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Spiritual Evolution varies among Alien Races. It may not be synched with Technology.
"MJ 12 Staff Document, A Framework, 30 July 1999

Declaration 7: The spiritual evolution of an alien life-form may be ahead of, equal to or behind its level of technological development.

Linda Moulton Howe: In one of her presentations describes a woman who was abducted and her memory of being shown cylinders the aliens were using to grow bio entities. The woman was told that she had a medical condition the aliens were going to cure. In this room she was also shown a man who was about to die and the intention to move parts of his physical presence (memories) into one of the entities in the cylinders. She was further told that the hard part was separating the dying man's "spirit" as part of the process and transferring it into the new vessel. She was told that "Spirits" are a finite commodity that transfers from one dimension to a parallel dimension at death like the closed loop of the infinity symbol.

I'm not sure what this declaration is referring to.

Is it a belief in a higher creator or God? Do they perform regular worship services? Or is Big Brother referring to spirit in the context of being more animated and capable of a more advanced form of bio telepathy?

I have two dogs and within their bodies they have uniquely different spirits. The same was true for my children. When I look at the siblings of others I see this same differences in spirit at work. As a species I believe that the human race is on the edge of telepathy.

For example a mother can glance casually at one of her children and read volumes about what they are up to. The same can be seen in a woman's intuition for detecting infidelity in a spouse. It will appear this awareness is the result of interpreting subtle changes in eye movement and body language, however it can be so uncannily accurate at times it seems to go beyond attributions that can be scientifically explained.

If this reference refers to a belief in God, the book explains that worship is not much different from what we practice today. The Ebans meet daily and deliver chants in worship of their deity.

The ambassador that was exchanged for the twelve astronauts is said to have met with the Pope who expressed the view that both are essentially worshiping the same God. They believe in reencarnation and an immortal soul. They do not believe that animals or sworn enemies have a "Soul."

If spirit is referring to a telepathic or etherial sort of charisimatic personality then it is not mentioned in the book, however it is referred to in other references where "mind sharing" and "Remote Viewing" are claimed to have taken place.

For my part I think its voodoo science... but then again, what do I know?
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