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They are real, we still live on but without the flesh.
         A ghost is a person that remained amongst the living without their flesh, for whatever reason/s. It's very sad. Some due to being in a severe accident, died from a major illness or didn't move on because they weren't able to finish something they wanted to. There are other unusual reasons why, but most of the time these people died and didn't realize, they passed on. This is a serious problem, because these people attach to those who are still alive. They can cause big problems in a person's life that are still living. It could even be caused by having an addiction, such as to alcohol, drugs or even a person that ghost loved they can't move on yet because of refusing to leave that individual.

         A ghost could not only be a person, but an animal also. Cat's and dog's are especially common. This could be due to their owner burying them so heir flesh rots and they remain because of that. Or if anything, due to their master loving them so much they can't let go of them. A pet can be as loved as much as another family member, that strong love might keep their beloved animal Earthbound became of this emotion being such a powerful energy.

         A ghost could also remain in the same place or area they died at or still remain where an object's at they had an attachment to, such as rosaries, a wedding ring, wedding gift, not wanting to leave their home, etc. It's due to not wanting to let go of the object.

         Sometimes, a person can remain amongst the living especially a person if the person that's still alive has an extreme emotional attachment about the dead one, such as hate or guilt. A deceased person could remain due to guilt from causing the living person to have a bad life. I know of a woman who had been caused having her life messed up from abuse the dead person caused her to go through, even after the person who died remained by the living one. This is unusual but isn't unheard of. It was abuse done by the deceased person parent, then the parents child as the parent of the living person fell, hit their head, died of a concussion eventually, then remained doing the same abuse to their child, as a possession. This is very difficult to explain in words here, but when the person had the accident, the deceased parent possessed the child's parent, then the ghost caused problems for the lived ng parents child. The living parent died, then her ghost kept stalking the living child, that's an adult, and the Grandmother who formed a possession of abuse through the once living parent. This really was a mess! It's amazing I was able to be told this kind of odd ghost activity.

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