomes of the human race are already known.

The troubling part is that supposedly we can change our future by modifying specified actions or behaviors. For example suppose the earth is going to collide with an asteroid sometime in the future. That such a collision will end life as we know it. So how does humankind act or behave in response?

The first step is to verify the event. Given a doomsday scenario with an asteroid strike the cause it should be within our means to identify the offending asteroid and do something about it.

On the other hand suppose we discover how to move a space rock from a benign orbit into a collision course with some other space rock or chunk of debris. This would take the crystal ball out of the problem. All objects with a suspicious orbit could be neutralized.

The problem statement might read, "To determine the best way to avoid the asteroid collision of .....(Date)

The next step in the problem solving process is to list facts and assumptions that bear on the problem. These can be converted into mathematical equations that frame the solution window, or the problem solver can keep them in mind.. What this means is that the answer or optimal solution lies in the shaded interior bordered by the regression analysis lines. This is great unless the solution lies outside the box.

Perhaps at this point some definitions are in order.

Fact. Something that has happened in the past and continues on into the present. Something that can be verified by the senses or irrefutable scientific process.

Assumption: A fact that has been concealed, is not widely known or has an element of futurity.

It is commonly assumed that time travel in a real sense is not possible. If it was people could get rich on the Lotto or Stock Market. In this declaration the claim is being made that some aliens have this ability. Of all the claims being made in Kasten's book this one most raises an eyebrow and invites honest skepticism. I submit that some strange physics is taking place regarding travel to distant galaxies and solar systems but question how one learn the real truth? How could we be certain that the coverup bureaucrats weren't being duped by an Alien snake oil salesman? For example, did the Aliens demonstrate this ability with measurable and irrefutable certainty? If the answer is "Yes" then claims the earth might experience, once again, a global catastrophe are to be taken seriously. It becomes imaginable that a government entity might want to buy time to develop technologies that might prevent some future disaster. If the answer is "No" then why is " Big Brother" wasting everybody's time.

I've stated that I'm willing to suspend disbelief in the examination of these Declarations however, believing in time travel, regardless of what Einstein had to say, is the most difficult idea to swallow. It requires one to accept that the future is knowable before it happens... opening the door to the possibility that foreknowledge of what the future holds makes it possible to travel backwards into the past, make some changes, hit the reset button and suddenly tomorrow changes from doom and gloom to roses and lollipops. Further, despite the good intentions presented by our extraterrestrial visitors in Kasten's book there are a host of other reports that suggest the opposite might be true. Officials in Government and Science who presume the right to negotiate on behalf of humanity might be smart but that doesn't necessarily mean they are better suited that the average citizen who just might possess a bit more common sense and social awareness. Look at EX President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Being rich, smart and powerful does not preclude being, where it counts, dumber than a box of rocks.
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